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Garage Sales on My Mind

When I took my walk this morning,  I brought my phone and took pictures, thinking to do an illustrated Pedestrian Post.  In the course of a 40 minute walk, I took nine pictures.  That is too many for one post, so I will split things up.

A creative sign.

Today was Herkimer’s Village-Wide Garage Sales.  I have been seeing signs like this all over for the past few days.

Intriguing, yes?

I took my walk around six, well before garage sale time, even for early birds (and most of the garage sale ads I’ve ever seen say, “No early birds!” anyways).  But I did see a couple of yards already prepared.  I was certainly curious as to what the tarps were hiding.

As I walked, a runner who often exchanges greetings with me came up behind me.

“Good morning!” I said.

“It looks like everybody is getting ready for garage sales!” she said.

“I know, I’m making notes of where to go later!”  Full disclosure: I did not go to any garage sales.  I have too much stuff in my house as it is.  I ought to have a garage sale myself, only I am far too unorganized.

I did not try to buy it.

The little paper says, “For Sale.”  I took the picture, because the camper brought back memories of the pop-up camper we used to have when I was a kid.  We had some good trips, and my sisters and I had some fun nights in our back yard in that camper.

Thoughts of garage sales and camping added a little interest to my walk.  I hope to take another walk tomorrow.



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  1. The camper might make some very happy and glad it brought back memories
    And garage sales can be fun / but the only one we had back in 2002 was my last
    People annoyed me and we’ll just not for us
    We sell big things online if we want to get rid of it and the smaller things get donated – makes it easier

  2. I actually enjoy having Garage Sales if I am with the right person. I also like going to them. You never know what you will find.

  3. I’m thinking of having a garage sale of my own. This post is inspiring. I hope to finally do it!


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