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Garage Sales on My Mind

When I took my walk this morning,  I brought my phone and took pictures, thinking to do an illustrated Pedestrian Post.  In the course of a 40 minute walk, I took nine pictures.  That is too many for one post, so I will split things up.

A creative sign.

Today was Herkimer’s Village-Wide Garage Sales.  I have been seeing signs like this all over for the past few days.

Intriguing, yes?

I took my walk around six, well before garage sale time, even for early birds (and most of the garage sale ads I’ve ever seen say, “No early birds!” anyways).  But I did see a couple of yards already prepared.  I was certainly curious as to what the tarps were hiding.

As I walked, a runner who often exchanges greetings with me came up behind me.

“Good morning!” I said.

“It looks like everybody is getting ready for garage sales!” she said.

“I know, I’m making notes of where to go later!”  Full disclosure: I did not go to any garage sales.  I have too much stuff in my house as it is.  I ought to have a garage sale myself, only I am far too unorganized.

I did not try to buy it.

The little paper says, “For Sale.”  I took the picture, because the camper brought back memories of the pop-up camper we used to have when I was a kid.  We had some good trips, and my sisters and I had some fun nights in our back yard in that camper.

Thoughts of garage sales and camping added a little interest to my walk.  I hope to take another walk tomorrow.



Typing Away on Slacker Saturday

Oh dear, I have the type-it-in-backspace-it-out disease.  I have not been afflicted with that in a while.  This is only going to be a Slacker Saturday Post anyways, so I will just keep typing and hope for the best (as Truman Capote once said, “That’s not writing, that’s typing”).

I went for an extra long run this morning up a kick-butt hill. I actually felt pretty good afterwards, although my knees hurt abominably when going up and down stairs for at least an hour.  I must do some knee-strengthening exercises.  My Mom told me a few.  I hope I can remember what they were.

I wrote some post cards but did not get around to walking them to the post office till it was too hot for me to enjoy the walk.  I had seen a garage sale on Facebook so decided to drive to the post office then to the sale.

On the way to the sale, I passed another sale.  I stopped at that one afterwards.  All I bought at the first one was a glass of lemonade.  At the second I found a cute Halloween decoration, and I petted a puppy.  Yay!

Back home, I wrote a little on my novel and watched television.  Not at the same time.  Now I am relaxing on the deck with my husband and enjoying the cool of the evening (when everything is gettin’ kind of groovy) (no, wait, that’s something else).  Happy Saturday, everyone!


Feeling Sapped on Saturday

It was another Saturday without much scatter to it.  In my defense, I ran for over an hour (63 minutes, to be exact), and that really takes it out of me.  I spent the rest of the day wanting to take a nap.  Of course when I finally laid down and tried to take one, I had no luck at all.  These things happen to insomniacs like me.

My friend Kim and I went to a neighbor’s garage sale and got a few good buys.  The neighbor missed the Village Wide Sales, because he had to work, but he seemed to be getting a good number of shoppers.

After shopping, Kim and I hung out with Steven on the deck, his favorite spot to be these days.  We had some good laughs, as we usually do.  After Kim left, Steven and I went inside and watched Creepshow, one of the DVDs I had just purchased.  I have to say we were a little disappointed. When we watch it again, I may fast forward through the boring parts.

So this is turning out to be a dull blog post.  Could the hot weather be sapping me of all entertainment value?  SAY IT AIN’T SO!!!  In any case, I see I am over 200 words.  I’ll try to be more entertaining on Wrist to Forehead Sunday.


Scattered, then Nap, then Snapped

It’s Wine O’Clock on a Saturday.  I wrote a blog post with that title once.  Some may feel I have not earned a wine o’clock today, but to that person I will explain, “Shut up.” (With thanks to S.J. Perelman.)

I managed to sleep in till after 6:30 this morning.  Ooh, did that feel good.  Ooh, did the coffee taste good when I had some of that.  I had not finished the first cup (I was nursing it) when I decided to go for my run.

What a run!  It was a long run!  It went up a long hill with some steep stretches!  I got endorphins.  The endorphins wore off (here’s a Freudian slip: I typed “whore” instead of “wore.”  Damn immoral endorphins!)  My computer thinks “endorphins” is not a word, but “endorphin” is.  I like it with the “s.”  Ooh, and look: on my headline, I added and “s” to “nap” to get “Snapped.”  Let’s hear it for the letter s!

I’m still on my first glass of wine, by the way.

After my run, a shower and some breakfast, I wrote my postcards while Steven finished a letter I had started to a sister-in-law.  I paused in the middle of that to put some stew beef in the crock pot for later consumption.  Before walking to the post office, I messaged my friend Kim on Facebook about getting together later.  When I got to the post office, I heard a voice say, “Hey, lady!”  It was Kim.  How serendipitous was that?  We made plans to meet at noon.

We drove out to the Herkimer County Humane Society for their garage sale.  I’ve gotten some good stuff at their garage sales!  I found some good stuff today, but I can’t tell you want, because a couple of them are presents (don’t shake your head at me for buying presents at a garage sale; it’s reduce, reuse, recycle!).  We looked at two other garage sales we had seen on the way out but did not find anything else to buy.

Next we went to T & J’s Fruits and Vegetables, at 221 Caroline St., Herkimer,  to look at plants.  I had it in mind to get my container garden together.  I saw a lot of good stuff but suddenly was overcome with tiredness.  Serious, my whole body just said, “I can’t possibly do this today.”  However, I ascertained that the place is open tomorrow and Monday, so I do not despair of getting something done soon.

Kim and I had a couple of other stops in mind, but when she asked if I was too tired, I had to say I was.  I got home in time to visit with Steven during his lunch hour.  Then I took a damn nap.  Yes, naps!  I love naps!  Before I slept, however, I started to read through the rehearsal script for The Tempest, which is LiFT Theatre Company’s summer Shakespeare production.  I must begin learning my lines!

After the nap, I had a cup of tea and tried to recover at least a modicum of ambition.  I succeeded to the extent of doing the dishes.  Then I poured myself the glass of wine referenced in the first sentence and turned on Snapped, my favorite television show.  And, as you see, I had enough ambition to make a 500+ word blog post.  Yay me!  Now to watch my show and crochet a little till it’s time to finish fixing supper.  Happy Saturday, everyone!


Scattered Saturday

Well, once again it is Wrist to Forehead Sunday. Yesterday it was a headache, today it is heart palpitations. At least, I don’t know if it’s heart palpitations or what it is, but I am dreadfully uncomfortable and at the risk of being a horrible kvetch, I mention it. It is the reason today’ post will be brief.

Yesterday I began my day at Ilion Little Theatre, helping to paint the set for Dirty Work at the Crossroads. It is coming along splendidly. I must check with the folks responsible to see if they mind having their names mentioned in my blog, especially the extremely talented lady doing the painting. You know, the real painting, of the backdrop and such. Not slapping on solid colors as best as one can, as I was doing Saturday.

I left the theatre and went in search of props and costumes for the play. I went to thrift stores, consignment shoppes and one garage sale. I drove from Ilion to Herkimer and back to Ilion, because, as regular readers know (Hi, Frieda!), I am not the most organized of people. I must confess, I did not find much.

For the play, I mean. For myself I found a bundle of unused post cards, four books and a vampire made of bells. He’s cool. I gave him to Steven for a present.

As I drove around, the weather went from raining, to dark enough for headlights, to so bright it irritated my headache (that I complained about yesterday). Then when I was coming out of the Moose Lodge in Ilion (where the garage sale took place), it was SNOWING! What was that all about?

I had just been lamenting my inability to do any gardening. At least, I thought, I need to clean out last year’s dead leaves from around my perennials, to give them room to breathe. Now it seems my procrastination is a blessing, because maybe the dead leaves are offering some insulation from the cold. Anyways, we’ll go with that thought.

So that’s my post for today. As always, I’ll try to do better tomorrow. I hope you’ll stay tuned.