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Of Cows and Monsters

What, is it going to be Late Post Week?  I made Sunday’s post on Monday, now I’m making Monday’s post on Tuesday.  What the hell, me?  Never mind the recriminations, let’s make with the monsters!


OK, these are not monsters.  It is a photo from Cabot Creamery Co-operative, one of my Facebook Likes. They share a lot of sweet pictures of cows.  This showed up in my  On This Day yesterday.  I shared it on my News feed then downloaded it, thinking I would use it to soften my blog post about my crappy Sunday.  Then I went a different way, and you know me:  Waste Not Want Not!

Graphic depiction of me trying to rise above my problems.

Here is a bona fide monster, one of my own Halloween decorations.  I say it is a graphic depiction of me, but I will never be that skinny, even if I do go back on the South Beach Diet.

“Follow me! To the graveyard! Ah ha ha ha ha!”

This pleasant fellow, Elliott Ghoul by name, stands in my window all year long.  In previous years, my husband Steven would turn him off after the spooky season, but this year he is still entertaining me by going off at loud noises or when headlights go by just right.

So this is my Monday blog post.  I don’t know if my Monstrous Monday Posts are getting old, but I still enjoy them.  Regular readers know I often find comfort in the macabre.  I hope your Monday was swell and your Tuesday is even better.



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