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A Great Spot for Breakfast

To celebrate our day off together on Monday, Steven and I went to breakfast at The Knight Spot on Frankfort, NY.

I know I have written about The Knight Spot before. It is a favorite of ours for breakfast, lunch, dinner or the occasional afternoon ice cream sundae. As we waited for our breakfast menus I read the desserts on the board on the wall near us and considered ordering pie for breakfast. Or possibly deep fried cheesecake. And of course they have all those wonderful flavors of Gifford hard ice cream. No, no, we were there for breakfast.

I ordered my favorite breakfast sandwich of sausage, egg and cheese on a hard roll. Steven ordered fried eggs with bacon and Italian toast.

“I only ever get bacon when we go out for breakfast,” he observed.

It’s true. We used to almost always have bacon in our refrigerator. We stopped buying it so often when Steven was diagnosed with high cholesterol. Now it’s a special treat. I don’t mean to say we eat healthily all the time or even most of the time. But we eat less egregiously unhealthily than we used to. That said, Steven enjoyed his bacon.

The whole breakfast was enjoyable. The Knight Spot has that hometown atmosphere that many area restaurants share. You get the feeling that many of your fellow diners are Regulars, that some of them probably went to high school with the waitress and everybody is ready to be friends. Of course none of that may be true, but it doesn’t matter. The place feels friendly, and the food tastes good.

The Knight Spot is located at 264 E. Main St., Frankfort, NY, phone 315-894-5054. They are open seven days from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. You can “Like” them on Facebook. I did.

Marina Meanderings

Saturday was a beautiful day: sunny, not too warm, low humidity, and Steven got off work early. A perfect day. What to do with it?

Steven was in the mood for a burger, so we decided to check out the Dockside Cafe at Ilion Marina. Naturally we took Tabby.

Ilion, NY, for you out of area readers (Hi, Rachel!), is almost immediately adjacent to Herkimer via State Route 5. The entrance to the marina is right next to the exit. It’s not a large marina, but it is a pleasant place to walk around.

We admired some of the RVs parked in the lot. What a great vacation: park your RV at the marina and sail off in your boat. I’m afraid my getaways are more pedestrian. Drive my truck to the marina and walk around with my husband and my dog. Still, that’s a pretty good thing to do, too. I was happy to be there.

At the window of the Dockside Cafe we ordered cheeseburgers. Steven also got macaroni salad and we both got bottles of water. We brought our water out the the deck and sat down to wait for our food.

It was perfect weather for eating outdoors. We looked out over the water then admired the nautical decor on the deck. I especially liked the carved wooden sailors on the railing. The tablecloths had a lighthouse design. I wondered if they got those locally. I have a couple of sisters and a cousin who would like such a thing for their outdoor living spaces.

After eating (excellent burgers, and the salad was yummy) (yes, I stole some), we walked down the path we hadn’t been on yet. We gave the people fishing a wide berth, in case Tabby picked that moment to start barking and scared the fish. As it happened, she kept quiet. After a while I suggested we drive to Frankfort, another short jaunt down Route 5, and check out their marina.

The stretch of river (or is it a canal? I ought to research these posts a little better) that Frankfort Marina is on is much quieter than in Ilion. A wooden dock lets the fishers get closer to the water. The dock went all the way around to the other side of the water, but we didn’t walk on it. There were a number of people fishing. Tabby had kept quiet in Ilion, but that was no guarantee. Also, you can’t count on strangers being happy to see a cute little dog when they are pursuing a hobby that calls for quiet.

The restaurant here looked a little fancier. At least, it was indoors and there was a stern sign reading, “No Dogs Allowed.” Well, if you don’t want me to bring my dog on the porch, I won’t bring my dog on the porch.

We wandered around between the fishers and the No Dogs Allowed area till my sinus headache started to kick in (see Sunday’s post). We drove home feeling we had taken at least a little advantage of the beautiful day.

Consignment Find

I like getting multiple blog posts out of one Saturday adventure. For one reason, it’s difficult to have adventures every day of the week when you work full time, even without overtime (and I love my overtime).

Continuing our Saturday meanderings, Steven and I left The Bistro on Main Street in Frankfort, NY and walked almost next door to a consignment shop we had notice earlier. Regular readers may recall how much I love consignment shops.

Good As New Consignment Store occupies two rooms, both of which are packed full of stuff. We made our cautious way amongst the racks. I walked around two round racks full of jeans, but did not find quite what I was looking for (since what I’m actually looking for is to wear jeans two sizes smaller than I currently do and still breath, that is not surprising). We admired a number of chicken things: glasses, canisters, a hard-cooked egg tray.

Then Steven spotted on a high shelf a decanter in the shape of a soldier. A dragoon, 17th Regiment, 1812 to be exact. It is a fine, upstanding, elegant soldier from a time when soldiers had a certain style (this is not to say anything against our current soldiers, who have a style all their own which is a bit more appropriate to this century). Steven has always wanted just such a fancy bottle, but they are not easy to come by, unless you buy them new and full of booze for a considerable price.

I discouraged Steven from getting it down himself to check the price. I did not want that soldier to fall on the floor. A nice lady that works there reached it for us in a quite fearless manner. She had to consult the owner for the price, which was one we didn’t mind paying (I don’t like to mention the actual price, because I have found that there is always some wise ass to tell you you paid too much). I fortuitously remembered that I owed Steven a Valentine present, so we were all set. The soldier now stands on our dining room table, waiting for us to select his permanent place in our decor.

Good As New Consignment Store is located at 108 W. Main St., Frankfort, NY. Phone number is 315-868-0772.

Chilling at the Bistro

Some time ago, Steven and I had discovered a restaurant in Frankfort, NY called The Bistro. I’ve been wanting to get back there ever since, but one thing and another… So Saturday afternoon when we left the fundraiser (see previous post), I suggested we check it out.

“I’m not at all hungry,” Steven said, which was not surprising considering how much he had eaten at the fundraiser (my consumption, of course, was more moderate) (but still filling).

“We could get a cup of coffee,” I suggested, an offer Steven usually does not refuse.

The Bistro was open, and we found a handy parking space. As we walked in I admired once again the elegant decor. A young man greeted us right away. I told him we just wanted to sit at the bar and have a drink.

He was busy clearing away a bunch of glasses, because, he told us, a party had just left. There was a clear space at the bar, however, so we sat down. I wondered what the party had been for but did not ask. I like parties.

Steven ordered coffee and I asked for a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon (fun to say and fun to drink). The young man said to let him know if we wanted to order food, but we did not get hungry.

We enjoyed our drinks and listened to music from Lite 98.7. Some of the songs reminded us of things, most notably a radio program I used to listen to called “A Time for Romance.” I told Steven how this lady used to play a love song, then get on and say, “That was for Mark from Angie, she loves you a lot; and from Tina to Edward, thanks, babe; and to Julianne from Gerard; from Becky to Anthony; to George from Martha; to Fred from Wilma,” etc. Only, I admit it, at the time I couldn’t think of all those names off the top of my head. Wouldn’t I be witty and clever if I could? I said I would feel distinctly un-flattered to have a song dedicated to me that was also dedicated to 50 other people, but the truth of the matter is, nobody ever dedicated a song to me ever in my life (I know, cue the sarcastic violins, poor unloved me).

Steven had a refill on his coffee, but I stopped at one glass of wine. It was only early afternoon, after all.

I has happy we had finally made it back to The Bistro and only sorry we did not come hungry. I guess I really need to get out more. The Bistro is located at 100 W. Main St. in Frankfort, phone number 315-717-9536. They are open Monday through Thursday 11 am to 9 pm, Friday and Saturday 11 am to 10 pm. For more information, visit their website at

Lame S****, Different Day

For those of you who missed Lame Post Friday as much as I did, here is some rather foolish commentary about my ride home Thursday.

When I left work on Thursday, I was on a mission to procure a special snack for my husband, Steven, and I to share when he came home for his dinner break at 5:30ish. I though I might go to Melrose Market in Frankfort and see if they had anything.

I work at a certain factory in Ilion. Now, there are a few different ways to get from Ilion to Herkimer or Ilion to Frankfort, as the case may be. The most direct route to my house is out State Route 5. That is a very busy route between 3:30 and 4, so I usually go through Mohawk. It’s kind of fascinating to me how Herkimer, Mohawk, Ilion and Frankfort kind of run into each other. You can go on one of two highways — State Route 5 or Route 5S (east or west) — or you can go through the villages. It’s fun. Or am I too easily amused?

And here’s a related question, why is there a State Route 5 and a Route 5S so close together? You can’t run out of numbers. That is a recurring theme around here. For example, Ilion has a Second Street and a Second Avenue. I can understand being just too tired to think up another street name. But numbers are infinite, and we all know the order they go in. Just move on to the next number! How hard can it be? Apparently too. If anybody out there knows the very logical, understandable reason the streets are thus named, I would be interested to hear it. But I will not feel the least bit chastened, and I will not cease to poke fun.

Now then, where was I? Ah yes, driving around the block in Ilion. I didn’t quite explain that, did I? I took a right rather than a left out of the factory parking lot when I really wanted to go left. Just go around the block, right? How hard could it be? Well, Ilion is a little like Rome: screwy. None of the streets are quite parallel, and nothing comes out where you think it ought to. “Going around the block” in this case necessitates two right turns, one left, another right, another left, and two more rights. On the brighter side, this brings you out right next to the liquor store. I stopped and got a bottle of Pinot Noir. Not Vampire Pinot Noir, which would have been seasonal, because they didn’t have any. Still, Noir is dark. But I digress.

I drove through Ilion into Frankfort, not needing to go on one of the highways. I passed a sign that said “Saranac Tasting 4 to 7.” It was 3:55, which was just as well, because I was on a time budget. Unfortunately, when I got to Frankfort, there was not a parking space to be had anywhere near Melrose Market. I love that grocery store, but the parking situation leaves something to be desired. I drove past and got onto State Route 5. From here I could go back to Ilion and try again. This would bring me near that Saranac tasting at four. I was tempted, but like I said, on a time budget. I opted to drive into Herkimer and my old stand by, Hannaford. From there, I went home and fixed roll-ups, as described in yesterday’s post.

I hope this satisfies everybody’s need for my weekly silliness quotient. It certainly satisfied mine.

Tripple’s Revisited

Wednesday Steven and I took the scenic route to Tripple’s Produce, 2987 State Route 5, Frankfort, NY. I wanted an excuse to drive down 5S while the fall foliage is at peak. At least, I don’t know how they judge peak or near peak, but the mountains look pretty colorful to me.

We left Herkimer on 5S West and drove to the Dyke Road exit. What views! The day was a little gloomy, so the colors were not as vivid as they are in bright sunlight, but still well worth the drive. This time of year I really feel I should spend all my time looking around and marveling, because the foliage lasts such a short time. I feel so fortunate to live in an area with seasons. You can drive the exact same road and still enjoy various scenery.

Tripple’s has a huge selection of pumpkins. We walked into the building to check out the produce. Mostly we checked out the Halloween decor. There is a big Frankenstein that dances to “Thriller” and a skeleton that sings “Super Freak.”

We purchased some cheese curds by River Rat Cheese in Alexandria Bay and some garlic and herb spread made by Adirondack Cheese Co. in Barneveld. We ate some of the cheese curds on the way home. We drove home up State Route 5, which is of course the more direct way back to Herkimer. We enjoyed seeing Halloween decorations on a number of houses. I used some of the garlic and herb spread this morning on an egg sandwich (pronounced “sammich”). Very tasty.

We will possibly return to Tripple’s for our Halloween pumpkin, unless we check out a pumpkin farm. I hear Cackleberry Castle is back in business. Goody!

Definitely Not a Cooking Post

Tuesday, for reasons with which I will not burden the reader, I found myself driving home from Utica around 6 p.m. I knew Steven had taken chicken out of the freezer and that he was due home shortly after 6:30. I also knew I did not have the stamina to wait the 45 or more minutes it would take the chicken to cook or even the oomph to get it in the oven. What to do?

Pick something up, obviously. What and from where? The possibilities were many. This had the added advantage of being a potential blog post. I pondered as I drove (within posted speed limits and carefully, of course).

I concluded that I did now feel like waiting long while my food was being prepared. Where did that leave me? Any place has to fix your food. Unless I did Hot-n-Ready from Little Caesars. They didn’t need a plug from Mohawk Valley Girl.

As I mentally reviewed the villages I would pass, it occurred to me: Melrose Market in Frankfort has ready made food. They had all kinds of choices! It was going to be great!

Luckily they were still open, and even more luckily, there was a parking space right in front. I am a terrible parker. I was not quite parallel to the curb, but I hoped it would be OK.

I found the refrigerator case with the goodies. I decided on Pasta Fagioli, Sausage and Peppers, and Pasta Salad. From a shelf closer to the register I grabbed a mixture with peanuts, raisins, peanut butter chips and generic M&Ms. For dessert and appetizer.

“I’m so glad I thought of you guys,” I gushed to the cashiers. “I’m going to write a blog post about this!”

They thanked me politely, but I don’t think they were impressed.

When I got home I phoned my mother while I preheated the oven (I don’t like heating things in the microwave). It’s important to check in with the folks, plus I wanted to ask Mom’s advice about covering the food while I heated it. I was able to put the food in casserole dishes with one hand, holding the phone with the other, but I asked Steven to cover with tinfoil (on Mom’s advice) the dish without a lid. I asked him to also put the dishes in the oven.

“I do all the work around here,” he grumbled. It’s quite true, but he only grumbles about it when it’s something silly like this.

Dinner was quite tasty and virtually stress free. Steven was even able to put the leftovers back in the same containers they came in.

I highly recommend Melrose Market, 208 E. Main St., Frankfort, 894-3272. For those occasions when you are just not up to culinary adventures.