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Monsters, Wine, or Whine?

Here I am, ready to make my Monstrous Monday Post. Will I be able to navigate my Media Library and find monster pictures to share? Will I be able to find new monster pictures? A little suspense adds interest to my post.

Here’s one of my favorites.

This was from my Media Library, shared as recently as March 1. First I looked at some of the free photos offered by WordPress. I found one I liked, but when I went to share it, I saw it had a caption telling who took the picture. I wasn’t clear on whether or not I was obligated to include this information so opted not to use the photo.

Who is this guy?

I liked the look of this one. A scary creature, an action shot, this peps up the post. I wish it would pep me up. I am so tired and wordless! I had a pretty crappy day. Of course most of my woes can be explained with the words Operator Error. So I must not complain.

Wait a minute! This isn’t a monster!

In fact, I have not had any wine this evening. I am sipping seltzer with lemon out of a wine glass, and that is almost as good. Additionally, I am not a fan of giving up. As the quote from the movie Galaxy Quest goes, “Never give up! Never surrender!”

However, perhaps the meme means to give it up for tonight, or to give up worrying about it. This calls for more philosophy than I am up for on a Monday. On the brighter side, I am over 250 words. I call that respectable. I’m going to shut up and hit Publish, before I really start to whine.

A Lame Brand of Rotten

It has been a rotten day. And a rotten blogging day as well. I spent the day enduring one petty annoyance after another, most of them caused by myself, which of course makes it worse. They were all petty! None of them were funny! And I don’t feel like writing about them!

But here is what I did write at work, little realizing I was only at the beginning of my travails:

I am so mad at myself. I left the house this morning saying, “I feel like I’ve forgotten something,” and, what do you know, for once I did. My stupid purse! Because I’m stupid!

I know, there is no point in jumping to global conclusions about my mental capacities just because of one little brain fart. But still.

So there’s my random observation for this Lame Post Friday: I’m stupid. and my half-baked philosophy as well: no point in jumping to conclusions. I guess I’m done.

I’ll just add my usual explanation for the benefit of new readers (if any) and old readers who may have forgotten (I don’t expect people to keep track of ALL my silliness) that Lame Post Friday is the day I indulge in random observations and half-baked philosophy.

That was all I managed to write while at work. My day went downhill from there as I continued to make stupid mistakes and suffer petty grievances, none of which rate mentioning here. I mean, it’s one thing to suffer one stupid problem after another when you know you are going to at least get a humorous blog post out of it. Not today. It was a lame bad day.