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Hey! It Is 200 Words!

I say it is not really Friday when I have to work on Saturday. However, all I can manage right now is a Lame Post Friday post. Because I have to go to bed soon to get up early for work. Ugh.

Here is an interesting grammatical phenomenon. “Because I have to etc.” is a sentence fragment. But if I take away the word “because,” it is a complete sentence. What kind of a messed up language is this, where by adding a word you make a complete sentence be a fragment? What’s that all about?

Unfortunately that is about all I have right now. No other random observations or half-baked philosophy come to mind. Say it ain’t so!

I have other things to blog about eventually. We went to a beer tasting at Beet Belly Bob’s in Ilion, NY tonight. Tomorrow we plan to participate in a 9/11 Memorial Walk in Little Falls, NY. Preview of Coming Attractions.

In the meantime, I think I will follow my recently adopted rule about not worrying if I do not reach 200 words for a blog post (my addmittedly arbirtary self-imposed rule) (ooh, admittedly arbiter is alliterative! Regular readers know I love alliteration). Happy Friday, everyone!

But It Was a Truly Excellent Sandwich

It is Tired Tuesday, folks.  I went to work with the firm intention of writing my blog post on break, in order to avoid such a thing, and instead, well, I read a play.  In my defense, it was Leading Ladies by Ken Ludwig, the play I am soon to direct for Ilion Little Theatre.  I MUST be prepared!

After work I thought to put together a creative dinner utilizing leftovers.  Then I could do a cooking post.  Oh, that seemed like so much trouble.  Instead I asked Steven if there was enough cheese for grilled cheese sandwiches.  I knew he had purchased tomato soup the last time he shopped.  Not only was there enough cheese, my wonderful husband agreed to cook.

Oh, that was the best grilled cheese sandwich I ever ate in my life.  The cheddar was extra sharp, the bread was perfectly toasted.  I dipped it into the soup.  I don’t think anything ever made me quite as happy as eating that sandwich.  Yes, I am indulging in hyperbole.

It would have been nice if the soup and sandwich had revivified me (I know, “revived” is probably the more proper word to use, but I wanted to use the other) so that I could have written a more better blog post (YES, “more better” is bad grammar; it amuses me).  As I often observe, one can’t have everything.  Hope to see you all on Wuss-out Wednesday.