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Mmmmm… Sourdough

Ever since I moved to Herkimer, I like to bring Heidelberg bread to dinners and family gatherings. When I saw that people were bring real dinner items to the cast party of Busybody (I bet you thought I was done talking about that play. Fooled ya!), I signed up to bring the bread.

The play closed on Sunday the 8th, with cast party to almost immediately follow. Accordingly, on Saturday morning I headed out Route 28. I figured as long as I was going, I might as well have breakfast at the cafe. I did not know how crowded it would be so was pleased I could easily get a parking space.

Now where to sit? I started to sit at a table for four (the smallest available at the time) but changed my mind and moved to the counter. Sometime I would like to come in with a crowd and sit at the booth with a church pew for a bench. The counter had the added advantage that I could easily see all the baked goodies and decide which to purchase when I got my bread. I just love a treat.

I ordered poached eggs with sourdough toast. I was so pleased the sourdough was available. It is my absolute favorite, and they don’t always have it. As I sipped my coffee (well of course I got coffee! Did I even have to mention that?) and waited for my food, I worked on a letter to a friend. It is one of the joys of my existence to sit at an eatery and write a letter, blog post, novel, whatever. Hemingway did it in Paris. I do it in the Mohawk Valley.

Two men stood in front of me talking while a little girl holding a bakery box stood with varying degrees of patience.

“I’d have eaten whatever was in that box by now,” I told her after a while. That is why I did not purchase my baked goodies before ordering breakfast.

When the waitress refilled my coffee I asked her what kind it was. Paul de Lima from Liverpool, NY. I have a sister who lives in Liverpool. I wonder if she can get me some.

Along with my bread I chose a couple of tea cookies and a raspberry/cheese danish for Steven’s and my treat. The bread was a hit at the party, but not so big a hit that I did not bring any home. This was good news for me, because I was a little sorry that I had not gotten two loaves.

Heidelberg Cafe and Bakery is located at 3056 St. Rt. 28, Herkimer, NY, phone number 315-866-0999. For more information, visit their website at or Like their Facebook page.


Christmas Ciabatta and Croissants

As has become usual, my contribution to the family Christmas dinner is Heidelberg Bread. Accordingly, I made my way to the Heidelberg Bakery, 3056 State Rt. 28, Herkimer, NY, this morning.

I got an early start, because I know they open at seven and I wanted to beat the crowds. I didn’t bother calling to see if they had special hours for Christmas Eve. I figured if they weren’t open, I could swing down Rt. 28 to Hannaford, who also sells Heidelberg bread. I was in luck, however; the open sign was lit.

One other early bird customer was leaving, so I had the undivided attention of the clerk.

“I wanted to get here early and beat the crowd,” I announced. “Do you have rolls?” I was so early, they didn’t even have everything out yet.

“What kind?”

“Something suitable for sausage and peppers.” Which, by the way, I have been craving ever since I heard they were to be served in addition to ham at Christmas dinner.

She suggested French baguette or Ciabatta rolls. I went for the Ciabatta. While she got them I found a loaf of sourdough bread for toast for Christmas morning.

“Did you want any pastries as well?” Did I!

I got two chocolate croissants, for Steven and me for today. Sorry to any family members who might happen to be reading this: I did not get any sweets for Christmas breakfast or dinner. I had my doubts of anything I might get lasting that long. It took great effort of Christmas goodwill and will power not to open the sourdough as soon as I got home.

I love Heidelberg bread, and I love going right to the source to get some. For more information, visit their website: or you can “Like” them on Facebook.