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At Least the Presents are Wrapped

It is almost 5 p.m. on Christmas Eve and I have not written my blog post yet. I can hear church bells ringing outside, and the vague headache that has been plaguing me most of the week has returned. On the brighter side, I have done everything I had to get done before picking up my hubby at work at 6:30. Except load the car. And gas up. And make my blog post.

The devil on my shoulder (you know, how in the cartoons the character has a devil on one shoulder and the angel on the other, each trying to convince her of a certain course of action?) is saying, “It’s Wuss-out Wednesday! Why not go all the way and not post ANYTHING?” She knows there is no chance of convincing me of the extreme option, but she tries. The angel (and you thought I didn’t have one) (you know who you are) is saying, “It is Christmas Eve, one of the holiest nights of the year. Is it respectful to wuss out on such a night?”

As they continue to argue, I will just share a little half-baked philosophy that I perhaps ought to hold for Lame Post Friday, but what the heck, it’s a holiday. Does anybody else feel as if Jesus was really born on Christmas Eve? After all, according to the story it was night time when the shepherds watched their flocks and the angel came and told them to follow the star. Then again, according to the song “The First Noel” the star gave such great light that it continued both day and night. Oh, but in the Rankin/Bass Christmas special about “The Little Drummer Boy,” the Three Kings traveled at night so they could follow the star.

Now I’m getting bogged down in argument, mixed up in my sources and, I confess, a little silly. Or a lot. And why not? In another couple of hours I will be with family to celebrate a holiday of joy, peace and goodwill. Have I first wussed out on my blog post? Perhaps so. But Merry Christmas Eve anyways. If you’re celebrating, I hope your celebration is grand.

One last note: I finally came up with that title. Does it seem to you as if Non-Sequitur Thursday came a day early? Discuss amongst yourselves.

Lovely Lame Friday

I started writing a real post earlier today, about an authentic Mohawk Valley adventure I had on Thursday. Then for some reason I got hung up and started working on my novel instead. On the brighter side, I enjoyed writing what I wrote. On the duller side, I am pressed for time and am now reduced to making an extra lame Friday Lame Post.

The reason I am pressed for time is that another Mohawk Valley adventure beckons. In the interests of Preview of Coming Attractions, I will just mention that yesterday’s adventure was a CD Release Party for The Rick Short Band and today’s is the Ilion Little Theatre production of Wait Until Dark. Local music and theatre! I am the most fortunate blogger on the internet!

I was about to say “the luckiest,” and to help pad out my post, I’ll tell you why. A long time ago this really cool old lady told me to not say “good luck,” because luck comes from the devil. Instead, we should wish each other “good fortune.” I have to say, “most fortunate” does not sound as… well as good as “luckiest.” But what are you going to do? In Mrs. Virgilito’s memory, I say “fortunate.”

I may have misspelled her name, but since I don’t have permission to use her name, and she is in heaven now anyways, I’ll let it stand.

I hope you’re all having as lovely a Friday as I’m having.