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A Few More Ball Pics

In lieu of my usual Tired Tuesday post (in a shining example of Freudian slip and wishful thinking, I almost typed “Wuss-out Wednesday”), I will continue sharing pictures of the Mohawk Valley Diamond Dawgs’ Purple in the Park for March of Dimes last Saturday night.  As I mentioned, it was a great time for a good cause, Mohawk Valley adventuring at its finest.

Note the lights coming on; I was up past my usual bedtime!

They painted the March for Babies logo on the field.  I was a silly wizard at the March for Babies event in May.  Perhaps you read my blog posts about it.

Must learn to focus my Tablet better.

I tried to get a shot of the outfield.  As you can see, I’m nobody’s photographer.  I hope to practice and get better, maybe even learning to use my digital camera.  In the meantime, I crave your indulgence.

No, I did not get their names. My bad.

This was early on, as you can see by how clean their pants are (why DO ball players wear white?).  I don’t know what these fellows were looking at or talking about.

I really could have used a zoom feature!

In the foreground are the Visitor Bleachers.  Behind them, we saw a few people sneaking a long distance view of the game.  I think they must live nearby, because I saw them leaving and returning by a path through the trees.

The tennis courts were recently redone.

This was the view behind us.  I did not mention yesterday that we were on the Sky Box, a really cool place to sit.  It is right over the Dawgs’ dugout.

So these are the rest of the pictures I took.  At least, I took a few more, but these were the best of the bunch.  I still have not said a whole lot about the game or about the March of Dimes, but, you know, it is Tired Tuesday.



Just a Bit about the Ball Game

Play ball!

On Saturday Steven and I went to Veterans Memorial Park in Little Falls to watch the Mohawk Valley Diamond Dawgs.  The occasion was Purple in the Park for March of Dimes Mohawk Valley.  Perhaps some of you read my post about my purple outfit for the occasion.  I realized I neglected to mention two things about my ensemble:  I wore all the purple beads I got at March for Babies a few weeks ago (at the end of the event I snagged a half dozen strings nobody seemed to want) AND I put purple in my hair.  But this post is not about me; it is about the Diamond Dawgs and the March of Dimes!

Full disclosure:  All I’m really doing is sharing the pictures I took on Saturday and typing a few words about them.  I felt I should not do another Monstrous Monday after the string of foolish blogs I have been doing.  Am I not Mohawk Valley Girl?  I must write more often about the Mohawk Valley!

Note the purple beads and bracelet. The beads are like the ones I wore. I did not wear a bracelet. Missed a bet!

Information was available about the March of Dimes and the great work that they do.

We were going for a Rambo-esque pose.

Adding excitement to the event was a homemade t-shirt shooter which shot March of Dimes t-shirts into the crowd.  I particularly liked the miniature baseball bat trigger.

The woman of the hour!


And here is the mover and shaker behind the event: the wonderful Laura Powers.  It was her husband, Matt, wielding the t-shirt gun.

I’m going to call this post a Preview of Coming Attractions, because I have not used all my pictures.  Perhaps tomorrow I’ll add the rest and tell a little more about the game.  Go, Dawgs!


Purple Prose about Purple Clothes

It has been another Saturday where I have not done enough to warrant a Scattered Saturday post, and I have waited too long after my run to make a decent Running Commentary post (my run wasn’t such a much anyways).  Instead I offer another Getting Ready post (which I need to come up with a better name for).  At least I am amused myself by my gyrations in finding something to wear.  Others can point and laugh or roll their eyes in self-satisfied superiority.  Whatever floats your boat. I try not to judge.

Tonight’s Event is Purple in the Park with the Mohawk Valley Diamond Dawgs in Little Falls, NY.   The aim is to all wear purple to raise awareness of the March of Dimes.  Regular readers may remember that I dressed as a wizard to participate in the March for Babies.  I was not a purple wizard, although I guess I could have been. I briefly considered wearing the purple graduation gown that was my back-up wizard costume to tonight’s event.  Then I decided to dress like a normal person, or as much of a normal person as possible.  After all, I can only work with what the Good Lord gave me.

I wanted to wear a large purple t-shirt with some bright-colored shorts I’ve had for years.  Alas, I could not find one.  That’s what I get for falling behind on my laundry. I knew I had a purple patterned button-down shirt that would work.  Could I find that?  Of course not!  I nervously eyed the clock and wondered if I had enough time to do a load of laundry.  I did not.  In searching for some purple, any purple, I found the button-down shirt.  Yes!  I even went so far as to iron it.

What pants to wear?  The shirt looks better untucked, so baggy shorts would not make me happy.  Spandex would be OK, since the shirt covers my fat butt (don’t judge).  I sent Steven out to my car, where my knee-length grey bicycle shorts were.  Full-disclosure:  they have been in a bag with other work-out clothes in my vehicle for about two weeks now, waiting for me to go to the YMCA after work.  In my defense, many of the days I have not gone to the Y, I have gone running.  Anyways, this is not a fitness post, stop judging my work-out habits or lack thereof.

Naturally I was able to find three purple earrings (I have three ear piercings) (cue jokes about holes in my head).  Yes, they all had to do with wine.  As they say, I gotta be me.  I was delighted to also find purple ankle socks.  I hope my blue little canvas sneakers do not clash too wildly, but it seems to warm for black sneaks and my white ones are too ratty.

For more information on tonight’s event, click on the link above.  If anybody local reads this in time, come on out!  Wear purple if you can; if not, at least you can cheer on the Diamond Dawgs!


I Become a Fan

I had been wanting to go to Little Falls, NY, and watch the Diamond Dawgs play baseball for some time now. Last night I finally got the chance to do it.

I don’t follow any sports, but I like to watch almost any sport live. I say almost, because I haven’t tried them all. I’ve seen minor league baseball on a couple of occasions and enjoyed it very much. I had high hopes for the Dawgs, and they didn’t let me down.

Our friends Jim, Phyllis and Kelly (Jim and Phyllis are married, Kelly is their daughter; that sort of information always helps my mental image) are huge Yankees fans and have gone to see them play, so I was a little hesitant to ask if they’d like to go see the Little Falls team. Turns out they’ve been Diamond Dawgs fans for years. We made a plan to go.

We met for dinner first at Crazy Otto’s Empire Diner in Herkimer (just to give them another shout-out; love the fresh-made chips). We thought we knew where we were going but were happy to follow Jim just in case. The stadium is behind the Little Falls Hospital, which we have been to (perhaps I should start doing blog posts on medical facilities as well). We found parking spaces int he street fairly close and went in to find seats.

Last night’s giveaway was a coupon for a free Whopper. Not just a Whopper, I pointed out, but a Whopper Value Meal. I’m not a fan of fast food, but I might take advantage of something free (to be honest: it tastes good going down then sits there like a lump).

We decided on the bleachers rather than the benches right by the fence and sat in the first row. This still put us pretty close to the field. There was a platform behind home plate with some folding chairs and a small picnic table. I asked if it was VIP seating. Phyllis told me you could rent it for parties and that it seats about ten. That would rock for a kid’s birthday party.

The players in this league are college students from all over the country. They often get recruited into the major league from here. I liked how the announcer told us where each player was from whenever he was mentioned. I was especially happy to cheer the pitcher from Herkimer County Community College.

Every time the opposing player from Finger Lakes Community College was up to bat, I asked him why he didn’t bring any wine. I suspect he did not hear me, but it amused Phyllis and Kelly. We love Finger Lakes wine. And for anybody from the Finger Lakes huffing that there is more to the region than wine, oh, lighten up. Wine is a fine thing to be known for.

There were several prize giveaways as well as a 50/50 raffle, but we didn’t win anything. Of course, I only bought one 50/50 ticket, not an arm’s length as many others purchased. I told the ball player selling the tickets that I had spent the rest of my money on beer (stop shaking your finger at me; it wasn’t that much money or that much beer). He seemed to think this was an acceptable alternative.

Between innings the team mascot would have some sort of competition with a few kids. They ran around the bases doing calisthenics and had the dizzy bat contest. I think they got ice cream for their participation.

Of course we spent a good deal of time making silly jokes and smart remarks (I always say, go with your strengths). I observed that one player was pretty gorgeous. On being reminded I was old enough to be his mother, I replied, “I’m just looking. I can window shop things that aren’t my size.”

Jim told the opposing pitcher not to worry about the Dawgs trying to steal bases. “I’ll keep an eye on him! You can trust me!” Then when two of them were going for a fly ball, “I’ve got it!” One of them got it.

The stands weren’t filled but there was a goodly number of people there. Phyllis pointed out that it was a weeknight while school was still in session. Everybody seemed to be having a good time. I know I was.

Our guys lost, so that was a little disappointing. It was still a fun everning. I hope to catch more of the Diamond Dawgs. I’m a fan now. For more information, visit their website at You can find them on Facebook under Mohawk Valley Diamond Dawgs.