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I’ll Be Looking for that Link

I don’t think Tired Thursday has the same ring as Tired Tuesday, and yet here I sit.  Well, instead of crying about how tired I feel, I will give a brief overview of my post-work errand running.  I had thought to write a blog post about that earlier today when I had difficulty coming up with a topic to write on while on break at work.  Of course now all I want to do is sleep on it and I fear the post will not be very good, but we have established that for Mohawk Valley Girl, a bad post is better than no post at all, so here goes (I don’t care if that is a run-on sentence).

I need some props and costumes for Leading Ladies, the show I am directing at Ilion Little Theatre (stand by for this blog to become All Leading Ladies All The Time, it’ll happen soon).  This being the only weekday I don’t have rehearsal, I thought a few stops on the way home would be appropriate.  Full disclosure:  I did not make all the stops I intended to and one place I was pretty sure would not have any props or costumes.

It was pouring rain when I left work, but one must not let weather deter one, must one (one being me, of course).  I kept telling myself that this was better than snow, but I’ve heard we’ll have snow again before too long, so I suppose I will have a basis for comparison.

First I went to the Thrift Store in Ilion, NY (I work in Ilion, by the way).  No props, but I found a black shawl, which I have been wanting to go with my little purple dress (I refuse to own a Little Black Dress).  Now all I have to do is lost that damn ten pounds so I can wear my little purple dress. I merely glanced at the fancy dresses.  My costume ambitions were merely to look.  We’re going to check the Ilion Little Theatre costume collection before purchasing anything.

At New 2 You Consignment Store, where I went next, I found a decanter such as a someone might have sitting on a table in a ritzy sitting room.  I wasn’t sure I loved it, though.  The lady there, who I am acquainted with because her daughter did a marvelous job in the murder mystery I have been talking about (perhaps you read my latest blog post about it), said if I decided I wanted it, I could call her and she would hold it for me.  We talked about the play, and I mentioned my need of dresses for a couple of manly-sized men.  She said she had some quite large fancy dresses, so I may be in touch with her about that, too.

I was getting sick of being out in the rain but decided to make one more stop at Earthly Matters, a store I have lately become aware of.  I did not think it was anyplace I would find anything for my play.  I thought I would like to write about it.  Oh, I SO DO!  I stood there for a while talking to the owner, looking at beautiful things, and taking notes.  I shall write a full post about it and perhaps an article to submit to Mohawk Valley Living magazine.  For today, however, I content myself with a mere mention.

I went home after that, bypassing the dollar store and a couple of other stops.  There is another thrift store and at least one more consignment shop I can check.  When I don’t feel so tired.  Sorry to keep complaining about it, but you know how it is.  If you don’t know how it is, well, just work some overtime and direct a couple of plays and do a few more things other than sleep and then write a blog post about it.   You can post a link in Comments and perhaps I’ll read it.

Happy Non-Sequitur Thursday, everyone.