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Pre-Party Post

Regular readers know I adore alliteration.  I seem to be having a minor run of “P” these days.  Make what adolescent jokes you wish.  I have a mere 11 minutes to complete this post before my handsome husband Steven is due home (just throwing in a gratuitous compliment to the man there).  He will quickly change his clothes and we will arrive, as he puts it, “fashionably late”  to our friends’ anniversary party.  Being so happily married ourselves, we are delighted to celebrate with other contented couples (see, there I go again with the alliteration).

Today’s would be a Slacker Saturday post at best in any case.  Never mind why; nobody wants to hear me go on about my various ills.  I encourage myself to stop being such a big fat baby, but old habits die hard (as the nuns found out when they tried to change the color of their apparel) (I’ve been spending a lot of time on a pun page on Facebook).

I did not run this morning.  I managed to write a few post cards, although I might make out a couple more tomorrow.  I even wrote an almost letter.  At least, it was a note card in an envelope, so more space to fill.  I was sending a card with the Ilion Little Theatre schedule to a couple of club members emeritus (at least, that is how I think of them), and that was the best envelope to fit it.

There was enough time to run two errands before my rehearsal for The Tempest at eleven, but the window of my vehicle decided to get stuck halfway down (or halfway up for you optimists).  Yikes!  I drove to the dealership, where the guy who sold it to us got the window up and started to make me an appointment to get it really fixed.  Alas, I did not remember Steven’s work schedule next week (we must do these things on his day off), so I had to drive home and call the guy back.

Still, I made it to rehearsal even a little early.  I treated myself to a giant chocolate chip cookie from Ole Sal’s Creamery at Canal Place, Little Falls (just to throw in a plug for a local business).  After rehearsal I managed to finish one errand and bagged the other one.

Never mind what I did with the rest of the afternoon; remember my dictum of being less of a big fat baby.  I see it is 5:30.  Steven will be hope any minute!  I must find the fancy purse I wanted to carry to tonight’s soiree.  Happy Saturday, everyone!

P.S.  He got home while I was proofreading.



I’ll Be Looking for that Link

I don’t think Tired Thursday has the same ring as Tired Tuesday, and yet here I sit.  Well, instead of crying about how tired I feel, I will give a brief overview of my post-work errand running.  I had thought to write a blog post about that earlier today when I had difficulty coming up with a topic to write on while on break at work.  Of course now all I want to do is sleep on it and I fear the post will not be very good, but we have established that for Mohawk Valley Girl, a bad post is better than no post at all, so here goes (I don’t care if that is a run-on sentence).

I need some props and costumes for Leading Ladies, the show I am directing at Ilion Little Theatre (stand by for this blog to become All Leading Ladies All The Time, it’ll happen soon).  This being the only weekday I don’t have rehearsal, I thought a few stops on the way home would be appropriate.  Full disclosure:  I did not make all the stops I intended to and one place I was pretty sure would not have any props or costumes.

It was pouring rain when I left work, but one must not let weather deter one, must one (one being me, of course).  I kept telling myself that this was better than snow, but I’ve heard we’ll have snow again before too long, so I suppose I will have a basis for comparison.

First I went to the Thrift Store in Ilion, NY (I work in Ilion, by the way).  No props, but I found a black shawl, which I have been wanting to go with my little purple dress (I refuse to own a Little Black Dress).  Now all I have to do is lost that damn ten pounds so I can wear my little purple dress. I merely glanced at the fancy dresses.  My costume ambitions were merely to look.  We’re going to check the Ilion Little Theatre costume collection before purchasing anything.

At New 2 You Consignment Store, where I went next, I found a decanter such as a someone might have sitting on a table in a ritzy sitting room.  I wasn’t sure I loved it, though.  The lady there, who I am acquainted with because her daughter did a marvelous job in the murder mystery I have been talking about (perhaps you read my latest blog post about it), said if I decided I wanted it, I could call her and she would hold it for me.  We talked about the play, and I mentioned my need of dresses for a couple of manly-sized men.  She said she had some quite large fancy dresses, so I may be in touch with her about that, too.

I was getting sick of being out in the rain but decided to make one more stop at Earthly Matters, a store I have lately become aware of.  I did not think it was anyplace I would find anything for my play.  I thought I would like to write about it.  Oh, I SO DO!  I stood there for a while talking to the owner, looking at beautiful things, and taking notes.  I shall write a full post about it and perhaps an article to submit to Mohawk Valley Living magazine.  For today, however, I content myself with a mere mention.

I went home after that, bypassing the dollar store and a couple of other stops.  There is another thrift store and at least one more consignment shop I can check.  When I don’t feel so tired.  Sorry to keep complaining about it, but you know how it is.  If you don’t know how it is, well, just work some overtime and direct a couple of plays and do a few more things other than sleep and then write a blog post about it.   You can post a link in Comments and perhaps I’ll read it.

Happy Non-Sequitur Thursday, everyone.


What I Did with my Oomph

OK, OK, time to do the blog post.  I don’t know what it is about me on Saturdays.  I have no ambition to do ANYTHING!  I had a minimal amount of oomph this morning, though, so I will write a Scattered Saturday post telling what I did to use it up.

I knew I wanted to write a couple of postcards and walk them to the post office, as I usually do on a Saturday morning, but I had also started a letter to a friend I wanted to mail.  For one reason, in the letter I mentioned a fabulous party Steven and I are planning for October, and I am hoping this friend will attend.  I have been writing the letter on breaks at work, rather than working on my novel or better blog posts. Don’t judge.

I thought the letter was nearly done. Imagine my chagrin, therefore, on pulling out the letter and discovering that the fourth page only had part of one sentence written on it.  I can’t send out a letter with the last page most blank!  What a waste of a stamp!  What a disappointment for the recipient who thinks it’s a four-page letter and it’s only a three-page-and-one-half-sentence letter!  I finished the letter then wrote only two postcards.  Time was passing and I had several errands I was hoping to run.

It was a very pleasant walk to the post office, a beautiful day: not too hot yet, a little cloudy with a lovely breeze blowing.  I had considered not walking to the post office, because I wanted to get my running around (by that I’m afraid I mean errands; I’m still not back to running yet), but decided to not get what little exercise I had planned was not the best use of my time.  I continued on from the post office toward Main Street, thinking to make it a longer walk.  However, as I headed up Main Street the sun came out from behind the clouds and it started to get warmer.  I decided to compromise on a medium-length walk.

Then it was on to the errands! After gassing up my vehicle, my first stop was at Melfe’s Shoes in Ilion, NY (stand by for the obligatory Roxy reference).  I had found a pair of shoes that would work for my character in Roxy (that play I may have mentioned a few times).  It is a pair I have had for a number of years but never wore much.  The costume designer said they would be perfect.  It was fairly traumatic for me when the heel broke as I was taking them off after the first rehearsal I wore them at.

My own attempt at repair had failed, but I had great hopes of Melfe’s. You may have read about Melfe’s Shoes in this blog, as I go there once a year for my work shoes.  They are very helpful.  Today the young man was both helpful and kind as he explained to me how no repair was possible and that if they took my ten bucks to try I might possibly get two wears out of them but surely no more.

After Melfe’s I went to K-Mart, where I was able to find everything I wanted, including bobby pins for my hair for Roxy (ha ha, got two mentions of it in!) and allergy pills.  I got the kind I like to take every day but decided to wait on the kind that is good for sinus headache.  After all, I have not had a sinus headache in a long time (under the heading Should Have Seen That Coming, guess what I’m fighting as I type this).

My next two stops were to the Goodwill store and to Linda’s Consignments in Herkimer.  I mean to write a whole post about Linda’s, because I had a wonderful conversation with Linda and bought a marvelous hat.  Perhaps I could work on that tonight and thus avoid having Wrist to Forehead Sunday tomorrow.  In the meantime, I see I am over 600 words.  I don’t like to tax my readers’ patience and writing this has given me just a little bit more ambition.  Let’s see how far this dose of oomph takes me.


Herkimer Hop

Instead of  Wuss-out Wednesday, how about a brief overview of Steven’s and my running around Sunday afternoon (before it became Wrist to Forehead Sunday).  We made several stops in our hometown of  Herkimer, NY, so we’ll call it a minor Mohawk Valley adventure.

We first went to Hummel’s Office Plus, because Steven wanted to purchase some small yellow envelopes  for a prop for that play we’re in (can’t help but mention Roxy, can I?).  He found what he wanted easily.  I took the opportunity to pick up a couple of the pens I currently like best (ballpoint with a find point, excellent for how small I like to write on post cards).

After a quick stop for gas and cash, we went to T & J’s Fruits and Vegetables, to get fixings for a salad for my lunch (yet another attempt on my part to lose that last 15 pounds) (to give you an idea of how well I’m doing on that, it was previously the last 10 pounds I was trying to lose).  I got romaine lettuce, tomatoes and sharp cheddar cheese.  I had other vegetables at home.  I did not put the cheese in the salad, but I just love sharp cheddar cheese.

From there we went to Family Dollar, where I found two water bottles suitable for bringing to work.   We ran into another cast member from Roxy (just can’t get away from that play, can I?).  Our last stop was at Valley Wine and Liquor, where we purchased a bottle of Pinot Grigio, because we thought we might like to enjoy a glass of wine on the deck, time permitting (it did).

It did not take long to run our errands, and soon we were home and I was working on my blog post and dithering about auditions for  Lunch Hour, which were to take place that evening.  We felt pleased with our little burst of productivity.  I feel a little pleased that I wrote a blog post about something other than not writing a proper blog post.


The Ballot of Steve and Cindy

Yes, I voted today. Would you believe the reason I didn’t write my blog post earlier today was that I was busy pondering my decisions on how to cast my ballot? Well, it’s not, but in fact I have not yet written my blog post for today. Full disclosure: I have one almost entirely written, but I want it to be good and anyways it’s too long to type in on a Tired Tuesday such as today.

Be that as it may, here is my voting tale.

Steven and I had several errands to run, so I suggested I get home, change my shoes and we go. Of course it didn’t work that way. For one reason, there was a pot of hot coffee when I arrived home. Naturally I had a cup. It is a rare example of total alignment of the universe that I LOVE the way my husband makes coffee. Surprisingly, it was not why I married him, but I sure do enjoy it now that I’m here.

It didn’t take long to be on our way. When we got to our polling place, a lady standing outside told us where the door to go in was. We already knew but thought it was nice of her to be helpful, so we thanked her as if it was new information. We had to walk by several doors with signs informing us that this was NOT the door. That always amuses me. I was exaggeratedly relieved when we found the correct door, clearly labeled.

Of course we went to the wrong table and the wrong book on the right table before they found where we were supposed to sign for our ballots. One of the poll workers remembers Steve from the play Harvey at Ilion Little Theatre, in which Steven played Dr. Chumley.

“Hi, Doc!” he said. He told another worker that Steven participates at plays in Ilion. I told him Steven might be in another play next year. I do hope Steven will audition for one.

At last we had cast our ballots, thus fulfilling our democratic duty. Steven asked for a sticker, but alas, they were out. We left to run our errands with a little frisson of virtue. Drug store, bank, grocery store, I liked voting best.