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At Least I Mentioned the Benefit

Oh, this is terrible. I’m sitting here looking at the blank screen with my fingers on the keyboard and NOTHING IS HAPPENING.

Apparently something is happening, because I just typed in two sentences. Anyways, the screen isn’t blank. It says “Add New Post” at the top, and there is a box that says “Enter Title Here,” and a bunch of little symbols that I can click to access other posts or italicize words on this post etc etc etc.

Welcome to Non-Sequitur Thursday.

I had not meant to write yet another nothing post. I had meant to dash out a blurb for a benefit spaghetti dinner to be held this Saturday, Sept. 14 for Father Paul and Patricia Bailey. Fr. Paul used to be the pastor of the church Steven and I attend (when we attend church). They both have health problems, and it is just too bad, because they are the nicest people imaginable. I know, you would expect a pastor and his wife to be nice, but still. Really, really nice.

I donated an afghan for the Chinese auction to be held with the dinner. I had been going to write about my tribulations finding the lady’s apartment to drop it off (you know my terrible sense of direction). But, quite frankly, nothing is coming.

By the way, East Herkimer Fire Department, 193 E. Main Rd., East Herkimer. 4 to 7 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 14. $7 ages 12 and over, $4 ages 5 to 12, younger than 5 free.

Ooh, look, over 200 words. That works, doesn’t it?