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Cheesy Monsters in Hawaii?

Today I introduce a new feature to my Mohawk Valley Girl blog:  Weary Wednesday.  It is kind of a companion day to Tired Tuesday.  Only I hope to not be quite as foolish as I was yesterday on Totally Tired Tuesday (many thanks to Granny K for the elusive adverb).  I have been noticing lately how many pictures are in my Media Library here at WordPress, so I think I will pick out a few to re-visit for today’s post.  Think of is as one of those clip shows like the sit-coms do. Full disclosure:  I HATE clip shows; my own hypocrisy is not lost on me.

How do I STILL not have one of these shirts?

How appropriate is this?  I think, very.  This is a cheesy blog post!  I say it with a cheesy grin.  Soon I hope to publish a few more write-ups of cheesy movies.

Oh, if only I could drink beer and be this skinny!

It actually has not been a horrible day, although I feel beat enough to just sit and drink a beer (in fact, I am drinking water right now).  Could it be a sign of my ever-increasing age and waistline that things seem to get to me more these days?  SAY IT AIN’T SO!!!

This is probably as close as I will ever get to a tropical vacation.

Just to change things up a little, I add a more cheerful shot.  It is a lovely photo of me and my wonderful husband, Steven, at a fundraiser for H.A.L.O. (Helping Animals Live Organization), a no cage, no kill cat rescue.  Perhaps you read my blog post about it (although it was some time ago; I wonder if I can find the post and make a link).

I have no idea where I stole this one from.

I end with a kind of a self-portrait.  This was my Facebook profile picture recently, until I replaced it with a picture of Nosferatu yesterday.  As regular readers know, I’m kind of into monsters.  And now that I think about it, this was kind of a Frankenstein’s monster of a post, pieced together with whatever came to hand.  NOW what will I do for Non-Sequitur Thursday?  I hope you’ll stay tuned and find out.


For the Kitties

Today was the H.A.L.O. Chinese Auction at Silverado in Herkimer, NY.  I had donated an afghan, as I like to do for almost any worthy cause.  H.A.L.O., for the uninitiated, is the Helping Animals Live Organization, a no-cage, no-kill cat rescue group.

So I attended the event to support a worthy cause (noble), to try to win something fun (more self-serving), and to check out how many people put tickets in to try to win what I donated (completely self-serving).  This is how I multi-task.

The auction opened at 11 a.m., and it wasn’t too long after that that we pulled up to the Silverado Inn on Marginal Road in Herkimer, NY.  It wasn’t too hard to find a parking spot, but there were already a lot of vehicles there.  It was pretty crowded inside as well.

We paid $20 for two sets of 125 tickets and started walking around, deciding what to put in for.  There was a lot!  And there were a lot of people putting in for things.  Luckily, people were pretty polite as we maneuvered around one another, looking at prizes and putting in our numbers.

I finished before Steven and made my way to the bar.  It was perhaps a little early to be imbibing, but I wanted to support Silverado as well as H.A.L.O.  After all, they open their doors on a Sunday to support a non-profit. I feel I should do what I can to make it worth their while.  Steven eventually joined me and we had a couple of glasses of Merlot.  I also got a hot dog, sold by H.A.L.O., so I am all kinds of charitable today.

Drawings for prizes began at 2 p.m., that is about ten minutes before I started making this post.  I hope we win something.

For more information on H.A.L.O., you can visit their Facebook page at


Mohawk Valley Morning

Saturday Steven did not have to go to work till two, so we had a Mohawk Valley Morning. And I don’t need anybody to be a wise-ass and tell me that since we live in the Mohawk Valley, every morning is a Mohawk Valley morning. I already know that.

We started out by walking with our schnoodle, Tabby, to First Source Federal Credit Union in Herkimer, NY. We had to deposit a check into our mad money account. This gave me an opportunity to imitate Carolyn Jones in House of Wax: “I don’t need any mad money (tee-hee-hee); I never get mad!”

We walked home by way of Margaret Street, so I could show Steven some Halloween decorations I had noticed earlier in the week. I just love when people get into the season. I admired pots of mums on many front steps. We envied some hanging ghouls, a vampire with Elvis sideburns and several gravestones. We don’t have any gravestones, or any mums for that matter. Come to think of it, our vampire doesn’t have sideburns. Improvements to consider for next year.

After we got Tabby back home we headed for the H.A.L.O. Trash to Treasure Sale at the Mohawk American Legion. As usual I said I wanted to sit on the legion’s front porch some nice day. They have a couple of wooden glider swings I like.

H.A.L.O., I’ve mentioned before, is the Helping Animals Live Organization, a no cage, no kill cat rescue. It’s run by some pretty nice people, and we support them whenever possible. We went to their Trash to Treasure Sale last year (I believe I wrote a blog post about it) and were happy to have a chance to go to this year’s.

The sale was huge with many nice things, some possibly antiques (I’m not that knowledgeable, but they looked pretty good to me). I found a purse that might work for my character in Dirty Work at the Crossroads (next May at Ilion Little Theatre — preview of coming attractions). I also picked up a Green Mountain Coffee thermal mug. It’s always good to have a few extra thermal mugs around, in case somebody visits from a distance and you want to send them on their way with a cup of hot coffee.

After shopping we were feeling a little peckish so stopped for breakfast at Mohawk Diner. While there we asked where Mohawk Fire Station was. As soon as the waitress told us, I said, “Oh yeah, I’ve driven by there a bunch of times. Silly me.”

The Fire Station was holding a Chinese Auction. We love those. This was a good one, 100 tickets for $5. I had a ten so bought us each an envelope.

“After all, it’s for the fire department,” I told Steven when he suggested that 100 tickets for both of us might have been sufficient.

We took our time walking around and deciding what to try for. Did we win? Could be. Then again, we MAY have won something that MIGHT be a Christmas present for someone. I’ll never tell.