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Walk to Wrist to Michael Gambon

With a little bit of Severed Head Sunday thrown in.

It is another beautiful day in the Mohawk Valley.  Steven and I took a walk earlier.  It was sunny and warm but not humid. Actually, I got a little overheated in the sunshine, but I had on sunscreen and my crazy old lady hat.  It felt so good to walk!  We went to Smoker’s Choice so Steven could buy some butts.  Yes, yes, we did something healthy so Steven could indulge in an unhealthy habit.  Don’t judge.

We went on to walk up Main Street.  As we passed the wooden fence in front of where they tore down Glory Days, we talked about the local artist who is going to paint a mural there.  Of course I’d rather they cleaned it up and built something new there, but if they can’t at least it will be nice to have something better than an old grey fence to look at.

As we walked on we discussed our movie-watching for the rest of the day.  Lately we usually watch Snapped on Sundays, but we used to watch movies all day long.  We like movies.  Steven wanted to watch Being Julia, a marvelous adaptation of Somerset Maughm’s Theatre, one of my favorite books.  Gambon has the part of Jimmy Langtree, who appears as a ghost or memory from Julia’s past.  The character appeared in flashbacks in the novel, but in the movie his presence adds a lot to the present, if you see what I mean.

I said we should make it a Michael Gambon film festival, moving from Being Julia to Gosford Park then on to Sleepy Hollow, or as I like to call it, The Headless Everybody.

And that brings us nicely to today’s headline.  Only, really, it is not Wrist to Forehead Sunday.  We had a lovely evening yesterday, hanging out on our deck with a small group of family and friends.  Small gatherings are wonderful, because you can have real conversations.  It was a perfect evening for deck sitting.  I’m so delighted our brief period of extreme humidity has passed (oh, anybody who has passed or is passing through a longer and worser period can just quietly feel bad ass and not brag to me about it, please).

I am enjoying my Sunday is my point.  I hope you are enjoying yours too.