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Respectable Run for a Tired Tuesday

I went running today in hopes of making a Running Commentary post.  Also in hopes of burning a few calories and getting closer to my weight loss goals.  Well, I blew the progress toward the weight loss goals by eating a few very delicious treats.  I have no regrets. Let’s see how I do on the blog post.

I did not get right to the run, as I prefer to do.  In fact,  I thought I had talked myself put of it.  Instead, I found myself putting on running clothes and gathering a load of laundry. My favorite multi-task is to out a load in the washer and run while it washes. Actually,  it is one of my only multi-tasks. Most of the time I can barely task, but let us not discuss my shortcomings.

Soon I was plodding down the sidewalk, feeling as if I had not run for days.  It has only been two, but I have not been running nearly enough.  I made up my mind to continue.  For one reason, I couldn’t take my shower till the washer was done.  This is why it is my favorite multi-task.

It was a beautiful warm, sunny day.  Perfect fall weather.  I enjoyed looking at the changing leaves and at people’s Halloween decorations.  I also enjoyed looking at my shadow when the sun was behind me.  How slender I looked!  What legs!  Of course, the angle of the sun elongated me into a far more flattering silhouette than I deserve.  Never mind that; it kept me running.

It was not all that good of a run.  For the most part I was tired and wanted to stop. However, I persevered for 24 minutes plus a 10 minute cool down walk.  I consider that respectable for a mid-week run.  Similarly, this post is now 300 words.  I say, respectable for a Tired Tuesday.



Monday Running Commentary

I almost never run on a Monday.  Additionally, I have not be running at all in… weeks?  Surely not months.  Hm…..

Oh dear. I just looked in my Running Journal (YES, I keep multiple journals; don’t you?), and my last entry was March 17.  That does make it months!  I may have run since March 17 and not written it in the Running Journal.  That is quite possible.  It is equally possible, though, that I did not.

No matter.  The fact is, I ran today and I am going to write about it.

I had thought about running while I was at work.  I had also thought about going to the Herkimer County Humane Society and see if I could walk a dog.  An even more tempting thought was a hot shower and a glass of wine.  However, I knew the first two choices could potentially yield a blog post, so I confined my decision to those two.

Until I left work and felt too tired to do anything.  I went to The Medicine Shoppe in Ilion to pick up a prescription and took the opportunity to go into Ilion Wine and Spirits for a bottle of vino (just to add a brief shout-out to two local businesses).  As I drove out of Ilion I realized I was headed for my house, not the Humane Society.  So I’ll run, I told myself.  I don’t want to, I answered.  Look at this beautiful day,  I told myself.  You can’t waste it.

When I went in the house all I wanted to do was lie down.  I actually did lie down very briefly.  While in a prone position, I realized that I would never feel like running.  That got me on my feet and headed towards my running clothes.  No, it was not grim determination and discipline.  Merely, I acknowledged that I felt like crap and remembered that I could still go running under those conditions.

First I put in a load of laundry.  You see I can multi-task to a limited degree.

It was not as warm out as one would expect halfway through May, but it was sunny and, as I observed earlier, beautiful.  Sunshine does make everything look good.  My legs were immediately unhappy with me.  I told myself that it would probably suck worse before it felt better, and that made me feel a little bad-ass.  It helps to feel bad-ass during a run.  I only planned to run for twenty minutes.  I set a slow, shuffling pace, as I usually do.  I couldn’t even pretend in my head I ran like a gazelle.  No matter, I told myself.  Just keep going.

Soon I realized I was at the pace I could keep up for as long as I decide to.  Mind you, I’ve never tested this theory.  That is, I have never decided to keep going until I felt I could not keep going.  In my army life, I was often called upon to keep going further than I felt I could.  That was when I learned you can usually keep going further than you think you can.  I never collapsed, passed out or had anything dramatic happen on a run.  I often made horrible noises trying to breathe, but we needn’t get into that.  I’m talking about now not then.

Where was I?  Ah yes, shuffling along the sidewalks of Herkimer and having a not bad time about it.  My legs complained but not too much.  My breathing felt… not good but not actually labored.  I didn’t make any bad noises.  I ran for twenty-one minutes and felt pleased with myself. As I walked my cool-down, my legs seemed to have that soreness that means developing muscles. Score!  Maybe I can run again tomorrow.


Walk to Wrist to Michael Gambon

With a little bit of Severed Head Sunday thrown in.

It is another beautiful day in the Mohawk Valley.  Steven and I took a walk earlier.  It was sunny and warm but not humid. Actually, I got a little overheated in the sunshine, but I had on sunscreen and my crazy old lady hat.  It felt so good to walk!  We went to Smoker’s Choice so Steven could buy some butts.  Yes, yes, we did something healthy so Steven could indulge in an unhealthy habit.  Don’t judge.

We went on to walk up Main Street.  As we passed the wooden fence in front of where they tore down Glory Days, we talked about the local artist who is going to paint a mural there.  Of course I’d rather they cleaned it up and built something new there, but if they can’t at least it will be nice to have something better than an old grey fence to look at.

As we walked on we discussed our movie-watching for the rest of the day.  Lately we usually watch Snapped on Sundays, but we used to watch movies all day long.  We like movies.  Steven wanted to watch Being Julia, a marvelous adaptation of Somerset Maughm’s Theatre, one of my favorite books.  Gambon has the part of Jimmy Langtree, who appears as a ghost or memory from Julia’s past.  The character appeared in flashbacks in the novel, but in the movie his presence adds a lot to the present, if you see what I mean.

I said we should make it a Michael Gambon film festival, moving from Being Julia to Gosford Park then on to Sleepy Hollow, or as I like to call it, The Headless Everybody.

And that brings us nicely to today’s headline.  Only, really, it is not Wrist to Forehead Sunday.  We had a lovely evening yesterday, hanging out on our deck with a small group of family and friends.  Small gatherings are wonderful, because you can have real conversations.  It was a perfect evening for deck sitting.  I’m so delighted our brief period of extreme humidity has passed (oh, anybody who has passed or is passing through a longer and worser period can just quietly feel bad ass and not brag to me about it, please).

I am enjoying my Sunday is my point.  I hope you are enjoying yours too.