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And to All a Good Night!

Christmas is not a big blog-reading holiday.  I guess that raises the question of what is (please note: it does NOT “beg” the question, it RAISES  the question), but as I like to say (there are a lot of things I like to say), that is neither here nor there.

Yesterday I felt so virtuous getting my blog post done and published first thing in the morning.  I don’t think anybody thought that little bit of industry was going to last, and of course it did not.  In my defense… oh, I really do not want to get into what could be said in my defense; just forgive me or don’t.

I’ve been having a lovely holiday.  Christmas Eve, as I mentioned yesterday, was unseasonably warm.  In the afternoon, my parents and I took a long walk on the Mohawk River Trail, a recent addition to Rome’s many amenities.  We encountered runners, bikers, other walkers, a couple of dogs and several kayakers.  We greeted everybody with a cheery “Merry Christmas.”

Later that evening, my mom, sister, assorted nieces and two nephews (one great) took a  short walk around the neighborhood looking at people’s Christmas lights.  We also admired the full moon.  At least, most calendars said it was actually full tonight (Christmas Day), but it looked pretty full last night too.

As I was about to make a half-hearted apology for this post not being such a much, I remembered something:  it is Lame Post Friday (I know, YOU already knew that; you didn’t have to tell me) (and I don’t have to tell you who you are).  I think I’ll skip the apology and just wish a Merry Christmas to all, and if you do not celebrate Christmas (ooh, here’s a Freudian slip: I started to type “suffer” instead of “celebrate”; discuss the implications amongst yourselves and get back to me, if you’ve a mind to), I wish you a happy day.


Mohawk River Run

Instead of my beloved Lame Friday Post, I make bold to offer two Running Commentary posts in a row, because once again I ran two days in a row.  I’m just a little pleased with myself about it (happily glossing over the fact that I first took three days off).  Also, the setting of my run was definitely Mohawk Valley-ish.

As I mentioned yesterday, I am in Rome for Thanksgiving.  I had brought running clothes for two days but, as it turned out, not quite what I needed.  Well, who expects to wear shorts to run in November?  Yes, it happens, but one must admit, it is unusual.  No matter, my Mom loaned me a pair of shorts and off I went.

It was a little later than yesterday’s run; the sun was high in the sky, so I decided to check out the Mohawk River Trail. I picked it up off (I think) Culver Avenue (at least, one end of that street is Culver.  I suppose I COULD look it up before I publish this, but you know what a slacker I am on a Friday).  The trail head was clearly labeled, and there was a trash can at the entrance.  I always take note of public trash cans, for if I’m walking a dog and need to dispose of poop bags.

The trail is blacktop and wide enough for two or three to walk abreast.  I made note of that, because I thought I might be returning later in the day for a walk with members of my family.  Oh, I do love to be in the woods.  The trees were bare, leaves carpeted the ground, everything was brown and peaceful.  It was a cloudy, almost a gloomy morning, but my mood was anything but gloomy.  I could feel that I was running faster than yesterday, which you may recall, was faster than previously.  I’m thinking the reason was that I had been up for a while, drank coffee and eaten some toast and date-nut bread (protein in the dates and nuts!).

Just to interject another family note (it is a holiday weekend, after all), the date-nut bread was made by my sister Diane using my grandmother’s recipe.  Grandma always brought date-nut bread for Thanksgiving and Christmas; I am so pleased to have the tradition continued.  To add to the tradition (and the best traditions are built on over the years), my sister made the bread with her daughter, another sister and a niece, while having few drinks and a lot of laughs.  Laughs are a very important part of my family’s traditions.

Getting back to the run, I was enjoying myself quite a bit on the smooth, fairly level path.  I could see a few side paths that were not paved. I’m not sure if they were official or just used by some people, but I did not explore any today.  One led down to the water, possibly for a fishing spot.  The river was mostly visible through the trees, civilization less so. I was not sure where I was in relation to the City of Rome.  This did not particularly worry me.  I could always turn around and run back the way I came, but of course I didn’t want to do that.

There was a bridge in the distance.  Could I get there from here?  I had crossed a bridge to get to the trail so obviously would have to cross another to get back.  I was about half-way to how long I wanted to run for.  It was time to turn around or go another way.  Up a little bit of a hill, I came to a road.  Ah, but what road?  It did not look familiar.  Then I saw a sign for MVCC (Mohawk Valley Community College).  I know they have a branch on Floyd Avenue.   There was a sidewalk, to I got on it and turned in the direction of the bridge.

Things did not look completely familiar right away, but I was still pretty sure I was on Floyd Ave and headed in the right direction (I know it is more proper to say “Floyd Avenue” when I don’t have a street number, but we SAY “Floyd Ave” in conversation, so I make bold to say that here) (just a little grammatical digression).  Then things looked vaguely familiar, then I recognized stuff.

It was a lovely little run.  I went the exact length of time I went yesterday. Perhaps by Sunday I will increase it by the recommended 10 percent.  In the meantime, I’ll hit Publish and feel pleased with myself that I burned off some of the calories consumed at our Thanksgiving feast.  Happy Friday, everyone.