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Early Run, Late Blog Post

If I make my Saturday post late (which I am in the process of doing), I am at least doing better than I did last week, when I missed Saturday and Sunday entirely.  Why do I feel the need to emphasize my failures?  Why don’t I just drive on and hope nobody notices?  There is a very good chance nobody will, and an even better chance that nobody cares.  So what’s my problem? Never mind, let us get on with the post.

My Lame Post Friday post ended up being about my Saturday morning run, so I will feel free to talk about my Sunday morning run now.  For one reason, I took a couple of pictures on my cool-down walk.  That should pep things up.

First, however, I will share something I did not mention from yesterday’s run. I had just returned to the suburbs (I call them the suburbs) from the church parking lot where I got a good look at the moon.  It was a dark patch, because of the full trees and lack of street lights (they are kind of spaced out).  Did I see a flash of light?  Then another?

“Good morning,” said a voice, and I saw it was a guy running.

“Hello,” I said.  “I wondered what that flashing light was!”  He laughed.  I have a red flashing light I attach to my road guard vest, but I rarely turn it on.  It does a continuous light or flashing, so that is kind of fun.

This morning, I started my run earlier, so the moon was higher in the sky.  My husband Steve’s nephew, when he was a little boy, used to call it the Moon-a-Moolah, so that is how I think of it.  However, I thought I would not see the Moon-a-Moolah this morning due to cloud cover.  As I ran down German Street, I thought I could see where it was behind some clouds.  Would they clear enough to give me  glimpse?  I did not get my hopes up.

Fortunately for me, I was wrong about that.  As I continued my run, the cloud moved, and I could glory in a full view of the moon.  Yay!  I purposely turned down a road so I was running straight towards it.  Eventually I had to turn, and the moon was to my left.  I turned my head, taking care to also watch where I was going.  I was less successful with that, although I suppose I could also blame the darkness.  At one point, I missed seeing where the road dipped down till my foot thunked lower than I expected it to.  Ouch!  It wasn’t so bad, though, so no harm, no foul.

I kept the Moon-a-Moolah in sight as long as I could but eventually had to head back home.  The clouds were starting the cover the moon again anyways.  I ran for as long as I did yesterday but not for as far.  I set a slower pace.  As I walked my cool-down walk, I told myself that there was no law I had to walk all the way around the block or for a full ten minutes.  However, I did admire the moon again and took the opportunity to take a picture with my phone.

A little hazy but nice.

The moon was not clear even to my eyes, so I did not worry that my phone doesn’t always take the best pictures.  I tried for a close-up, then took one that showed more of the neighborhood.

The sun was starting to take over for the moon.

I enjoy starting my runs in the dark and finishing them in the light.  I also enjoy writing blog posts about them.


Mooning Over My Blog Post

Last night, when Steven stepped outside, he told me there was quite a nice moon. I took a couple pictures, first with my phone.

A trifle blurry.

I was not best pleased with the shots, so I tried again with my Tablet.

I did not howl.

The moon is the uppermost light. The lower one is a streetlamp.

You can see the houses a little better.

I tried a few shots.

One more attempt,

I offer these shots in lieu of a Wrist to Forehead Sunday Blog Post. Full disclosure: I am tired and not the least bit inclined to make a real post. Therefore, I offer a few pictures and forego my usual criteria of at least 200 words.

I hope you are all having a delightful Sunday.

Moon Run (But Not Super)

So we just had the year’s last Super Moon. I didn’t think it was so super, but I never saw it till the following morning so I suppose I’m no judge. Furthermore, I saw it during an early morning run that I was in no mood for, so perhaps my assessment was colored.

Be that as it may, I left my house shortly after 3:30 this morning (Tuesday), assuring myself that if I only ran 20 minutes I would be satisfied. I took a right onto German Street instead of my usual left, hoping that doing something different would inspire me.

I was soon sorry I had picked that direction, because the moon was behind me. Wasn’t that supposed to be the cool thing about running this morning, I asked myself, so I could see the moon? I had had a vague idea of walking Monday evening after sundown with my dog and possibly my husband (the husband might be tired; the dog is always into it). That would have given us the Super Moon in all its glory. I think it was even supposed to be red. My vague idea did not come to fruition.

So I kept running, not looking at the moon, hoping my leg muscles would warm up soon. As always I looked for lights in houses. I passed one house where I did not see lights but I heard voices.

“I’m not giving him mouth to mouth,” was all I caught. It sounded like a hypothetical, not that somebody was stretched out on the floor in front of him. I thought the thing now was not to do mouth-to-mouth, or rescue breathing as they like to call it, just chest compressions. Maybe I could take a Red Cross course sometime so I will know these things.

I turned down Main Street, putting the moon to my right. I turned my head a few times to see it but thought I’d mainly better look where I was going. Tuesday is garbage day in Herkimer. I needed to keep an eye out for skunks. I hadn’t smelled anything so far. I didn’t see any cats either. Some fellows at work were saying cats and skunks get along. They’ll stand right next to each other eating out of the garbage.

“Wow, I can’t even sit down with my brother and sisters and have a meal without fighting,” I said. It isn’t true any more, but it used to be when we were kids.

My co-worker also said a skunk had chased him. That surprised me. I thought skunks were the kind of animal that if you left them alone they left you alone. I hoped I would not be called upon to outrun a skunk.

Partway down Main Street I started to smell skunk, but it was not a strong odor. The skunk may have sprayed a while ago or be a few streets over. I kept an eye out just in case. I was still a little surprised at the absence of cats. Maybe they were with the skunks, seeing as how they get along so well.

At last I turned onto Church Street, where I could see the moon. Then some trees got in my way so I couldn’t see the moon. Then I could see the moon but reminded myself not to stare at it. I did not want to trip on the sidewalk or a skunk. I went all the way up Church back to German, where I thought I would go up the hill by Valley Health. I crossed against the lights, because there were no cars coming.

That hill was no fun. I did not expect it to be fun, exactly, but I didn’t think I would mind it so much. Slow down, I told myself. Just shuffle up the hill. I was out of breath at the top. What was that all about? Maybe I haven’t been running a lot, but I’ve been running some. I felt quite ill-used by my body.

It was about this time that I realized I had forgotten my reflective vest. I guess it didn’t matter much since I was running almost exclusively on sidewalks. Then I noticed how it was warmer and more humid than I had expected. Not horrible, but I was just as glad I didn’t have that extra layer.

Soon I was back on German heading in the direction of home. My back was to the moon again, but I was running downhill. I counted my blessings. I was beyond my minimum of 20 minutes. I ran past my street and on for a total of 32 minutes. I never reached the “I can rock this” stage. Even my cool-down walk didn’t feel very good. Still, one must be philosophical about these things (half-baked philosophy for me). A bad run can still do a body good. At least I got to see the moon.