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Time at the Tavern

I was there once.

When I was in Newport, NY recently with my husband, Steve,  and our friend Kim, we were recommended to go to the Town Tavern.  We had a very nice time there.  I may have mentioned it in a blog post at the time, but I’m sure I didn’t share the pictures I took.  I thought I would share them now, instead of my usual Monstrous Monday post.

Kim and Steve at the bar.

Some of the pictures did not turn out so well, because of the lighting.  And that I am not a skilled photographer.

I tried to get a shot of the whole place.

Dim bar lighting, bright sunshine coming in the windows… I did my best.

This is why it was not too dim in the bar.

I loved the white lights on the wooden rafters, although my pictures turned out a little blurry.

A clearer but more narrow shot.

This one also shows all the good luck dollars that cover the rafters.

Another shot of two of my favorite people.

I wish I had gotten more pictures of the place.  There were a lot of vintage photos Kim and I enjoyed looking at.  Perhaps we can make another trip there and try again.  Who, me, go to a bar and have a drink?  Well, only for the sake of the blog!

Newport Town Tavern is located at 7445 Main St., Newport,  NY.  Phone number 315-845-9311.



Scenes from Saturday

Here’s a peaceful view.

I was going to do a Monstrous Monday post but accidentally hit Upload Files instead of Media Library.  So here is a picture I took from the deck at Newport Marketplace on Saturday.

A little too much sun, I’m afraid.

While at the Marketplace,  a gentleman recommended we check out the Newport Town Tavern.  It was right down the road, so why not?

Kim and Steven, enjoying a beverage.

We only stayed for one, but it was a very pleasant stop. Our first stop in Newport had been the Main Street Ristorante and Gift Shop, where we had a nice lunch before browsing the shop.

We had fun here too.

Just to include all of Saturday in this post, I will mention that before we left Herkimer we stopped by Valley Wine and Liquor for a wine tasting.

It was a nice little display.

In addition to wine, Kim and I sampled some hard lemonade.

Kim and the lemonade lady.

I cannot find the notebook where I noted the name of the lady pouring the lemonade.  The lady pouring the wine declined to be photographed.

So this is my post.  A few disjointed sentences about some random photos.  I’m going to call it a Muddled Monday and drive on.  As always, thank you for participating.


Scattered or Slacker? Who Knows or Cares?

OK, this will be a Slacker Saturday post, because it is late in the day, and I do not want to be another post behind.

I am sitting on my deck, relaxed and happy. Steven and I had a delightful day with our friend Kim. We went to a wine tasting at Valley Wine and Liquor in Herkimer, to lunch at the Main Street Ristorante and Gift Shop in Newport, to shop at Newport Marketplace, then for a drink at Newport Town Tavern.

After that  we returned to Steven’s and my house, where we sat on the deck and chatted some more about upcoming murder mysteries, among other topics.  We had a delightful time, as always with Kim.

After Kim departed to fulfill other commitments,  Steven and I adjourned to our living room, where we watched Curse of the Blair Witch .followed by The Blair Witch Project.  I am SO ready for the Halloween movie watching portion of the year.

I see I am NOT up to 200 words.  It will have to do for a Slacker Saturday.