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It Was the Halloween Socks

Sometimes the right outfit can make you feel better about everything.

Until you remember you still have not found the papers you need to bring to rehearsal and you have no idea where else to look.

Luckily, I came up with a few more ideas of where to look and found the papers.  It would really behoove me to become more organized.  However, I’m afraid that in order to accomplish that, I would need to basically tear myself apart and start from scratch, you know, like emptying the refrigerator or dumping everything out of your desk (oh dear, I just had a very unpleasant flashback to fifth grade when a mean teacher did that to me and I cried) (I cried a lot in those days; don’t judge).

Anyways, today is Lame Post Friday, so I’m not too exercised about my blog post. A little exercised, of course.  I always worry my readers will say something along the lines of, “Why am I wasting my time with this trash?  Let’s look at a real blog for a change!”  Or is that my low self-esteem talking?  (Sorry, I’m still recovering from that flashback.  Do you suppose I need therapy?)

But perhaps some of you are waiting to hear about my outfit.  I had to have one, you see, because I have rehearsal for He Laughed Himself to Death, the murder mystery dinner theatre Ilion Little Theatre is presenting at Morningstar Methodist Church in Ilion on April 1.  I don’t need to dress up, but I do need to be dressed (I just gave some folks a bad mental image, but I will not apologize for such a thing) (you know who you are).

As it happens, the outfit isn’t such a much.  I have on leggings, a t-shirt and a flannel shirt.  The t-shirt is large enough to cover my butt and the flannel shirt is even bigger.  I know it is quite the thing to let all your contours be lovingly outlined with your pants these days, but I prefer to be more circumspect.  The flannel shirt is green and black plaid, green for St. Patrick’s Day.  I wanted a green t-shirt as well, in case I had to take the flannel shirt off for a hot flash (which is much less unpleasant than the flashback mentioned earlier, by the way).  I found one from Jeremiah’s Tavern, our old watering hole in Norwood, NY, roughly a hundred years ago.  There is a big mug of beer on it.  How appropriate is that!

For earrings, I put on my spider in a web, because the web is green.  I noticed that earring earlier today and thought I might wear it.  I put it in the ear with two holes and put a hoop in the second hole.  I put an earring made from an Angry Orchard cap in the other ear.  You see, the spider would jump through a hoop to get an Angry Orchard.  Full disclosure:  I have never had an Angry Orchard myself; the earrings were given to me.

I completed my ensemble with Halloween socks: orange with green and purple bats.  I think that final touch was what made me feel good about the whole thing.  Until, you know, the lost paper incident mentioned in the second paragraph.

And now I have found my papers, made my blog post, and may even have time for one more task before rehearsal. Score!  Happy Friday, everyone.



Found It

It never fails that when you think of that one perfect earring to complement the outfit at hand, you cannot find it. I know, I know, if I would organize my jewelry and put my things away when I was done with them, I would not have these problems.  Then perhaps I could think of better leads for my blog posts.

Then again, my disorganized readers are sighing with relief, “I’m not the only one!”  My organized readers are shaking their heads, enjoying that frisson of smug superiority that they probably feel eighty-seven times a day.  Do I have any readers like that?  If I do, you’re welcome.

I have limited time to make this post and not just because I was harrumphing around the house looking for the earring.  I was also harrumphing around my bedroom figuring out something to wear.  We’re going to the theatre tonight (I say it with a la-di-dah, sophisticated tone) (I’d also make a gesture, but I’m typing).

The Players of  Utica are presenting One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.  This is the second weekend.  We tried to go the first weekend, but they were sold out.  You snooze, you lose.  We must leave early, to allow get lost time and find a parking place  time. I feel certain it will be an enjoyable evening.

But I guess my blog post, not so much.  Oh well, what do you want from me on Non-Sequitur Thursday?  Hope to see you on Lame Post Friday.