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Remembering to Breathe

Oh, this is bad, this is not good, this is a problem.  OK, breathe, Cindy, breathe.  And drink some coffee.  I think I will have to call this a ScatterBrained Saturday post.  All I have done so far today is have a headache, wash some dishes, and feel nervous about tonight’s murder mystery.  I came up with the headline just now when I was messaging my friend Kim on on Facebook, whining about my flustered state of mind.  I typed, “I am trying some coffee and remembering to breathe.”  Only when I typed “remembering”  I missed the “b”  (could have been clumsy fingers, but let’s blame my laptop keyboard; I hate for EVERYTHING to be my fault).  I sat there saying “remember” in my head to figure out where the “b” went.   So I added, “And how to spell remember.”

Maybe my headline should have been, “Where Does That Damn B Go Anyways?”  Sometimes I just have to laugh at myself.  Who forgets how to spell remember?  It does lighten things up when you can see the humor.  And a cup of coffee doesn’t hurt.

I have half my costume on and, as I had feared, my pants don’t want to stay up.  They are fancy silk-looking purple pajama pants. I daresay they look fabulous, but there is no place to put a belt and anyways,  I have them pulled up too high.  Maybe I could tuck them under my bra (oh goody, I just made myself laugh again) (until somebody says “TMI” because I mentioned my bra; you can’t say anything to some people).  My shirt is real silk, a black sleeveless blouse I rarely ware (YES, I remembered to shave!  Talk about TMI: what a personal question!).  I think my earring choices are good, but which socks?  Decisions!

So I guess this is my blog post today:  me dithering and whining.  But what is a blogger to do?  I have a show tonight!  I hope I break a leg.



It Was the Halloween Socks

Sometimes the right outfit can make you feel better about everything.

Until you remember you still have not found the papers you need to bring to rehearsal and you have no idea where else to look.

Luckily, I came up with a few more ideas of where to look and found the papers.  It would really behoove me to become more organized.  However, I’m afraid that in order to accomplish that, I would need to basically tear myself apart and start from scratch, you know, like emptying the refrigerator or dumping everything out of your desk (oh dear, I just had a very unpleasant flashback to fifth grade when a mean teacher did that to me and I cried) (I cried a lot in those days; don’t judge).

Anyways, today is Lame Post Friday, so I’m not too exercised about my blog post. A little exercised, of course.  I always worry my readers will say something along the lines of, “Why am I wasting my time with this trash?  Let’s look at a real blog for a change!”  Or is that my low self-esteem talking?  (Sorry, I’m still recovering from that flashback.  Do you suppose I need therapy?)

But perhaps some of you are waiting to hear about my outfit.  I had to have one, you see, because I have rehearsal for He Laughed Himself to Death, the murder mystery dinner theatre Ilion Little Theatre is presenting at Morningstar Methodist Church in Ilion on April 1.  I don’t need to dress up, but I do need to be dressed (I just gave some folks a bad mental image, but I will not apologize for such a thing) (you know who you are).

As it happens, the outfit isn’t such a much.  I have on leggings, a t-shirt and a flannel shirt.  The t-shirt is large enough to cover my butt and the flannel shirt is even bigger.  I know it is quite the thing to let all your contours be lovingly outlined with your pants these days, but I prefer to be more circumspect.  The flannel shirt is green and black plaid, green for St. Patrick’s Day.  I wanted a green t-shirt as well, in case I had to take the flannel shirt off for a hot flash (which is much less unpleasant than the flashback mentioned earlier, by the way).  I found one from Jeremiah’s Tavern, our old watering hole in Norwood, NY, roughly a hundred years ago.  There is a big mug of beer on it.  How appropriate is that!

For earrings, I put on my spider in a web, because the web is green.  I noticed that earring earlier today and thought I might wear it.  I put it in the ear with two holes and put a hoop in the second hole.  I put an earring made from an Angry Orchard cap in the other ear.  You see, the spider would jump through a hoop to get an Angry Orchard.  Full disclosure:  I have never had an Angry Orchard myself; the earrings were given to me.

I completed my ensemble with Halloween socks: orange with green and purple bats.  I think that final touch was what made me feel good about the whole thing.  Until, you know, the lost paper incident mentioned in the second paragraph.

And now I have found my papers, made my blog post, and may even have time for one more task before rehearsal. Score!  Happy Friday, everyone.


W(h)ine on Wuss-out Wednesday

I thought an iced coffee would help, I really did. Sometimes eating ice cream helps.  Sometimes eating dinner helps.  Sometimes nothing will help but yet I must just sit down and make my goddam blog post.

Welcome to Wuss-out Wednesday.

Sorry, folks, but the bad posts continue.  I typed the above before I had to go pick up Steven at work.  Actually, I still had to shower and get dressed.  It took me a LONG time to get dressed (that is, almost ten minutes, I think), because I have a lousy wardrobe.  I have a lot of clothes but most of them don’t fit, don’t go together or are unwearable at the moment for all sorts of stupid reasons.  I put together a not unreasonable outfit and thought that would make a good blog post.  Unfortunately, I had not time.

And isn’t that ironic?  I did something I thought I could write a blog post about, but because I did it, I did not have time to make the blog post.  Am I the only one who finds that striking?  Perhaps I am.

So why am I not writing that blog post now?  Did I not mention this is Wuss-out Wednesday?  In fact, when I picked up Steven, I pointed out my fun little outfit and said if he wanted to go get something to eat, we could.  I fully expected him to say he just wanted to go home and relax, but dinner sounded good to him.  We ended up at Jamo’s, where they had a Date Night special going on which included a carafe of wine.

Yes, I have sipped and typed before (a carafe is only two glasses apiece; I did not tie one one, so stop making that unbearably superior smirk at me) (you know who you are).  Today I am tired.  That is three days in a row of being tired!  I think I need a different approach.  I’ll work on it tomorrow, on Non-Sequitur Thursday, when I will try not to wine so much.



More About My Underwear

This isn’t really a post about underwear, but I thought that would make a catchy title. So I guess that makes this a Non-Sequitur Saturday. It could be worse (it could be raining) (somebody always has to say that, you know).

I was going to have another Scattered Saturday post, but looking back I see those posts haven’t gotten a lot of Likes. I guess I’m kind of a positive reinforcement junkie, because I like the Likes. I was about to feel a little sheepish about that, but in fact, why not? I publish a blog for people to read. Naturally I want to write something people will enjoy reading. Writing is an act of communication, after all. Perhaps I should solicit more comments on my blog. Points to ponder.

In comments yesterday the idea came up of doing a poll on how bloggers dress while blogging. Just underwear, commando, naked… For the record I put on a delightfully cute outfit (although perhaps I flatter myself) prior to beginning this post. Um, I did not put on the outfit specifically to blog in, but because people MIGHT be coming over to my house later. Also, I prefer not to spend the entire day in sweats (although I have been known to do so).

My outfit, in case you’d like to know, consists of a denim jumper, white turtleneck and man’s sweater. I got the jumper at the Thrift Store in Ilion, NY recently. The sweater is grey with black and white, purchased at JC Penney in Potsdam, NY well over 20 years ago (purchased by myself for myself; I bought a lot of men’s sweaters back in the day). And on my legs some extremely colorful legging-type pants which I just purchased yesterday. I just bought the bra and underwear yesterday, too. Oh the joy of new undies!

Hey, look at that, I did mention my underwear. Guess it’s not such a Non-Sequitur Saturday after all.

And if anyone would like to comment on what they are wearing or share any thoughts about my underwear, please feel free.

I Shop Local and Score

I pause in the midst of my Saturday chores to compose a blog post on How I Shopped Local on Shop Local Saturday (or whatever today is called; I just read somewhere you are supposed to show local today).

To begin with, I didn’t have anything to wear. This has ever been the case with me as I rarely purchase clothes to begin with and as my weight fluctuates, many of the ones I do have do not fit at any given time. Kindly do NOT lecture me on the evils of yo-yo dieting; this is not that sort of a blog. I only mention it by way of introduction to today’s shopping. To be fair to myself, I don’t yo-yo a whole lot anyways but tend to go up and down in long arcs. Right now I am at a plateau.

Another wardrobe problem I have is that clothes get dirty. Our washer and drier perished in the flood of 2013, and we are still utilizing the laundromat (you may have read some of my blog posts about it). Getting to the laundromat in a timely and regular fashion requires a level of having one’s act together that I am unlikely to attain.

Be all that as it may, I went to the Salvation Army Thrift Store in Ilion, NY this afternoon in search of skirts. I prefer to wear skirts when not at work. Long, large, comfortable skirts with pockets. I wear them with spandex tights, leggings or long johns. Unfortunately I shrunk out of the last two skirts I had. I have been wearing jeans or else this batik wraparound I purchased in 1983. The wraparound is thin cotton (which is getting thinner after 30 years, I suppose. Wish I was) (you just knew I was going to say that).

This is turning out to be a long introduction to my shopping trip. That’s OK, I’ll skimp on the trip itself. I quickly went through all the skirts and found three to try on. I liked two, one teal, one brown. Only the teal one had pockets, but you can’t always get what you want. I went through the dresses and found a denim jumper, which I also tried on. Score!

Of course I can’t go to the thrift store without also looking at the books. I found an Agatha Christie paperback that did not look familiar, although I probably have read it. It features Hercule Poirot. Another score!

The two skirts I liked were on sale. Every day one tag color is 50% off. This was getting better and better. I mentioned to the clerk that I was shopping local because it was Shop Local Day (or whatever they’re calling it).

“It’s also reduce, reuse, recycle,” I said. He pointed out that the money I was spending also went to help people. So two skirts, a jumper, a paperback and a frisson of virtue. What could be better? Oh I know, making my blog post so I can get back to my Saturday chores. At the risk of being obvious, once again, Score!

The Wrong Kind of Wealth

Longtime readers (if any) may remember posts about a twice-yearly wine tasting trip taken by members of my family. I think most of the posts have concerned my dithering decisions about said trip (What shall I wear? How will I get there? Should I go at all?) This spring’s trip is next weekend. Let the dithering begin.

My first dither, about whether or not to go, actually did not take much debate. The first wine trip originated under the heading “Life’s too short.” Life is still too short. I will add the sub-heading “People don’t last forever.” Thus, my decision is made to spend time with my family when I have the chance.

A more troubling dither (to me, anyways) is what shall I wear? I still haven’t taken off the five or so pounds I put on over the holidays. Oh don’t stand there tsk-tsking at me (you know who you are); nobody’s perfect. In my defense, this is my first year of being in my fifties. I daresay my metabolism has changed.

I’m not inclined to purchase new clothes for my current waistline. I shall look to my existing wardrobe for inspiration. If only I could know for certain what the weather will be like. Cold? Warm? Precipitation? Sunlight? Perhaps the operative thing to do would be to have two or three potential outfits in mind. Have I enough clothes in my wardrobe for such a thing? Am I clever enough to plan one outfit with sufficient layers to take all possibilities into account? Oh don’t bother to answer that last question; I know I’m not.

This is turning into a rather silly blog post, even for me. Oh, and that reminds me of another thing! I have to plan ahead for my blog posts. Both my potential transportation schemes have me leaving the house on Friday. I might not return till Sunday. For the least possible stress it would be a good idea if I typed in posts for Friday, Saturday and Sunday on Thursday night. Well, for Friday and Saturday at least. We all know I don’t sweat Wrist to Forehead Sunday.

I have other dithering questions. What to bring? When and how to fill my thermos with coffee? Do I have enough cash on hand? Answers often raise more questions.

To make matters worse, I’m thinking I will get no sympathy for my wealth of indecision. “Oh, quit blubbering and get on with it!” I will admit, as problems go, these are some pretty fun problems to have. And not for nuthin’ but, with all the kinds of wealth to be blessed with, I would get a wealth of indecision. Just saying.

Bargain from the Basement

I believe I mentioned going shopping with my sister last Saturday in hopes of finding a fabulous outfit for this Saturday’s projected wine tasting tour. One of the best stops was at The Village Basement Consignment Shoppe in New Hartford, NY.

The Shoppe is located in the basement under Joette’s. It’s one of those buildings built into a hill. The entrance is in the back of the building, where the parking lot is. We could already see some cute clothes through the window.

I love consignment shops, because you never know what you might find. They are a little problematic, though, because you might not find it in your size. Then again, I tend to shop the clearance racks, where there is no guarantee your size will be left.

What I found Saturday fit me perfectly: a silk-looking shirt in royal blue and white. And it was only four dollars! What a bargain!

Earlier that day I had found on a clearance rack (of course) at Burlington Coat Factory a pair of black pants. I have not tried on the two pieces together yet, but I’ve kind of got my hopes up.

The Village Basement also has furniture, books and all kinds of stuff. I only checked out clothes on Saturday, so I must make a return trip soon to look at other things. When I do, I will probably venture upstairs to Joette’s, which has all kinds of wonderful jewelry and accessories.

Full disclosure: I am writing this post on Monday. I am trying to lessen my stress from having so much to do as the week wears on. I thought at least I can get ahead on my blog posts. Now if I could also work on laundry during my breaks at work, I would be all set.

And having typed this post in on Tuesday, I will disclose: still stressed. Also, I tried on the pants and shirt together: don’t like them. I still like each piece separately, so that’s good, but I am still without a fabulous wine tasting outfit. Stay tuned for further developments.

The Village Basement is located at 70 Genesee St., New Hartford, NY 13413. Phone number 733-4794. They are open Wed. to Fri from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Sat. 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.