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I Decide to Make a Blog Post

I am so indecisive! I was going to write in the TV Journal, then I thought I would make yesterday’s blog post.  TV Journal… blog post… Which one?  I paused, suddenly paralyzed, between the couch and the dining-room-table-top.  What a terrible feeling!

I finally sat on the couch and wrote the preceding paragraph and thought, hey, that might make a good introduction to a blog post.  Perhaps my readers will be amused at the thought of me standing in my living room, taking half steps in opposite directions as my brain refused to make up its mind.  Or perhaps they could sympathize with a spate of indecision interrupting one’s day.  At any rate, I got on the laptop (dining-room-table-top is too awkward to type every time) (yeah, I realize I just did.  It is not easy being me, but it is fairly entertaining) and eventually began to type (this computer takes a long time to boot up, get to a site, and log in).

Where was I?  Ah yes, nowhere in particular, but trying to type in some semblance of a blog post.  Writing tends to alleviate my depression, when I can tamp down the do-nothingness and actually do it.  That is, as fellow sufferers know, the terrible cycle of depression.  Doing almost anything might alleviate some of the symptoms, but one of the dominate symptoms is the almost overwhelming desire to do NOTHING.

I do manage to get to work every day.  And most days, I manage to take a walk in the morning.  Exercise is a potent and underused anti-depressant.  And so I try to self-medicate.  As a matter of fact, I did have the vague plan to make a Pedestrian Post after this morning’s perambulation.  However, I see I am approaching 300 words by rambling on about my tiresome mental gyrations.  I still have to make my lunch, so I am going to follow my usual method: Hit Publish and Hope for the Best.



The Wrong Kind of Wealth

Longtime readers (if any) may remember posts about a twice-yearly wine tasting trip taken by members of my family. I think most of the posts have concerned my dithering decisions about said trip (What shall I wear? How will I get there? Should I go at all?) This spring’s trip is next weekend. Let the dithering begin.

My first dither, about whether or not to go, actually did not take much debate. The first wine trip originated under the heading “Life’s too short.” Life is still too short. I will add the sub-heading “People don’t last forever.” Thus, my decision is made to spend time with my family when I have the chance.

A more troubling dither (to me, anyways) is what shall I wear? I still haven’t taken off the five or so pounds I put on over the holidays. Oh don’t stand there tsk-tsking at me (you know who you are); nobody’s perfect. In my defense, this is my first year of being in my fifties. I daresay my metabolism has changed.

I’m not inclined to purchase new clothes for my current waistline. I shall look to my existing wardrobe for inspiration. If only I could know for certain what the weather will be like. Cold? Warm? Precipitation? Sunlight? Perhaps the operative thing to do would be to have two or three potential outfits in mind. Have I enough clothes in my wardrobe for such a thing? Am I clever enough to plan one outfit with sufficient layers to take all possibilities into account? Oh don’t bother to answer that last question; I know I’m not.

This is turning into a rather silly blog post, even for me. Oh, and that reminds me of another thing! I have to plan ahead for my blog posts. Both my potential transportation schemes have me leaving the house on Friday. I might not return till Sunday. For the least possible stress it would be a good idea if I typed in posts for Friday, Saturday and Sunday on Thursday night. Well, for Friday and Saturday at least. We all know I don’t sweat Wrist to Forehead Sunday.

I have other dithering questions. What to bring? When and how to fill my thermos with coffee? Do I have enough cash on hand? Answers often raise more questions.

To make matters worse, I’m thinking I will get no sympathy for my wealth of indecision. “Oh, quit blubbering and get on with it!” I will admit, as problems go, these are some pretty fun problems to have. And not for nuthin’ but, with all the kinds of wealth to be blessed with, I would get a wealth of indecision. Just saying.