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Driving Myself Crazy

So yesterday, although tired, I managed to type in over 600 words.  That is probably not going to happen today.  I am tired once again, but from less healthy exertion.  I drove through Utica (NY, for non-local readers) to a very busy section of New Hartford. Christmas shopping and rush-hour traffic!  Yikes!  I can’t believe I used to drive that route five days a week when I worked in New Hartford.  What a pain in my big fat butt.  But it was worth the trip to pick up my new glasses from EyeQ of CNY.  I wanted to write a whole post raving about my awesome new glasses and how wonderful Diane and Dr. Carrock at EyeQ are.

Well, one problem, other than the tired part, is that I can’t take a decent selfie.  How can I properly rave about the fabulous frames Diane helped me pick out if I can’t post a picture?  They are pretty fabulous.  I haven’t had really bold glasses in a long time.  Oh well, perhaps somebody will take a picture of me in the near future and I can post it here.

In the meantime, I need a blog post for today, at least enough of one to count for a Wuss-out Wednesday.  Perhaps I should have gone on at greater length about my drive through traffic.  Believe it or not, the construction I drove through was not the worst part; that went pretty smoothly.

Hmmm… no, nothing else is coming to mind.  I’m just going to throw in a picture of Nosferatu and call it a night.  Happy Wednesday, everyone.

He is not going Christmas shopping.



Q Goes to Eye Q

My favorite doctor has always been the eye doctor.  I don’t have to take my clothes off, nobody sticks their hand in my mouth, I don’t even have to step on a scale. What’s not to like?  I went to a familiar doctor at a new place today at Eye Q of CNY in New Hartford, NY.

Anyone who was disappointed when Sears in Sangertown Square closed, taking their optical with them, can rejoice.  Dr. Carrock and Diane Engell, optician and manager, are now at Eye Q.  Full disclosure: I used to work in the optical industry (although not at Sears).  I worked with both Diane and Dr. Carrock at different times, and Diane is a personal friend.  But Eye Q is a really great optical, and I am happy to give them a shout-out.

One of my favorite things about the business is the name.  Since I am Cindy Q and they are Eye Q, I feel a certain kinship.  Maybe I could even get a job there one day.

I did not enjoy the drive along Route 5S from Herkimer to New Hartford as much as I usually do, because it was too rainy and misty to enjoy any views.  Still, I’ve driven on worse roads, and soon I was in New Hartford looking for the plaza.  Eye Q is in the same plaza as 5 Guys Burgers and the Gold Mine Jewelers.  It’s a busy little plaza, but I found a parking space with no problem.

Diane greeted me and gave me a tour.  It’s a small but clean and professional place with a nice selection of frames.  I have a hard time picking frames, but Diane is very helpful in that respect.  I did not make my final selection till after my exam.  I did not try every frame on the boards, as I confess I have been known to do, but I tried on a good many.

Dr. Carrock is an excellent doctor.  I’ve never had a problem with my prescription.  I was also happy with the price I paid for my glasses.  I told Diane I’d tell all my family and friends about Eye Q of CNY.  I guess I’ve told all my blog readers as well.

Eye Q of CNY is located at 4660 Commercial Dr., New Hartford NY, phone number 315-797-2020.  For more information you can visit their website at  You can also Like them on Facebook.


Fun with a Friend

The reason I used to like Saturday Running Commentary is that I would get up, run, write the blog post, get on with my day. Oh, I usually showered between run and write (I knew some of you would be concerned about that). Well, I haven’t been running in a while now, and a singularly uneventful walk with Tabby this morning did not make up the deficiency. I postponed the writing of the blog and went off adventuring with my friend Phyllis. So this is both a Running Around Commentary and a shout out to Fun with a Friend.

We were on a mission to find things for Ilion Little Theatre’s next production, Dirty Work at the Crossroads (you may have read some posts I’ve written about it). First I had the difficult of trying to print out some Michael’s coupons from my computer, and of course, nothing to do with computers is easy for me. Then I had to search out the Hobby Lobby coupon I had clipped from last Sunday’s paper. Oh, there WAS a Micheal’s coupon in the paper. Well, now I had an extra. I put all the coupons into a notebook where I had a list of stuff I was looking for, which I put down while I found my jacket, picked up my purse, kissed Steven good-bye, etc. Then I had to stomp around the house trying to remember where I put down the notebook. Sometimes it’s just not easy being me.

I drove to Phyllis’ house to pick her up, a place I have been to several times. I really can’t tell you why I drove right by it and didn’t see it. I found a place to turn around and drove back, looking more carefully this time, to find Jim and Phyllis standing at the end of the driveway waving at me so I wouldn’t miss them again. Jim was still standing in the driveway, acting like Mookie Maguggins (his character in the play) while Phyllis and I drove away.

We drove around New Hartford, NY, in search of various things. Party City, Toys R Us, Hobby Lobby and Michael’s all helped us out, and my coupons which had caused so much trouble came in handy. We felt we were so successful, we deserved lunch out. Luckily we were right near Symeon’s, as it turns out, a favorite of both of ours.

That was the coolest thing about our morning: Phyllis and I get along so well. We like all the same stores. We got sick of shopping pretty much at the same time. We went to Symeon’s and ordered the same lunch, for heavens’ sake. Oh, one difference: Phyllis had a glass of wine while I had coffee, because I was driving.

I will probably do a post specifically on Symeon’s soon, because, yum. And I’ll talk some more about the stuff we bought for the play, especially as some of it will form part of a couple of projects I plan to undertake. For right now, though, I just want to say, I had a swell time with my friend. Thanks, Phyllis!

Bargain from the Basement

I believe I mentioned going shopping with my sister last Saturday in hopes of finding a fabulous outfit for this Saturday’s projected wine tasting tour. One of the best stops was at The Village Basement Consignment Shoppe in New Hartford, NY.

The Shoppe is located in the basement under Joette’s. It’s one of those buildings built into a hill. The entrance is in the back of the building, where the parking lot is. We could already see some cute clothes through the window.

I love consignment shops, because you never know what you might find. They are a little problematic, though, because you might not find it in your size. Then again, I tend to shop the clearance racks, where there is no guarantee your size will be left.

What I found Saturday fit me perfectly: a silk-looking shirt in royal blue and white. And it was only four dollars! What a bargain!

Earlier that day I had found on a clearance rack (of course) at Burlington Coat Factory a pair of black pants. I have not tried on the two pieces together yet, but I’ve kind of got my hopes up.

The Village Basement also has furniture, books and all kinds of stuff. I only checked out clothes on Saturday, so I must make a return trip soon to look at other things. When I do, I will probably venture upstairs to Joette’s, which has all kinds of wonderful jewelry and accessories.

Full disclosure: I am writing this post on Monday. I am trying to lessen my stress from having so much to do as the week wears on. I thought at least I can get ahead on my blog posts. Now if I could also work on laundry during my breaks at work, I would be all set.

And having typed this post in on Tuesday, I will disclose: still stressed. Also, I tried on the pants and shirt together: don’t like them. I still like each piece separately, so that’s good, but I am still without a fabulous wine tasting outfit. Stay tuned for further developments.

The Village Basement is located at 70 Genesee St., New Hartford, NY 13413. Phone number 733-4794. They are open Wed. to Fri from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Sat. 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Running Around Commentary

I thought of that title yesterday, when I was not sure if I would go running today (Saturday), but intended to drive to New Hartford for seasonal purposes.

As I contemplated actually writing this post, however, I ran into a slight problem. I obviously can’t write about what I bought, because some of my giftees occasionally read my blog. I knew that going in. But then, being kind of a paranoid person, I started to think that if I wrote about where I went certain people might figure out what I bought. Some people are clever you know, and I am not that unpredictable.

One of my stops in particular would be an obvious giveaway. Naturally, that is the most fun place. An adventure getting there, an authentic Mohawk Valley cool place to go, AND I told the ladies working there that I was totally going to do a blog post about them! Well, it will have to wait till after the holiday. Or until I can’t resist giving … the … early (in fact, I may have said too much already).

Where was I? Ah yes, headed to New Hartford, getting an early start to beat some of the crowds. Long time readers may remember that I used to work in New Hartford. I will never get over being happy about my WAY shorter commute to Ilion. Every time I drive to New Hartford I feel happy all over again. In fact, yesterday when I was telling a friend at work I intended to drive into New Hartford, I felt happy about it.

Really, it’s not a bad drive for a Saturday adventure. I went by Route 5S, which has some lovely views (although I kept my eyes on the road enough to avoid an accident). It was a gloomy, rainy day, but I still enjoyed it.

Going through Utica is fun, too. I love Utica. The architecture of some of the older buildings is beautiful. I also have a kind of a fascination with the old, decrepit-looking factories. The grey gloomy day enhanced this.

I noted a mere two hundred seventy something days till the Boilermaker as I passed the Runner’s Hall of Fame. I do not intend to run in 2013, but I may find occasion to write about it again.

On into Yorkville, I think. Utica has a bunch of little towns around it: Yorkville, Washington Mills, Whitesboro, New York Mills, New Hartford. Some astute reader may call me out on this and tell me a couple of those are really nowhere near Utica, but I’m sure I saw them on green signs somewhere.

I passed a consignment shop with the tag line “For Attic Addicts,” whose name completely escapes me. How embarrassing. Holland Farms put wreaths on the cows on their sign out front. Mmmmm, half-moon cookies. Perhaps I would stop on the way back. Voss, closed for the season. No hot dogs today! Harbor Freight Tools, one of my Dad’s favorite places to shop. Symeon’s Greek Restaurant. Mmmm, if I was still around at lunch time…

And, of course, a bunch more businesses I haven’t mentioned. Plus the places I stopped at, which I will give a shout out to AFTER Christmas. If the people I bought for like the presents I got for them there. No reason to think they won’t.

Peppermint Oil and More

One of my stops while shopping Saturday was a place I had never been before but had always meant to visit, Peter’s Cornucopia in the New Hartford Shopping Center.

I had most recently heard about Peter’s during the last play I was in. One cast member gave another peppermint oil to help clear sinuses suffering from a bad cold. She said she had purchased it at Peter’s Cornucopia and that it was good for many things.

While I was getting my pedicure on Saturday the topics of peppermint oil and Peter’s Cornucopia came up (I forget which was mentioned first). Clair, who was working on my feet, said that somebody had given her peppermint oil to help an upset, nervous stomach.

Therefore, when my friend Phyllis mentioned stopping at Peter’s, I was delighted.

Phyllis enjoys Peter’s for their wide selection of gluten free products. I spent a good deal of time browsing the herbal and homeopathic remedies before finding the peppermint oil (I suppose I could have asked somebody, but it was more fun to look).

I did not see all Peter’s has to offer, but I did notice free-range organic turkeys, Three Village Cheese and some very fancy chocolates which I virtuously resisted. I said I must bring Steven next time.

“Does he like organic stuff?”

“He just likes unusual stores like this.”

According to their business card, Peter’s Cornucopia offers natural and gourmet foods, a juice/coffee bar and cafe, fruit and nut trays, vitamins and herbal supplements, and gourmet gift baskets. Steven will definitely like to check out the cafe, and I will take a closer look at the gourmet foods.

Peter’s is located at 38 New Hartford Shopping Center, New Hartford, NY 13413, telephone 315-724-4998, fax 315-724-1975. Hours are Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., Saturday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., Sunday 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.