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John Quinones, Can You Help Me Now?

OK, I just searched my Media Library twice, thinking I had a logo from 20/20 on OWN, the show which is currently distracting me from my blogging activities for the evening. And by “blogging activities,” I mean typing words into the computer.  I don’t have the oomph to actually do any activities that are worth blogging about (or blog-worthy activities, as I sometimes refer to them as).  I did find a picture of John Quinones (I think that “n” should have a tilda over it but don’t know how to find one on my keyboard).

I do enjoy the hosts of my true crime shows.

Tomorrow I have some blog-worthy stuff planned. Steven and I are meeting our friends Phyllis and Jim at Jamo’s in Herkimer for dinner.  Then we are going to see The Trip to Bountiful  at Ilion Little Theatre.  I must find an elegant outfit to wear.  I do like to dress up for the theatre (sometimes I pronounce it “thee-ah-tah” just to be extra hoity toity).  The only problem will be I may not have time for my post before the evening and at the end of the evening I may be too tired (do you suppose I should have put some commas in that sentence?  I am usually so good at punctuation).  I seem to recall having just such a problem last Friday.

So I guess this is my Non-Sequitur Thursday post.  For one reason, I have to finish it soon, because dinner is almost ready.  Steven is cooking chicken and potatoes.  He really is a very nice husband.  And on that note, I hit Publish.  Happy Thursday, folks!



Not Wuss-out, Shout-out!

So after work today I put in laundry, folded laundry, went running, took a shower, put on a cute outfit, and waited for Steven to get home. When he did, I suggested we go out for dinner.  I suppose it was irresponsible of me, because we are supposed to be watching our pennies, but, well, sometimes you just gotta. We ended up in Jamo’s in Herkimer.

We sat at the bar, which we like to do.  A musician was in the dining room, playing piano and guitar (not both at once) and singing.  He was covering some great mellow ’70’s music by John Denver, Dan Fogelberg and others.  We sang a couple of the songs to each other.  Luckily for our fellow diners, we were not within earshot of anybody.

I ordered a salad called Artichoke Panzanella while Steven got the B. L.T.  His sandwich came with fries, which he graciously shared with me. Yum!  We had an excellent Pinot Grigio with our dinner.

After settling our bill, I wanted to put a tip in the musician’s tip jar. I had to wait till he was in between songs, because there was not one right out, clearly labelled.  That was OK, because I got to chat with him a little.  His name was Lauren Quail, and he is from Frankfort.  He said he was a Valley boy, so I told him I was Mohawk Valley Girl, although I was transplanted here.  We talked about how much we love the area.  He plays at Jamo’s every Wednesday, so that is something for me to remember when I feel like a mid-week night out.

So, you see, instead of Wuss-put Wednesday, I give a shout-out to a local business.  Jamo’s is located at 123 Mohawk St., Herkimer, NY, phone number 315-866-1746.


W(h)ine on Wuss-out Wednesday

I thought an iced coffee would help, I really did. Sometimes eating ice cream helps.  Sometimes eating dinner helps.  Sometimes nothing will help but yet I must just sit down and make my goddam blog post.

Welcome to Wuss-out Wednesday.

Sorry, folks, but the bad posts continue.  I typed the above before I had to go pick up Steven at work.  Actually, I still had to shower and get dressed.  It took me a LONG time to get dressed (that is, almost ten minutes, I think), because I have a lousy wardrobe.  I have a lot of clothes but most of them don’t fit, don’t go together or are unwearable at the moment for all sorts of stupid reasons.  I put together a not unreasonable outfit and thought that would make a good blog post.  Unfortunately, I had not time.

And isn’t that ironic?  I did something I thought I could write a blog post about, but because I did it, I did not have time to make the blog post.  Am I the only one who finds that striking?  Perhaps I am.

So why am I not writing that blog post now?  Did I not mention this is Wuss-out Wednesday?  In fact, when I picked up Steven, I pointed out my fun little outfit and said if he wanted to go get something to eat, we could.  I fully expected him to say he just wanted to go home and relax, but dinner sounded good to him.  We ended up at Jamo’s, where they had a Date Night special going on which included a carafe of wine.

Yes, I have sipped and typed before (a carafe is only two glasses apiece; I did not tie one one, so stop making that unbearably superior smirk at me) (you know who you are).  Today I am tired.  That is three days in a row of being tired!  I think I need a different approach.  I’ll work on it tomorrow, on Non-Sequitur Thursday, when I will try not to wine so much.



Sitting on the Deck Seeing Bats

I am sitting on my deck, waiting for the thunderstorm we have been promised ALL WEEK  by those lying sacks that predict the weather (sorry, Bill Kardas).  Of course I am hoping it does not come right now that I’m sitting out here.  On the other hand, that was one selling point FOR sitting out here: I thought it might cause it to rain.

That almost obligates me to sidetrack into a memory.  Many years ago,  I made the observation that when I wore my raincoat, it never rained.  However, if I left my raincoat home, it rained.  I daresay others have observed this phenomenon.  A friend would say, “What an ego.  She thinks she controls the weather.”  For heavens’ sake, I didn’t say, “I don’t want it to rain, therefore I will wear my raincoat.”  Dammit, I loved my raincoat! I WANTED to wear it in the rain!

Well, all that is neither here nor there, but that is quite appropriate for Non-Sequitur Thursday.

We have just returned from a delicious dinner at Jamo’s in Herkimer, NY.  It is a fairly new restaurant, and this was our second visit. I attempted to write a blog post about it after our first visit but bogged down on my endeavors to describe the decor.  This time I tried to pay more attention but am not sure how successful I was.

It is open, it is airy.  The walls are blue and the ceilings are high.  We sat at the lovely black marble bar on chairs that are spindly but comfortable.  There are pictures of the City on the wall.  The word I want to use to describe the whole is “urban.”  Steven thinks that is accurate.

All that said, I do not feel particularly inclined to finish my post about Jamo’s today. I want to relax on my deck and enjoy what is left of the evening (must get to bed to be ready for work tomorrow).  Once again, for Non-Sequitur Thursday, I think that is not bad.

Hope to see you all on Lame Post Friday.