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  1. I like Keith Morrison, too.
    I miss Walter Cronkite and David Brinkley.
    I have just binged on “Killing Eve,” on BBCA. I have been so lucky that the cable company lowered my bill and added “On Demand.” I love BBCA! Yay!
    Now, I also want to see the new, “Howard’s End” quartet of shows. It may cost me to add the channel, tho.
    Hope you will understand my schedule has changed into a difficult one: four ten hour days (was given Sun thru Wed shift) and then, two weeks in, while people quit and dropped like flies, they made it into 5 ten hour days. Yikes! I’m 62 and just ready for my nap after 8 hour shifts. xo 💐

    • What a crazy schedule! I have a hard time doing even eight-hour days these days, but of course I grab the overtime when I can. I’ll have to see if I can get BBCA.

      • I am fraying around the edges, dear. Believe me!
        I’m not sure everyone has the same tastes as I do. . . Just was mentioning the series since I tend to go in binges. . .
        Although a little racy at times I was fascinated by a movie called “Professor Marsden and the Wonder Women.” It is based on a true story of a Harvard professor, his wife and a student. He invents, they have romance, and they live complicated lives. One lives long, into her 90’s. The local library had to borrow it from Youngstown. Take care! 💐

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