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Rehearsal at the Elks for the Grange

I just returned from a rehearsal for Shooting at the Grange, the murder mystery we are putting on to benefit Salisbury Grange on April 29.  We rehearsed at Herkimer Elks Lodge,  which was gracious enough to accommodate us.  Now I am hoping to make my blog post before going to bed. Full disclosure:  I had a couple of glasses of wine at the Elks.  I was not driving,  I add for those who might be concerned.

Making this a Way-Back Wednesday.

This is the room at the Elks Lodge we were in, although it is a shot from September 2018, when we did Donate to Murder for the Elks.

Earlier today, after I learned that two actors could not make today’s rehearsal due to illness, I vowed this would be my last murder mystery.  It is too difficult,  I said, to find actors, to schedule rehearsals, etc. etc…

Well tonight I heard myself talking to the head Elk (the Grand something or other, how embarrassing that I don’t remember) about doing a murder mystery for the Elks this fall.  My feeling is,they are being so nice about letting us rehearse there.  Additionally , I have been having such a nice time sitting st the bar, arranging for rehearsals then before and after rehearsal,  Why would I not want to do something for these people?

Oh, OK, one more time.

I throw in the information about Shooting at the Grange, just for good measure.



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