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Filling Our Bellies

Last Sunday, when Steven and I decided to have breakfast out before tackling our other chores (which included painting the stage floor for Leading Ladies; you didn’t think I wasn’t going to mention the play, did you?), I suggested Belly Busters in Herkimer.  I had purchased donuts there on Saturday (the traditional bribe for people working on your set on a Saturday morning) and wanted to check out the rest of the menu.

It’s a bright, airy place with lots of room.  The big windows let in plenty of sunshine, so things were very cheerful on Sunday, which was, local readers may recall, a beautiful day (or they may not recall; I realize it was six days ago) (I’ve been busy with a play, you may have heard).

I was happy to order my favorite, a breakfast sandwich (or “sammich,” as I like to say) on a hard roll with bacon, egg and cheese.  Steven decided to try the breakfast pizza with sausage, pepper, egg and cheese.  Both were delicious.

As we were waiting for our food, I said I was happy to find this place, because of how much I miss Chet’s Diner.  A fellow at another table told us the chef at Belly Busters used to cook for Chet’s.

“For a while he was at Donna’s Diner, now he’s here.”

That led to a discussion about how Donna’s Diner is now Mandy’s and the Family Funhouse in Mohawk now houses Mona’s.  So that makes two other places I’d like to write about.  Goody!  More breakfasts out!

Belly Busters is located at 225 West State St., Herkimer, NY, phone number 866-6700.  You can also Like their Facebook page.



Wine-ding Down on Saturday

I thought of this title as we were driving away from the liquor store.  And you see it has multiple levels of meaning because I am often kind of a dingbat.

I have had a busy Saturday.  I left the house shortly after eight this morning and stopped by a new place called Belly Busters to purchase a dozen donuts.  I’ll write a whole blog post about them later.  It is, of course, a good idea for the director to bring donuts to the theatre on a Saturday morning when people are helping with the set.  I arrived before anyone else and ate a donut.

Then I fixed a costume that needed a stitch or two and carried a bunch of costumes we decided not to use back up to costume storage.  Upstairs I looked for one more piece an actor had requested and wondered if there wasn’t more good stuff I hadn’t seen yet.  Friday I had found a hitherto unopened (by me) box labeled “specialty stuff” or something like that.  It had two felt hats such as I had been going to attempt to make.  Yes!  Score!

When people showed up, we went to Ilion TruValue Hardware to purchase more paint, put another coat of paint on the walls, polished all the wood on the furniture, went to a certain big box store for necessary fabric for set and costumes, and, yes, visited and talked about all kinds of fun stuff.  The only real reason to be involved in anything is to hang out with the other people involved (oh, I may get arguments about that; when will I learn not to make such global statements).  The extremely talented young man who is painting the garden mural which is, unfortunately, only vaguely seen by the audience, showed up and worked some more on that.  It looks awesome!  Before I left another nice man had shown up to hang the black fabric from the ceiling to the top of the walls which makes the set look so much more finished.

Really, I have gotten so much help on my show.  I am quite grateful to all involved. I must try to find some way of showing my appreciation besides mentioning them in a blog which I am afraid only a few of them read.

Back home, I did what I have not had a chance to do in recent weekends and took a nap.  You see, after yesterday’s bad headache I was afraid of getting another one so took some of the migraine medication the doctor prescribed.  It makes one a little dopey (even more so than usual) (so you don’t need to make unkind and rather obvious jokes about it) (you know who you are).

When Steven got home I was having coffee.  Ahhh.  We went out to Sorrento’s in Ilion, NY for a late lunch/early dinner, enjoying a glass of Pinot Grigio with the food.  On the way home we went by Valley Wine and Liquor, where they were tasting some Italian wines (so that’s two more places that deserve a full blog post).  We got a couple of bottles, including some champagne so we can mimose tomorrow, if we are so inclined.

So this is my Scattered Saturday post.  Steven is having a little doze on the love seat, but I will wake him up so I can read him this before I post it, then I think we will watch one of the VCR tapes I purchased at a rummage sale recently (perhaps you read my blog post on it).  Happy Saturday, everybody!