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I’m Hot for Snapped

I myself have not snapped. Yet.

Our part of Herkimer County is under a heat advisory:  oppressive humidity with heat index into triple digits. Yes, yes, I know: folks in southern states experience worse and more often.  Hey, I lived in Georgia for a while; I’ve experienced these things.  I could still be a heat injury in New York State.

I knew we would spend most of the afternoon lounged near fans, watching television.  I did manage a nice, long run this morning.  I got out there right around sunrise, and it was 79 degrees already.  Or was it 69?  I did note down the number at the time.

Mostly we have been watching Snapped.  According to Oxygen, Sundays were made for SnappedSnapped and a glass of wine, says one meme I saw.  Full disclosure: I am forgoing the wine today, in pursuit of my weight loss goals.  I enjoy Snapped just as much without it.

It is a Scorned Lovers Marathon.  This is what I like:  a nice, personal murder for a good reason, like jealousy or greed.  Sometimes both motives are at play.  Good times.  Yes, my tastes are macabre.  Is that a problem?

So this is my Wrist to Forehead Sunday Post,  just a little rattling on about some True Crime television during a heat wave.  At least I am over 200 words.  Happy Sunday, and keep cool!



Waiting for the Chocolate Shake

One should have made one’s blog post earlier (one being me).

I am sitting with a paused movie in my DVD player while my husband, Steven, runs to Stewart’s to get us a couple of chocolate shakes.  If there was an ice cream place on our side of State Street (which is Route 5), we could have walked for our treat, but then I would not be typing in my post, so I guess everything has its advantages (I don’t think that is a run-on sentence).

My first intention was to do a Running Commentary post this morning.  I fell off the running wagon in a big way this week.  You see, I had an awesome long run last Saturday and was all set to register for the Falling Leaves 14K in Utica, NY, on Sept. 23.  Luckily I talked to my mother first and found out a big family thing had just been scheduled for that day.  Family first!  I had not been running since.  In my defense, that was not the only reason. I had a bear of a busy week (didn’t even get all my stuff done), and the weather was SO humid.  As regular readers know, I am prone to heat injuries (which really are a thing, so quit shaking your head) (you know who you are).

Where was I?  Ah yes, nowhere but still trying to make a blog post.  I went for a short(ish) run this morning.  Steven and I went to a couple of places in Little Falls: The Old Barn Marketplace and Ruggiero’s Trattoria.  We came home, and I took a nap.  Sorry for even more whining (then again, I do always say go with your strengths), but I had a terrible headache.  It is finally easing off, so Phew!

Here are the shakes!  While I might not be any great shakes at blogging (see what I did there?), I will enjoy this!  Steven is re-starting the movie (Double Indemnity, one of my favorites!), so I am going to call this a Scattered Saturday, hit Publish and drive on.

I just happened to have an illustration in my Media Library.

Hot Under the Collar

So yesterday, while I was typing in my Monday whatever-it-was (Middle-aged Musings or Mental Meanderings), I remembered Bad Attituesday.  Just in time, because that is what I am having right now.

It really was not a bad day at work.  Things got awfully warm, and I am almost always something of a heat injury (that’s a real thing, you know;  even the army didn’t think I was being a big fat baby) (well, not about that, anyways, but we’re not talking about the army).

Where was I?  Ah yes, not a bad day at work.  I even started to write some stupid thing that may have made a decent blog post, before the heat injury portion of the day.  Now I’m home and the Bad Attitude portion of the day has hit me in full force.

What, I must ask, the hell is wrong with me?  I got home, took a refreshing cool shower, drank some iced coffee… these are things that ought to improve one’s mood.  Could it be anxiety over tonight’s rehearsal for Roxy (you know, that play I’m in at Ilion Little Theatre)?  One reason for tension is that I have nothing decent to wear.  You see, I want to wear skirts to rehearse in, because I will be wearing a skirt for performances.  It will help inform my character.

I have many skirts, some of which even still fit (I have been gaining and losing weight since the ’80s).  I found a wraparound India skirt I purchased in, I believe 1983.  As everyone knows, a wraparound skirt will almost always fit.  I found a t-shirt in a compatible color.

Therein lies my problem.  All my t-shirts lately have been binding on my neck.  Am I getting a fat neck in my old age?  Oh for heavens’ sake!  I can live with the arthritis, hot flashes, presbyopia and general breaking down of my body.  I can even accept the fact that it is much harder to lose weight.  But a fat neck?  What’s that all about?

Then again, the character I play in Roxy is the first and last woman hanged in Herkimer County.  Perhaps a shirt that is a little tight around the neck can inform my character.  A good actor utilizes all possible resources.  I bet even my bad attitude will come in handy.  Hope to see you all on Wednesday.