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Memories of Walks Past

It seems silly to have a Tired Tuesday post when I haven’t been to work or been doing a whole lot around the house either.  Yet, here I am.  For me it is the last day of March, although my WordPress timestamp says it is April 1.  Well, I can’t spend a whole blog post whining (yes, I know I have done it before, and how unhandsome of you to remind me) (you know who you are). Quick, throw in a picture to pep things up.

One of my favorite neighborhood trees.

I went back to March 2019 looking for pictures of Herkimer, NY (where I live).  I did not take my Tablet with me on my last couple of walks.  Today’s walk was the highlight of my day.  It was a relaxed, meditative sort of walk.  I felt sad but knew I had good reason to. Walking made me feel a little better.

A more recent picture:  Herkimer County Courthouse, a local landmark.

I often find myself walking by Herkimer Historic Four Corners.

Do you suppose the park is haunted?

I almost always walk through Myers Park on my daily trek to the post office (full disclosure: I missed Sunday).  When I notice that it was a burying ground, I flash on the scene in Poltergeist:  “You son of a bitch!  You DIDN’T MOVE THE BODIES!!!”

I did not write this note, but I could have.

To end on a lighter note, here is a note I found on the sidewalk one morning when taking my cool down walk after a run.  I brought it home,  because naturally I thought it was meant for my husband Steven.

I will probably go for a walk and/or run tomorrow.  I may blog about it, or another topic may magically appear.  Any suggestions?  If so, please comment below (hey, that rhymed!).


Show Us How You Feel, Tabby

The Mohawk Valley adventure I had planned for last night got rained out. I didn’t care, because the rain cooled things off, as it had been predicted to do. I would have liked to go running after work and offered a Running Commentary. However, I had something sad I had to attend to. When I finally got home, I thought I would take my dog Tabby for a walk and attempt a Pedestrian Post.

I thought the cooler temperature would be nice to walk in, and I felt I owed Tabby one after I had arrived home only to leave again earlier. She started jumping and barking excitedly as soon as I started putting on my sneakers. I have to hide when I am putting on sneakers and do not intend to take her for a walk.

I was glad I had remembered my crazy old lady hat, because the sun was bright. We started down Bellinger, enjoying the breeze, then turned onto Church. We soon heard some determined barking. I could tell it was from inside a house, so I wasn’t too concerned. Then I saw this big dog poking his head up underneath the shade on a window. I had to laugh. Tabby reacted with dignity, offering nary a bark in return but squatting to poo on the dog’s lawn. I laughed even more but made sure I picked it up.

We walked by Tabby’s beloved Historic Four Corners and turned down Main Street. I providentially found a trash can to dispose of her poo. I had a spare bag, in case of the rare two-poop walk. Tabby stopped to sniff some bushes in front of a bank. I looked around, but nobody had carelessly dropped any money. Hey, it could happen.

Tabby got some more good sniffs in near Basloe Library, but we did not walk though the little park there as we often do. Instead we walked down to Park Avenue and went by the post office on our way to Meyers Park. Something was going on in the park, so we walked around.

The breeze had died down somewhat and the sun was quite warm. We found a good amount of shade to walk through. Tabby set a brisk pace towards home, going almost a whole two blocks without stopping to sniff. Other than the dog moving the shade to bark at us and Tabby pooping on his lawn, the walk was quite uneventful. However, we enjoyed it.

Full disclosure: I am feeling a bit depressed today and not up to my usual silliness. My sad task was to go to a friend’s calling hours and I have another calling hours to attend tomorrow. It seemed disrespectful to write about my tribulations of looking for my black dress and deciding which earrings to wear. Oh well, all I can do is carry on. Perhaps I could think of a good Non-Sequitur Thursday type headline at least. Hmmm… nothing’s coming.

Walking into the Weekend

After two days of 80+ degree weather, things cooled off here in the Mohawk Valley. Therefore, after supper, I suggested Steven, Tabby and I take a walk, so I could write my blog post about that, rather than my usual Lame Post Friday schtick.

Full disclosure: Earlier in the day, I had told myself that if it did not rain, I would go running and write my post about that. Imagine my chagrin when, on leaving work, I discovered that it was NOT raining. In my defense, I had spent a good portion of the day with a rather debilitating headache, such as I am unfortunately subject to. I try not to complain about my headaches overly much, but I do just mention them, especially when they prevent me from doing something I intended to do.

This being Lame Post Friday, I could now go into some half-baked philosophy about how what to me is “merely mentioning” is to somebody else “pissing, moaning and whining like a baby.” Somebody unpleasant, no doubt. Never mind, I’m writing about our walk.

Steven and I put on sweatshirts over our t-shirts. Tabby, of course, had her natural fur coat. Steven and I felt a little chilly right off the bat, especially when the wind blew. Tabby seemed fine. Then again, Tabby ran up and down the backyard barking excitedly while Steven smoked a cigarette. I’ll have to try that sometime. Maybe not the barking. We’ll see.

We decided to walk the Tabby way. She pulled us down Bellinger Street toward Myers Park. We like to go through the park. I admired some flowers still blooming on a neighbor’s porch. We discussed garden plans for next year, and Steven shared some gardening memories from his childhood.

It felt very good to walk, and I enjoyed the fall-like temperature. Our walk lasted about a half hour. It was not very eventful, but we enjoyed it. Now we will continue to enjoy our Friday night and the rest of the weekend. I’m hoping more blogworthy adventures will ensue.