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Produce-tive Sunday

I have been wanting to up my salad intake to help meet my weight loss goals.  Naturally I wanted to boost a local business as well.  With that in mind, I headed to Jiuliano Farms on Rt. 5 in Schuyler, NY.

I wasn’t sure this would be a good picture, but I guess it turned out OK.

I got some peppers, blueberries, grape tomatoes, milk and cheese.

Loves me some blueberries.

They have tables to sit down at, to enjoy some coffee and a danish.  Yes, I got a couple of turnovers for good measure.


I also left my Tablet and notebook at the cash register and had to hurry back in to get it.  They had nicely set it aside for me.  I am such a ninny!

A few more goodies I had to pick from.

I also drove to Little Falls to AW Greenhouse Garden.  I purchased some Johnny Jump-ups from them earlier in the year.  Now they are selling produce, along with the cheeses, sauces and dips they also offer.


I did not need onions, but those were some nice looking red ones!

I got some Roma tomatoes, banana peppers, and pickling cucumbers.  Full disclosure:  I plan to eat the cucumbers un-pickled.

I was also tempted by the great big tomatoes.

At the last minute I grabbed some cheese curds, of which I ate a few on my way home.  I am really looking forward to the salads I plan to make!

Juliano Farms is located at  2357 State Rte. 5 in Schuyler, NY.   AW Greenhouse Garden is at 463 W. Main St. in Little Falls.  You can Like them both on Facebook.



Farmers in Little Falls

Last Saturday I took a drive into Little Falls to check out the Winter Farmers Market on its first weekend for the season.  I checked the Facebook page and noted that it was at 20 Albany St.  Now, regular reader may recall that I am not especially adept at getting around in Little Falls.  Local readers will understand why.  It is a hilly place with lots of one-way streets, some of which do not come out where I expect them to.  However, after a little driving back and forth, I saw the sign for the market in the parking lot of the Travellodge Inn and Suites.

Unfortunately, I did not get a picture of that sign, which might have been nice right there.  In my defense, I had not yet written that paragraph when I was there taking pictures.  Instead, I offer a picture of the Bull Moose Produce sign.


The Bull Moose people were at the only outside table.  We’ve been having a pretty comfortable week, but Saturday was COLD (yes, it rates capital letters when you take into account that we are not all acclimated yet).

“We’re taking one for the team to let people know we’re here,” the man at the table told me.  I had to appreciate the dedication.  I was delighted to purchase some sweet peppers, their last of the season.

I went inside to find one other vendor, MAWS Farm of Newport.  I did not get a picture of their sign (my bad), but I took two photos of their table:


I got some enormous onions, one of which I used in a yummy dish I cooked the next day.

The Little Falls Winter Farmers Market runs on the second and fourth Saturday of the month.  I intend to go back next Saturday when I hope there will be more vendors.  In the meantime, here is a brief shout-out with pictures.  For more information, you can visit their Facebook page.


Garlic for the Blog

Steven and I did a very little running around on Sunday, and already I was tired of it. I did NOT want to also stop at the grocery store. What did we REALLY REALLY need? Milk. Oh, they must have that at the drug store.

As we pulled into Rite Aid in Herkimer, NY, I noticed T & J Fruits and Vegetables next door. Of course I know T & J’s is right there. Last year I got some lovely purple flowers for my container garden, the one color I sorely lacked at the time (please don’t ask about my container garden this year) (I SAID DON’T ASK!).

“If we stop over there first,” I said. “I could write a blog post about it. Look, they have those hangy-uppy garlic things.” I meant the braids of garlic.

I usually buy supermarket garlic. At the Little Falls Garlic Festival last year an area grower expressed horror at the thought.

“It’s made in China!” he said. “Just buy what you need for the whole year right now.”

I did not. For one thing, the garlic braid I did buy didn’t stay good till I had used it all. I suppose I was supposed to dry it or freeze it or something. In any case, there is a sign right next to the Hannaford garlic that says, “Product of USA.” Perhaps not as local as it could be, but I make do. However, I was certain what they had at T & J’s would be more local.

T & J’s looks really cool on the inside, like one of those old grocery stores run by a little old Italian guy (there used to be at least a couple of those in Rome, NY). They have a great selection of produce. I almost got some tomatoes on the vine that looked divine, but since I had no plan for their immediate use, I refrained.

I asked if they had any shorter garlic braids than what I saw. They did not. I went out front and grabbed a long one. I will just have to use lots of garlic in the coming weeks. Shouldn’t be too difficult for me. Regular readers may recall I went right home and used some, for Wrist to Forehead Cooking (Sunday’s post).

T & J’s Fruits and Vegetables is located at 221 S. Caroline St., Herkimer, NY 13350. Phone number is 315-866-7272.