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A Little Murder to Finish my Weekend

Ah, Wrist to Forehead Sunday, a day when I get even more lame than Lame Post Friday and wuss out even more than Wuss-out Wednesday.  All I want to do today is sit on my couch, crochet, and watch television.  That is pretty much what I have been doing in, with small breaks to wash dishes, make popcorn, fix dinner, and do a couple more marginally useful things.  I can never get anything done on a Sunday.

When Steven got home from work, I informed him that I did not want to take down Halloween decorations, as he had suggested we do.  I said we should leave them up for one more day and watch Halloween movies.  Steven is the nice sort of husband who agrees to such things.  We watched The Old Dark House, which I had DVR’d from TCM.

I mostly remember Tom Poston from “Newhart.”

We also have the original Old Dark House with Boris Karloff on the DVR.  Still, I thought a William Castle-Hammer production was worth a watch.  But what to watch next is the question?  I’ve seen two Hammer Dracula movies starring Christopher Lee this weekend. I have one more yet on my DVR.

Gotta love that Christopher Lee.

While I think about it, I am looking at my usual Sunday entertainment, Snapped on Oxygen.  It’s so relaxing.  I put it on while I made the popcorn, “For background music.”

I have not reached my breaking point.

I do love a true crime show.  Maybe I should look for a Dateline or 20/20.  Something cheerful to round out my weekend.  Happy Sunday, everyone.



Writing About Not Writing About Boston Legal

I’m really wishing I had saved Nosferatu and the Flowers for today, because it would have made such a nice Non-Sequitur Thursday post.  Now here I am with nothing.  Additionally, Boston Legal is on the television.  I haven’t seen that show in years and I love it!  I don’t have one of those streaming services where I can just binge watch shows t my leisure.  I have to depend on finding re-runs on cable.  Anybody opening their mouth to snort, “First world problems” can just shut up.  I am not complaining; I am delighted to have found this show.  I was merely explaining my situation.

I wrote that first paragraph during a commercial break.  Another good thing about cable television: long commercial breaks.  Some people do not see this as an advantage, but sometimes it can be quite handy.  One can take a bathroom break or go get a snack.  Some commercial breaks are long enough to do both.  Score!  I know, if you are watching a DVD for example, you can hit pause, but then you have to find a good leaving off place and sometimes I am just not that decisive.  In your more advanced cable services, you can pause live television and doesn’t that make you feel like you’ve gone back to the future! (Michael J. Fox is guesting on Boston Legal, by the way).

The other thing I am wishing is that I was writing about this in the TV Journal.  I have made only sporadic entries in our TV Journal lately.  I mean to get better about that.  I mean to get better about writing in general.  You may have noticed, I’m having the damnedest time with it lately.  I started earlier to write about that, because after all, writing about not writing is still writing, but quite frankly, I am tired about writing about not writing.  I want to get back to just writing.

Probably a good start for that would be to turn off the television.  Well, maybe I could just watch the rest of this episode of Boston Legal first…


No Wine, No Words

Oh, could I use a couple of pictures today!  Because the words that are currently swirling around in my head are just not  coalescing into a blog post.  And I must make a post soon, because the read-through for Steel Magnolias (you know, the play I’m in a Ilion Little Theatre) is tonight.  Yes, we are heading into another few months of hurried posts before I hurry off to rehearsal or performance.  Yes!  I AM a drama queen!

I am not, unfortunately, a blogger queen.  I typed in the first paragraph and have been sitting here staring at the computer since.

Then I paused to eat supper, bacon and scrambled eggs, made by my husband, Steve.  Yum!  And I keep getting distracted by the Reba re-run on the TV.  That is a largely ignored but very fun little show.  I love Reba McEntire.  I like the rest of the cast as well.  Phew, it’s over now.  Now it’s a show I don’t like.  Watch me get interested in it in spite of myself.  I do that sometimes.  Steven just changed the channel to 20/20 on OWN.  I love true crime shows.

So I guess this is truly a Non-Sequitur Thursday post.  All I have to do now is think of a catchy headline that may or may not have anything to do with this nonsense.

Baby Fat

Oh dear, I just sat here looking at the blank computer screen and watching the end of an episode of Reba.  It is a silly show but not without charm.  Uh, I mean, I never watch television.  I don’t have time to watch television, let alone a foolish half-hour sit com.

We all know that’s not true, at least anybody who has read many of my blog posts.  Hell, just yesterday I was talking about Galavant, and that’s one of the classier shows I watch.  How many times have I hurried through my post so I could get back to watching World’s Dumbest, a show which is sadly missing from the schedule many days lately (I’m not ending this with a question mark, because it was rhetorical).

OK, I’m just rambling.  The reason I’m rambling is that I do NOT want to take another Blogger’s Sick Day.  And yet, here I sit. My throat is sore, my head aches, and I have that all-around crappy feeling.  I believe it is nothing worse than a common or garden cold this time, but you know what a big fat baby I am about these things.

I believe there is a theory that I could strive to be less of a big fat baby.  As a matter of fact, I have already taken steps in that direction.  Today was my first day back on the South Beach Diet.  I don’t really expect to be less of a big baby, but I hope that soon I will be less fat.


Wrist to Chores to Walk to Galavant

I have been so not into making a blog post today.  Then I thought, “Oh, what the hell, it’s Wrist to Forehead Sunday, just type something in and hit publish.

I dithered through most of the day first, enjoying intermittent bursts of relative ambition.  I intend to start the South Beach diet tomorrow (not for the first time), so I went to the grocery store to buy some stuff.  As the young man was checking me out — uh, I mean cashing me out (I was old enough to be his mother), I said, “I’m buying all this healthy stuff, because I’m going on the South Beach Diet tomorrow.”

“I was wondering what that was all about,” he responded with the utmost gravity.  That is the kind of cashier I enjoy.

At home again I made a tossed salad, did a load of laundry and a couple of other useful things.  Then I took a nap till my husband got home (did I mention I’m still suffering from a cold?).  We went for a nice walk.  I thought briefly of doing my blog post about the walk, but it was strictly non-memorable (but fun).

Then I said, “Let’s watch Galavant!”

Galavant is this awesome series on ABC.  It’s Monty Python and Mel Brooks meet Glee.  That is, a musical set in the middle ages with plenty of contemporary references. The lyrics are clever, the characters are compelling, the plot MAKES YOU KEEP WATCHING.  I am in love with it.  We DVR it to watch at our leisure, because of my abnormally early bedtime.

Now we are looking at one of our favorite movies, Being Julia, starring Annette Bening, for  whom I would change my religion (oh, well, perhaps I would not go that far, but I adore her), Jeremy Irons and Michael Gambon.  It is based on Theatre by Somerset Maugham, one of my favorite books. It is a marvelous adaptation. I highly recommend it.

So this is my Wrist to Forehead Sunday.  A few chores, a nice walk, and now I’m watching television.  I must get back to it, because I just started a baby afghan for a co-worker.  I think he will be surprised.

Happy Sunday, everyone.


Whiny Babies Need Love, Too

I never feel quite right having a Lame Post Friday when I have to work on Saturday.  As a co-worker sensibly pointed out to me, it is still Friday; they can’t take that away from us.  But I think most Monday through Friday workers can understand how I feel.  People with different schedules are perhaps rolling their eyes and thinking I am a whiny baby.  Well, what if I am?  Whiny babies need love too, you know!

But I must not spend my entire post whining.  How tiresome, even for me.  Anyways, tomorrow is Halloween.  I LOVE Halloween!!!  Steven and I will stand on our front porch to greet the trick or treaters.  After that we shall watch scary movies.  Maybe even something I can write a blog post about (I love writing blog posts about cheesy horror movies).  Work-schmurk!  Tomorrow is going to be a fun day!

Tonight is also not without reward.  I am currently watching my beloved SnappedSnapped, for the uninitiated, is a documentary-style show about female murderers.  I do love a true crime documentary. Snapped is not one of your classier shows, like 20/20 or Dateline, but it’s not a re-enactment-fest like Deadly Women or Lethal Kin, although those re-enactment-fests can be kind of fun too.

So I guess this is my lame blog post for the day.  I whine, I anticipate, I watch television.  This is Friday night at my house.  Hope you’ll tune in again on Saturday.


Severed Heads, Murder Television and Foolish Blog Posts

Did anybody not expect a Wrist to Forehead Sunday post today?  Nonsense, of course you did.  Perhaps, like me, you were hoping for something better or at least different, but any length of acquaintance with me will show that I am continual proof of the rule: shit happens.

I am feeling marginally better from my sinus infection.  I have a new cord for my Acer and am once again typing with two hands.  Things are definitely looking up.

I’ve been researching my role for the play Roxy by watching television.  That is, I’ve been using that as an excuse.  Last night we saw Hush… Hush, Sweet Charlotte, which involves a guy getting his head chopped off.  OK, that really has very little to do with the play.  For one reason, the movie is a mystery while in the play it is quite well known whodunit (me).  Still, Bette Davis.  I couldn’t help myself.

Today, as I usually do on Sundays, I am watching Snapped on digital cable.  Some of those are about  wives who kill abusive husbands.  I caught the tail end of one where she killed him with an axe, then tried to hide the body and pretend it never happened.  The parallels were striking!  If only I had seen the entire episode.  Oh, OK, it was a re-run, and I’ve seen it at least a couple of times before.  I may even have seen another true crime show about the case.  I watch a lot of murder television.

Earlier this weekend I stopped by Ilion Wine and Spirits to purchase a bottle of wine.  One of the owners greeted me and asked how the blog was going.  I was forced to confess that I have twice tried to write a post about a wine tasting they recently hosted.  I must, I positively must finish that post and get it published.

As I begin my week, I hope once again to write good blog posts, not foolish ones.  But we’ll see what happens.  I think some people are entertained by my foolishness.  Sometimes I even entertain myself.  I hope you’re all having an enjoyable Sunday.


Name Brand Lame

Is it Lame Post Friday or a Blogger’s Sick Day?  I feel really bad, too, because I had some good topics to write about.  Only I can’t seem to write today.  I can’t even read, if that gives you any indication (and it should).  Oh dear, now it is turning into Wrist to Forehead Friday.  Oh poor, pitiful me!

Um, those last two lines were me making fun of me.  Nobody has to chime in with any unkind remarks, unless such behavior is essential to your own health and well-being.

I woke up with a headache today.  I did not think it was too bad at first, but it escalated.  Still not too worried, I took some Equate Migraine Relief (just a little gratuitous product placement) and a nap.  I have spent the rest of the day fairly headache-free but SO LIGHTHEADED!  It sucks to be me!

On the brighter side, that parenthetical comment gave me a topic to expound upon at least briefly.  Product placement is often derided on movies and television.  Some people believe the producers are merely sucking up extra bucks from the manufacturers of those products.  We, the poor hapless viewers, are tricked into watching high quality commercials which will no doubt hypnotize us into purchasing said products.

However,  it seems to me that to NOT have the products placed is to take away from the realism of the scene.  For example, when was the last time you walked into a bar and ordered “a beer”? Nobody does that!  They ask for a Labatt’s or a Heinekin.  They might possibly say, “What do you have on tap?”  but they expect to hear specific brands listed and to pick one.

The fact is we are a brand name society.    Some people drive the same make of car for decades.  Others are intensely loyal to a certain brand of sneakers.  And there is the tendency to mix up brand with product, as in calling tissues “Kleenex” and photocopies “xeroxes.”

Oh, I know, many people eschew brand names and are proud to do so.  My Equate pills are, of course, a store brand, which are cheaper than the Excedrin they imitate.  I purchase store brands in many of my favorite foods.

It raises an interesting question.  Which is better?  When are you paying for just the name?  I have long threatened to have a party where I serve two of every refreshment, one name brand, one store brand and solicit comment.  You know, one dip with Crowley Sour Cream and Lipton Onion Soup Mix, one with Hannaford versions of same, served with store and name chips, of course.  The advantage of this, of course, is I’ll have twice the chips and dip.  I do love chips and dip.

My running shoes have been name brand for years.  I wear different brands, but I haven’t worn a non-name since I started to enjoy running in the army.  My non-running shoes have been… whatever I happen to pick up at a good price.

How about you, dear readers?  Are you loyal to any brands or do you proudly purchase whatever is cheapest?  Do you perceive a difference in quality?  Do you feel a blogger like me should refrain from making lame posts when feeling light-headed from non-name over the counter drugs?  Are you having a nice Friday?

Mine has been intermittently enjoyable.


Wine with Ray Romano

I’m at the bra off, sweatpants on, wine drinking, Facebook checking portion of the day. Unfortunately, I skipped the blog post writing portion of the day, so must deal with that. Hmmmmm… perhaps that line would be a good lead.

That is a comment I just made on Facebook, which I was checking before writing the blog post. Now that I look at it on the computer screen, I am not so sure. And, dammit, my husband is playing a DVR’d episode of Parenthood. What an addictive show! I’ve lost track of all these characters and I am still absorbed in the story. Why doesn’t this show get any Emmy love? And not for nothing, but who knew Ray Romano could act? He’s wonderful!

But I have not watched enough to make this a post about Parenthood. Luckily today is Non-Sequitur Thursday. I can write a paragraph about this, a paragraph about that, slap on a silly headline and I’m done. I apologize to any readers who were hoping for something a little more substantive, especially since I have already indulged in a Tired Tuesday and a Wuss-out Wednesday this week.

I mentioned that I am in a play. Longtime readers might be waiting for this blog to become All Busybody All The Time. It will, perhaps soon. In the meantime, I’ll probably have a few more ridiculous posts like this. I hope they are at least amusing.

It’s A Crime

I did not write a blog post while at work today. I spent my time before my shift and on each break reading a true crime book by Ann Rule. She is the BEST! I love true crime. I guess the best I can do for this week’s Middle-aged Musings Monday is a couple of paragraphs about my crime obsession.

It seems to me that many people love murder. Murder mystery novels crowd library shelves. Many movies feature murder, mysterious or otherwise. And on television… it’s everywhere! Truth, fiction, police, amateurs, hit men and even the undead, although many would argue that they don’t count. I am not alone in my obsession.

I do enjoy a good fictional mystery, on the page or on the screen, but lately I am really addicted to the true stuff. I have written about this before, how I watch many shows of varying degrees of cheesiness. I only wish I had seen a good one lately, so I could write about that.

The novel I am having so much trouble writing (and I KNOW I have written about that here) is a murder mystery. Perhaps one of the reasons I am having so much trouble with it is that I am not spending enough thought on the actual crime. Silly me, I keep thinking about the characters. Well, I will have to work that out for myself.

Well, that is over 200 words. I am having a plethora of not very good posts lately and for that I apologize. Tomorrow I plan to go running early in the morning. I hope and trust that will offer enough interest for a decent Running Commentary. If not, I believe there is a library book sale I can attend. Ooh, maybe I’ll find another Ann Rule book.