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Post Trick or Treat Post

There are perhaps eight more minutes left of trick or treating in Herkimer, NY. Before I finished typing (one letter at a time with the stylus) in that sentence, the doorbell rang for another trick or treater. Anyways.

I tried to take a selfie with my spider fascinator, which I wore while we passed out candy, but it did not work out.

I think it is a pretty cool hat.

This is a picture from Kentucky Derby Saturday, when Steve, Kim, and I put on hats because it seemed to be the thing to do.

I did not get any pictures of the trick or treating. Right now we are looking at Frankenstein on Svengoolie on DVR.

Who doesn’t like a little Svengoolie on Halloween?

We watched a couple other horror type movies earlier, but nothing worth reporting. Right now I am missing some of the Sven segments while I try to finish this post. Quite frankly, I am happy to be making a blog post at all. Happy Halloween, all.

A Herkimer Halloween

So there I was, trying to make a Halloween blog post about the RCIL Character Brunch I participated in last Saturday.  Suddenly it was trick or treating time!  I do not trick or treat myself (insert joke of your choice about my turning tricks and/or not being much of a treat myself), but Steven and I love to sit out on the porch and hand out candy.

I brought my Tablet out onto the porch, thinking I could work on my post between kids.  They do tend to come in spurts, or waves as the evening progresses.  I got a sentence or two typed in.  Then I wanted to take pictures document the evening.

I love a grey sky, especially on Halloween.

This is the view from our front porch.  Rain and high winds were in the forecast, but it did not rain heavily, except for a couple of spurts, and the wind was not bad when we were outside.  I shared this picture to Facebook and to Jill Reale’s page.  Local readers know she is the WKTV meteorologist, and she shows viewers’ weather photos.  She shared one I took on dark clouds moving in once.


I think this is it.

Steven wanted to hear our Halloween CD, so I brought our portable CD player out on the porch.  Of course I had not thought ahead and gotten batteries, but an extension cord worked just as well, especially since it was the warmest Oct. 31 in recent memory.  I solidified my crazy old lady credentials by dancing to most of the tunes.

We had a good number of trick or treaters. We ran out of candy, but I had some Halloween pencils, and I found some Groucho Marx glasses we had purchased for a long ago murder mystery. When offered a choice, some kids picked the glasses.  I hope they were not disappointed when they got home and looked closely at them.

He looked cheerful enough.

The only other picture I took was of the skeleton hanging on our porch.  Later in the evening, when the wind started to pick up, he looked like he was dancing to the music.  I thought about trying to get a video of it but figured he would stop or the music would change before I got the Tablet set up properly.

So another Halloween is in the books.  It was fun, although a little wet.  On to November!  Of course, I still have a few Halloween movies to watch…


Hallowussout Wenesday

I seem to remember making my first Wuss-out Wednesday post was when Halloween fell on a Wednesday one year (obviously I am too lazy to go back and check; I did say this is Wuss-out Wednesday, did I not?).

I only wish I could get this skinny drinking beer!

We just turned out the porch light, as it is the end of trick or treating in Herkimer tonight.  We had a lot of cute and nice kids show up.  We always love staying outside to greet them.  I just felt a little bad when I would mumble around a mouthful of Milky Way, “I’m not eating candy,” and none of them got the joke.  Still, they appreciated my witch’s hat, and that was something.  I even got a compliment on my black and gold caftan.  I certainly get a lot of wear out of that caftan.

I didn’t wear the jewelry or hold the wand, and I wore long sleeves under it, but this is basically the outfit.

I share a photo from last July, since we did not take any pictures today.  Steven wore the wizard hat I have previously worn with the caftan.


He also did not make the same silly grin.

Next time I will try to get a pic of Steven in the wizard hat. In the meantime, it is Halloween, or Hallo-wine as my friend Bruce calls it.  In fact, in my case, we can call it Hallo-whine.  Since I wish to inflict a minimum of whining on my readers, I shall sign off now.  Happy Halloween, everybody!


It’s Halloween!!!!!

According to my WordPress dashboard, it is actually Nov. 1, but here on my couch, it is still Oct. 31.  Trick or treating in Herkimer begins in just 24 minutes, that is officially. I fully expect early birds as well as late comers.  For heavens’ sake, who doesn’t like free candy?  Oh, I know, YOU probably don’t.  Fine, all the more for the rest of us.

Um, I don’t expect to get any free candy.  Steven and I will be handing out free candy to kids in costume.  I am looking forward to seeing the costumes.  If only yesterday’s sick headache hadn’t come back, my life would be perfect.  Don’t worry; I’ll wear gloves to hand out the candy, which is wrapped.  I won’t share my germs around.  And if I do give someone my cold, they can’t say I never gave ’em nuthin’.

Steven put this on Facebook earlier with the comment, “I’m waiting!”

This is actually a shot of our front porch last year, but it looks remarkably similar this year.  Next year I want to get some grave stones and a spooky-looking fence for the front yard.  Maybe a pair of glowing eyeballs for the tree, which it pretty monstrous all on its own, I think.

My challenge tonight is to not eat the candy while I’m passing it out.  Well, not eat too much of it.  Oh, how I love Halloween!  I think I will continue my celebration through Thanksgiving at least.  For one reason, I still have plenty of monster movies saved on my DVR.  Maybe I’ll watch a few this weekend and write blog posts about them. Happy Halloween, everyone!


Treats Before Tricks

So, here it is, Halloween.  And it is Saturday, the day I usually dub Scattered Saturday, give you a brief summary of my gyrations for the day and hit Publish.  Sounds like a plan.

As I noted yesterday, I worked, from 5 to 11 a.m., not a heinous shift nor even a heinous job, although I would have liked to have slept in.  Oh well, you can’t have everything.  At least I went to bed early last night (after whining, anticipating, watching television and writing a blog post about it) (perhaps you read it).

After work, I really worked, getting our deck and backyard cleaned.  I dismantled my container garden then raked, raked, raked our back yard.  The back yard was carpeted with leaves.  I like having trees.  I like trees, I like shade. But what a lot of leaves!  However, there is no sense in repining at this point (ooh, there’s a thought: PINE trees!  No leaves!).   I see why people like those obnoxiously noisy leaf blowers.  I comforted myself with the thought that raking burns calories and applied myself with vigor.

I filled every leaf container we have.  That is four trash cans (one extra large) and one kitchen-sized waste basket.  I started to drag them out to the curb, since yard waste gets picked up Monday, then thought better of it.  After all, Halloween, pranksters… it could be a problem.

After my exertions I had a beer, as my dear old dad often does at the end of a good day’s work.  Full disclosure:  it was not the end of the day, it was about half past twelve.  But that beer tasted good.

When Steven got home, I got into the shower, informing him that we were going out for a late lunch.  He was quite agreeable.  We went to Sorrento’s in Ilion.  I had a Chicken Francaise sandwich while he had the special: a turkey slider with tomatoes, spinach and a balsamic fig sauce, mashed potatoes on the side.  Our waitress was quite adorably dressed as a clown in a tutu.

After lunch we went to Picker’s Dynasty, a re-sale shop I have been intrigued by but never gotten to.  We were just in time for their moving sale.  They will now concentrate on their space at the Mohawk Antiques Mall, another of my favorite stops.  I bought a biography of Zelda Fitzgerald.  Steven considered an album of “Music to Make Your Husband Happy,” but I guess he decided he was happy enough without it.

We are now home waiting till it is time to greet the trick or treaters, one of the highlights of my year.  I am enjoying a cup of coffee but do not rule out indulging in a little wine later.  I hope you are all having a marvelous Halloween, and I hope to see you on Wrist to Forehead Sunday.