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Blog Before Run, Or Am I Too Lame?

Last week I hoped I was ushering in a new era of Not Late Lame Post Friday posts.  Alas, it was not to be.  Here it is Saturday morning, and I sit on my couch (lounge, really), listening to what I think is some kind of pigeon (maybe a mourning dove? It sounds pretty sad) and wishing I was already out running. One thing I love is running or walking in the morning and hearing the birds sing (or is it a morning dove with no emotion attributed?  I don’t know from birds).

One reason I am blogging before my run is that I am waiting for it to be light out.  I just can’t trust the sidewalks and roads this time of year.  I have wiped out on the ice too many times this year just walking (one hideous incident on my uneven concrete front steps).  I emphatically do not want to do it while running.  At my age I could break a hip.  Well, maybe not a hip, but something.  At least I would bruise my body and damage my fragile self-esteem.

My day stretches before me in a fairly threatening fashion.  That run to take, post cards to write, a house to clean, a murder mystery to write AND this afternoon auditions for murder mystery actors.  It is a general audition;  I want to develop a pool of actors to draw from as murder mysteries arise to be cast.

Now I feel threatened, because there is a something inside me (my depression?  the aforementioned fragile self-esteem?) strenuously insisting that I CANNOT POSSIBLY do a murder mystery at this time.  I MIGHT be able to write it (low self-esteem aside, I rarely admit to being unable to write something) (yes, yes, there are times when I say I CAN’T write a blog post, but I just mean I can’t write it right now).  But print it out, get a cast, schedule and go to rehearsals…

What am I saying?  Of course I can do all that!  The voices in my head are full of beans!

Talked myself right into that, didn’t I?  Guess I’ll go for my run now.

For local readers interested in theatre, auditions are today, March 18, at 1 p.m. at Ilion Little Theatre,  13 Remington Ave., Ilion, NY.  For more information,  you can visit the theatre’s Facebook page.




I Hope I Wasn’t Lame at Auditions

I just returned from Ilion Little Theatre, where my husband Steve, our friend Kim, and I auditioned for a play. I was very excited to get onstage once again. The play is a comedy called Game Show. I think it is actually kind of silly, but that is by no means a bad thing in a comedy. With good actors and a good director, it will be a very entertaining production. The director is Stephen Wagner, who is a very good director. At tonight’s audition, there were some talented actors for him to choose from. So there is good news for community theatre tonight.

I do not remember who these people are.

I was looking through my Media Library for a picture of Ilion Little Theatre, and this was the best I could do. It is from the Doo-Dah Parade during Ilion Days of, I think 2018. I did not take any pictures of tonight’s auditions.

So I guess this is my Lame Post Friday post. I hope to improve my posts and my illustrations in the coming days. In the meantime, I reserve the right to feel pleased with myself for posting another day in a row. Happy Friday, everyone!

Not Enough Actors? Say It Ain’t So!

I went to the second night of auditions for Shattered Angel on Friday.  Once again, that is a play about a local historical murder being presented by the Herkimer County Historical Society in cooperation with Ilion Little Theatre (or is it “in conjunction” or “under the auspices of”?  I don’t know the details).   As it turns out, we have a slight problem.  Not enough actors showed up.

The background was from a different play.

There were enough folks there to read a couple of scenes.  Unfortunately, even with doubling parts, I don’t think we got enough to cast the play.

These guys read several time.

One fellow read but thought he could not do the show, because of his work hours.  Three weekends is a kind of a large commitment.

Another scene.

I read this scene on Wednesday.  I was just filling in, though, because there was nobody present who really qualified for the part I read, that of the young murderer (I didn’t need a spoiler alert for that; this is a murder play but not a murder mystery).

Another angle.

I wanted to include one shot with the director, Stephen Wagner.  He’s pretty cool.

So, local readers, are any of you actors?  Would you like to be in a play?  Go to the Ilion Little Theatre Club Facebook page at   Send a message, write a post, call the theatre.  Older male actors are primarily needed.  Can anybody help us out?


Pre-Audition Post After All

I cannot, can not, CAN NOT take another blogger’s sick day.  My readers will think I am a hypochondriacal whiny baby!  I know, I know, we’re not supposed to care what others think about us.  On the other hand, I want readers, and I am sadly addicted to getting Likes.  Let’s just call it a common or garden Wuss-out Wednesday and drive on.

The title of today’s post was supposed to be “Pre-Audition Post,” which I may or may not have used before (I can’t be bothered checking now). I had planned to head to Ilion Little Theatre to watch (but not participate in) auditions for Shattered Angel, the play being presented by Herkimer County Historical Society.  There are only three female roles, and I don’t think any of them are good for me.  Moreover, I have a murder mystery with LiFT on one of the performance nights (more about that on a future post) (preview of coming attractions). However, I thought I could volunteer to do SOMETHING: costumes, props, prompter… AND I can write multiple blog posts to publicize the effort.

Not that I think they will need much help with publicity.  They sold out two weekends of Roxy, the play the historical society presented in 2015 (I was in that one; perhaps you read one or more of my blog posts about it) and turned people away.  Already they have sold tickets to Shattered Angel.  I’d better figure out when I want to go and purchase mine.

My problem is, I don’t feel so good.  I was kind of overcome with the heat and humidity at work this afternoon.  I got quite light-headed and had to sit down.  My nice friend Karen brought me some Gatorade, which helped.  Perhaps I should have some Gatorade now… There, I went and got a glass.  I am still feeling rather light-headed. Sorry to keep complaining.  I guess I am a kind of a hypochondriacal whiny baby.

Be that as it may, auditions for Shattered Angel are tonight (July 25) and Friday, July 27, at 7 p.m. at Ilion Little Theatre, 13 Remington Ave., Ilion, NY.  Well, maybe I will head over after all.


Mental Meandering before Additional Auditions

Earlier today I sat down in front of a notebook (paper, spiral bound, I need hardly say), because I knew it would be a good idea to write a blog post ahead of time and avoid sitting at the keyboard and typing off the top of my head, as I do all too many times.  Nothing particularly inspired came out.  I don’t know why I use the adverb, “particularly.”  Nothing the least bit inspired came out.

On the other hand, it is Mental Meanderings Monday.  I’ll just let my mind meander a bit.  If nothing any good comes out, oh well.  Does anybody even read blogs on a Monday?  Um, I just read one before starting this.  I started reading another one, but it was too long.  I’m on a time budget tonight.

And WHY am I on a time budget, you may ask.  Or you may not ask.  You might not care OR you may have leaped to the logical conclusion that I was indeed cast in that play I auditioned for… was it only last Monday?  Is it still jumping to a conclusion if it is logical?  I think not.  I think that is an oxymoron.  That is unusual, because usually I am a regular kind of moron, so I will let it stand.  For another reason, “leaping” and “logical” make an alliteration, which kind of hooks into last Monday’s post.

Where was I?  Ah yes, explaining that I must make this post quickly, because I have to go to auditions for Steel Magnolias at Ilion Little Theatre.  Yes, I already attended auditions for Steel Magnolias at Ilion Little Theatre.  They are having an extra day.  Long story, not very interesting.  I will let you know if I get cast.  In the meantime, happy Monday.


I Am NOT Going to Audition!

This will be a post in haste (posthaste, a word you rarely hear any more), because I must walk to meet Steven at work (so we only have one car).  We are going to some auditions at Ilion Little Theatre.  Here is what the Facebook event says about it:

The Little Theatre will hold auditions on Monday, August 29 at 6 p.m. for Splitting Issues (and Several Other Noteworthy Concerns).
The show is made up of nine comedic sketches about relationships – some romantic, some new, some fraying, some ending, some beginning anew.
There are multiple parts available for men and women with flexibility on ages.

I do not intend to audition. My only purpose in going is to accompany my husband, who is a marvelous actor.  He was last seen on stage in May in Leading Ladies, which was directed by me (I believe I wrote a blog post or two about it).  I think it would be a delightful thing if he was to be on stage again.  I plan to sit in the audience and applaud vigorously, perhaps adding in a “Bravo!” or “Huzzah!”  I may also go to the cast party.  I do love a good cast party.

As for me, I am still involved with Much Ado About Nothing with LiFT.  We have one final performance this Friday at the Herkimer Elks Lodge.  I should perhaps write a blog post about that, for the benefit of any local readers who might like to attend.

In the meantime, if any local readers see this post in time and are interested in auditioning for Splitting Issues, you can check out the Facebook event at  For more information on Ilion Little Theatre in general, their website is


A Good Problem on a Tired Tuesday

This timeI think it really is Writer’s Block.   I just sat here by my notebook for a good ten minutes and no thoughts came through my head and out my fingers.  I was also eating my sammich and vegetables at the same time (although in general I am no fan of multi-tasking).

I finished my lunch in short order, and as you can read, I’m writing now.  Perhaps it isn’t any good, but it’s words on paper.  Sometimes we must take what we can get.

All morning as I worked (yes, when I COULD have been thinking about my blog post), I was obsessing about Leading Ladies, the show I am directing (should I say that every time and should I specify at Ilion Little Theatre?  I don’t like to bore regular readers, but I must also consider those of you who are just tuning in) (if any) (um, I mean if any AT ALL, regular or otherwise).

Thirteen people showed up for auditions Monday night.  That is a marvelous turnout for our little community theatre.  I only need eight actors!  Oh dear, maybe this is not so marvelous after all.  How can I turn people away?  How can I decide who to turn away?  Now what?

I know, it is a great problem to have.  Usually we are making phone calls, sending emails and tearing our hair out.  So I’m not exactly complaining, although I suppose it sounds suspiciously like I am.

Be that as it may, I have now blathered on for over 200 words.  It is Tired Tuesday and I must get to the second night of auditions.  Wouldn’t it be cool if even MORE people showed up?  Maybe I need to find a bigger play.


Maniac Monday

I was going to title today’s post “Manic Monday,”  but then I thought about the song of that name and it didn’t really fit.  Now I have the song playing in my head kind of mashed up with “She’s a Maniac” from Flashdance.  I really should exercise more care in crafting these titles.

I knew I would be pressed for time today, because auditions are tonight for Leading Ladies at Ilion Little Theatre (in case you forgot or never knew, that is the play I am directing). That being the case, it would have been a good idea for me to write my blog post earlier, maybe even to have written it and typed it in yesterday.  Yeah, I’m likely to achieve that level of organization and planning at my age.

In my defense, a co-worker nicely brought me a copy of Mohawk Valley Living magazine.  I usually read that magazine cover to cover, not just my own article.  It’s a really awesome publication.  So I did not write my blog post, and I’m still not quite ready for auditions.

I just now typed up audition sheets on my computer.   For the uninitiated, the actors fill these out prior to auditioning, and I use them to write comments on.  They ask name, contact information, availability.  Sometimes they ask you to list experience, but I decided I didn’t really care.  I mean, unless I’ve seen them in it, it doesn’t really tell me much.  And if I saw them in it, I probably would remember it.  I asked if they were willing to shave and wear a dress, since the two lead males have to do that.  I was going to put “men only” for that question, but I didn’t like to discriminate.

Longtime readers may remember how when I’m involved in a project this blog eventually becomes All [That Project] All The Time.  I’m afraid I may get to the All Leading Ladies All The Time sooner than expected, unless I really get my act together.  I think we all know the probability of that.  Happy Monday, everybody.


I Don’t Feel Particularly Up and Coming

For this week’s Non-Sequitur Thursday, I shall take a break from last Saturday’s adventures and look ahead to a future adventure for me:  I am slated to direct a play for Ilion Little Theatre.  The only writing I did while at work today (sue me) was a press release on the upcoming auditions.  I make bold to include it here:

“Ilion Little Theatre will hold auditions for Ken Ludwig’s Leading Ladies on Monday and Tuesday, Feb. 29 and March 1 at 6:30 p.m. at the theatre in The Stables on Remington Avenue in Ilion.  Five men and three women ranging in age from 20s to 70s are needed.  Actors do not need to prepare anything.  ILT member Cynthia Quackenbush will direct.

“The hilarious comedy concerns two down on their luck Shakespearean actors who come up with a scheme to impersonate a rich old lady’s nephews to gain an inheritance. When they find out that nieces not nephews are required, they make a slight adjustment in plans.  After all, in early Shakespearean companies, weren’t the women’s roles played by men?

“Performance dates are Friday and Saturday April 29 and 30, May 6 and 7 at 8 p.m. with matinees on Sunday May 1 and 8 at 2 p.m.  For more information contact Cynthia Quackenbush at ***-***-****.”

I confess to feeling a little overblown, calling it a hilarious comedy.  It is pretty hilarious, though.  I laughed out loud when I was reading the script.  I confess further that it seems to me to be a pretty boring blog post.  Sorry, kids, Aunt Cindy is having a bad day (I like to call myself “Aunt Cindy” when I am having a bad day).  But I am trying to keep a cheerful heart.  After all, tomorrow is Lame Post Friday.  As always, I hope you’ll stay tuned.


Off to Break a Leg!

The decision has been made to act. I only wish the decision had been made to write my blog post earlier today. In my defense, I was writing a letter to a friend, which I believe is also an important thing to do.

I do want to express how happy I am that my husband Steven decided to audition. I hope he gets a part, but I feel sure we will have fun just going to auditions. We’ll see some friends from Ilion Little Theatre. We may make new friends at Players of Utica. I can write another blog post about the experience. I may even get an article for Mohawk Valley Living out of it. And it will be something fun and different to do on a Thursday evening.

“Instead of sitting around in our sweats, watching TV,” I said to him. “Of course, that’s fun, too,” I hastened to add. Time with my husband is always worthwhile. “We’ll step out of our comfort zone,” I clarified, realizing that is quite literal, because sweats and sitting around is extremely comfortable.

I have to admit, though, it isn’t too far out of our comfort zone. We don’t often venture to Utica after dark, but a friend is nicely driving us. We have never auditioned for Players of Utica, but we have auditioned many times for many plays, and even been cast in a few (full disclosure: Steven more than me). I daresay I am much more comfortable auditioning now than I was many years ago.

Further full disclosure: I am writing this on the fly while waiting for the friend to pick us up. Ah, Monday’s hypothetical critic pipes up and says, “You don’t have to tell us you’re writing on the fly! This post sucks!” Wow, I am writing in a hurry. That is the best insult I could think of for my hypothetical critic. Never mind. I’m off the break a leg!