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Running Around Commentary

I thought of that title yesterday, when I was not sure if I would go running today (Saturday), but intended to drive to New Hartford for seasonal purposes.

As I contemplated actually writing this post, however, I ran into a slight problem. I obviously can’t write about what I bought, because some of my giftees occasionally read my blog. I knew that going in. But then, being kind of a paranoid person, I started to think that if I wrote about where I went certain people might figure out what I bought. Some people are clever you know, and I am not that unpredictable.

One of my stops in particular would be an obvious giveaway. Naturally, that is the most fun place. An adventure getting there, an authentic Mohawk Valley cool place to go, AND I told the ladies working there that I was totally going to do a blog post about them! Well, it will have to wait till after the holiday. Or until I can’t resist giving … the … early (in fact, I may have said too much already).

Where was I? Ah yes, headed to New Hartford, getting an early start to beat some of the crowds. Long time readers may remember that I used to work in New Hartford. I will never get over being happy about my WAY shorter commute to Ilion. Every time I drive to New Hartford I feel happy all over again. In fact, yesterday when I was telling a friend at work I intended to drive into New Hartford, I felt happy about it.

Really, it’s not a bad drive for a Saturday adventure. I went by Route 5S, which has some lovely views (although I kept my eyes on the road enough to avoid an accident). It was a gloomy, rainy day, but I still enjoyed it.

Going through Utica is fun, too. I love Utica. The architecture of some of the older buildings is beautiful. I also have a kind of a fascination with the old, decrepit-looking factories. The grey gloomy day enhanced this.

I noted a mere two hundred seventy something days till the Boilermaker as I passed the Runner’s Hall of Fame. I do not intend to run in 2013, but I may find occasion to write about it again.

On into Yorkville, I think. Utica has a bunch of little towns around it: Yorkville, Washington Mills, Whitesboro, New York Mills, New Hartford. Some astute reader may call me out on this and tell me a couple of those are really nowhere near Utica, but I’m sure I saw them on green signs somewhere.

I passed a consignment shop with the tag line “For Attic Addicts,” whose name completely escapes me. How embarrassing. Holland Farms put wreaths on the cows on their sign out front. Mmmmm, half-moon cookies. Perhaps I would stop on the way back. Voss, closed for the season. No hot dogs today! Harbor Freight Tools, one of my Dad’s favorite places to shop. Symeon’s Greek Restaurant. Mmmm, if I was still around at lunch time…

And, of course, a bunch more businesses I haven’t mentioned. Plus the places I stopped at, which I will give a shout out to AFTER Christmas. If the people I bought for like the presents I got for them there. No reason to think they won’t.