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Past Pedestrian Pictures on Tired Tuesday

Oh it is Tired Tuesday.  I do not see why I should feel so tired, although I have a couple of educated guesses.  Never mind those, I always question self-diagnoses anyways.

I went for a nice walk earlier, snapping pictures on my smarter-than-me phone, in hopes of doing a Pedestrian Post.  I got some good ones, but then I remembered I still had a couple I had taken on a previous walk.  Under the heading Waste Not Want Not…

Some flowers still bloom!

This outside Basloe Library in Herkimer,  NY.  I have not had a container garden in the last few years, but when I see an urn of flowers, I start planning for next spring.  Then I start thinking of all the things I have to do to make the plan happen and get bogged down in discouragement and remember that my plans all go to hell anyways.  Still, I might be able to make something happen.  One must not give way to despair.

Well, this is what happens to me on Tired Tuesday:  I can’t share an innocent picture of flowers without starting to whine and cry about something.  I really need to get over myself. Quick, share another picture.

Sometimes I see red.

This was also outside the library.  I love the red against the white.  Maybe I could plant a tree like that in my yard (see, there I go making plans again).

Now that I look at it, not the best shot. Oh well.

This was in Meyers Park.  There are a lot of trees there,  in various stages of color.  I took a picture of a different tree there tonight, I mention as a preview of coming attractions.  Tomorrow I may use some of the pictures I took today’s (I think I took enough for two posts), but I have rehearsal for He Laughed Himself to Death,  so no promises.



Nosferatu CAN Help Me Now!

I said to myself, I will just go ahead and make my Monday blog post. I won’t mention how I missed my Saturday and Sunday posts, and maybe nobody will notice.  And this is why I hate  making plans: my plans always go to hell.  Yes, I know, in this case the problem was Operator Error.  MY WHOLE LIFE IS OPERATOR ERROR!

OK, got that out of my system.  On with a Monstrous Monday Post.

My favorite!

I resort to my Media Library rather than seeking new monster pictures.  I worry about duplication.  Anyways, I have so many monster pictures and I love to re-share them.

Speaking of monsters…

This picture  was right near Nosferatu in my Media Library, and I find it apropos after missing two blog posts.  What is it with me and not writing?  I am much happier when I write. There might be a blog post here about why I do not always do what is patently good for me.  I’ll see if I can write it sometime.

“Did you knock on my door?”

And here is Nosferatu again.  I have not seen that movie in a while.  I do not watch silent movies very often, because it is difficult to follow them while knitting or crocheting.

It seems I have reached 200 words without saying a whole hell of a lot (dear autocorrect: it is almost never he’ll).  Perhaps I should up my daily quota to 250.  Oh, who am I kidding, I never have that much good to say.  But I thank you all for tuning in.


I Did Not Plan to be Tired

Regular readers know that I am almost always tired on Tuesday, hence the Tired Tuesday post.  Today was even worse, because being the first day back at work after a four day break, it was also my Monday.  I feel guilty complaining about it.  I am sure many will judge me:  you had four days off, you bum!  What have you got to be tired about?  Well, I am definitely too tired to have THAT argument in my head again.

My day was brightened somewhat this morning when I realized it was, in fact, Tuesday, meaning I only have a four day week.  I enjoyed my four day week last week.  Perhaps I could do the same this week.  One thing I was resolved on:  I was going to handwrite a blog post during breaks so that I could go to the library after work and make my blog post on a real computer, not my Tablet.  Additionally, I could easily check all my emails (I have a few different accounts), at least one of which I had to answer.  Oh, and Facebook message a cast member of Secrets at Suiter House.  Just to show you what a full plate I had.

Naturally, things did not go as I planned.  They never do; I’m not even sure why I bother to make plans, but never mind that now.  First, I was too tired to write anything.  Then I got a message from my husband, Steven, that the laptop was ready for pick up TODAY, not Friday as scheduled.  It obviously behooved me to call and change my pick-up appointment to today, and to drive to New Hartford (NY, not CT), and get the laptop.  Then I could skip the library.  Although, now that I think about it:  the library is closer, and I could have gotten out more books.  I like books.

Of course it took longer than expected to accomplish this, and traffic is often a problem in that area.  However, I mustered what patience I could, and now I am sitting on my couch, typing my blog post into the laptop. I checked my email, answered what I needed to, sent the message I wanted to, and even looked at Facebook for a bit (don’t judge me).

I’m thinking this is a foolish post, even for a Tired Tuesday.  There are a lot more interesting things I could write about than my stupid computer problems.  If only I wasn’t so tired!  Let that be a lesson to me —  oh wait, this is a lesson I have told myself many times and I haven’t learned it yet:  Have blog posts written in advance, so in case of just such an emergency, I will have only to hit Publish.  Waaaait a minute!  That sounds suspiciously like Plan Ahead.  What did I say earlier about making plans?