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Another Good Place to Eat

We’ve driven by Dibbles Inn in Middleville, NY many times. Our friend, Phil Arcuri, a talented local musician, plays there on occasion. One day recently, we decided to stop for a weeknight dinner. There was no music, but we had a fun time and an excellent meal.

It was a lovely May evening, and several people were sitting at outdoor tables. I was highly amused to see half a mannequin sporting brightly patterned leggings.

We opted to go inside and sit at the bar. We admired the rustic decor (why is my computer underlining “decor”? That is so a word!): lots of wood, a few humorous signs, and another half mannequin with similar leggings. There are also a lot of windows, letting in the bright sunlight, which to me is a lovely thing.

In addition to the regular menu, several specials were available. I was tempted by Taco Tuesday but opted for a Black and Bleu Burger. Steve got clam strips from the appetizer menu. The bartender warned hi that it was not very big, but Steve has a light appetite these days (as an added note, my computer did NOT underline the typos “stirps” and “ut.” What’s that all about, computer?).

While we ate we enjoyed a little conversation with other patrons. I love it when that happens. A man we didn’t know won some money on Instant Lottery and bought the bar a round. We were so pleased he included us. He could have just bought drinks for his friends and we wouldn’t have thought anything of it. We made sure to thank him.

When we left, another patron we had never met encouraged us to come again. We will!

Dibbles Inn is located at 25 Bridge St., Middleville, NY, phone number 315-891-7789.

Alas and Yay on Scattered Saturday

Yes, it is that moment of a Saturday when I want to make my Scattered Saturday Post and get on with my evening.  This will be fast if not furious.  Here goes…

I slept in till after 6 a.m.  Yay, weekend!  And I woke up with a terrible headache, which made me feel distinctly ill-used, because I did NOT tie one on Friday night.  Next Friday I may drink my head off, because if I am going to have the headache anyways, I may as well have a good reason for it.  Be that as it may, I tried not to let the pain completely ruin my day.

I went running, which makes three days in a row.  Alas, three was not the charm, because the run was not fun and did not feel wonderful.  Still, I did it, so I could feel good about that, at least.  A shower felt good, and Steven and I pondered our options for the day.  Tentative plans changed after a phone call to my Mom.  She said my sister had been going to call me to ask that I pick up rolls for a family gathering on Sunday (baptism of my adorable great-niece, Evie.  Yay!).  Suddenly a trip to Heidelberg Bakery was on the agenda.

Just to make things perfect, I saw in the Utica OD that a church in Middleville was having a rummage sale.  We love rummage sales!  Our plan was set:  breakfast at Heidelberg, then on to Middleville for the rummage sale.  That was fun, but, alas, my headache did not go away.

Back home, I laid down with my face thing on (I have this thing my Mom got me; it has herbs or something in it, you heat it up in the microwave and lay down with it on your face), and took a nap.  That helped.

After the nap and a cup of hot tea (yay cooler weather!), I went with my friend Kim to a Lambrusco tasting at Valley Wine and Liquor in Herkimer.  I knew Kim would like Lambrusco, because it is sweet.  She is all the time going to tastings with me where nothing but dry is available, so I was happy to go to a tasting she would like.  Then we walked all over the store looking for a bottle wine that would be appropriate to bring to the cast party of Shattered Angel.  Could we find anything with an angel on the label?  NO, of course not!  We finally settled on a bottle of Dr. Frank Konstantin Riesling, because the accused in the play was examined by DOCTORS.  Also it was a nod to our dear friend, Julianne Allen, recently deceased, who was supposed to be in the play and who loved Riesling.

Next we went to Asteroga Ale House for a drink.  Steven joined us, so that was an enjoyable interlude.  Now I am at home, looking at Forensic Files in a desultory fashion and soon to begin the movie watching portion of the evening.  I hope all my readers are also having an enjoyable Saturday.


What’s In A Name?

Today’s post is under the heading This Is Embarrassing.  I suppose the Shakespeare quote headline is a little obvious and perhaps overblown, but sometimes one can’t resist.  At least I shall refrain from ending my post with “Parting is such sweet sorrow.”  Then again, no promises.

For the February 2016 issue of Mohawk Valley Living Magazine, I visited the Middleville Free Library.  My articles are headlined “The Everyday Adventures of Mohawk Valley Girl,” and the blurb at the end invites readers to follow my “frugal fun” at my blog (you know, here).  What could be more frugal and fun than a library?  Oh, I suppose some people would consider other things more fun.  For more frugal, I suppose you could stay home.  But that was not my point.

My point was, I got the library manager’s name wrong.  I said it was Sandra Zaffara and it should have been Sandra Zaffarano.  I did not realize this until a reader made a comment under my About page here at WordPress.  I was mortified.  I found the notebook I had with me the day I had visited the library.  I had written “Sandra Zaffara.”  What was that all about?

This morning, I called the library and apologized to Sandra.  She could not have been nicer.  She said it was no big deal about the name, a mere typo.  One friend had asked if she was in the Witness Protection program, which I thought was pretty funny.  Sandra had liked the article in spite of the mistake.  She invited me back to the library to see a model made of popsicle sticks she had forgotten to show me.  I positively must get the ability to post pictures, so I can include such things in my blog.

My takeaway from this is twofold:  Don’t just double-check names, triple-check them (although, in my defense, I think I got any other names I’ve used in MVL articles right).  And don’t get bent out of shape if the local newspaper misspells my last  name, as it has been known to do.  Be like Sandra Zaffarano.  Be nice.

By the way, if you get a chance, visit the Middleville Free Library, 1 S. Main St., Middleville, NY, phone number 315-891-3655.  They have some cool stuff there.  You can read about it in my article in the February article of Mohawk Valley Living.


20th Century Saturday

It’s time for this week’s Scattered Saturday Post.  I suppose some of you were hoping for a return of Saturday Running Commentary, as indeed I was myself, but, oh well, I guess I’ll tell you what I did instead.

Steven left for work shortly before nine, and I left shortly after that for a couple of errands on foot.  Pedestrian activities, of course, are not as fun without a cute little dog, but one does what one must.  I went to the post office and mailed some post cards and a letter.  I felt rather quaint indulging in snail mail, but I just love that kind of correspondence and I know the recipients of my little missives enjoy them too.

After the post office, I went to the bank to deposit a check (I know, that, too, is fairly 20th century, but it’s a little less dated than snail mail).  I took the long way home to get a little more exercise in. I didn’t really think I would go running later, and every little bit helps.

My adventuring took me to Middleville, NY, where a couple of wrong turns took me over some very enjoyable country roads.  My destination, which I confess to driving right by twice, was Middleville Free Library.  I shall write at greater length about it later.

Back home, I waited for Steven to come home for lunch before doing anything useful.  After he went back to work, I had to find another excuse.  I ended up doing one load of laundry and going grocery shopping (I probably forgot something but have not remembered what yet).

I am now cooking a fairly unimaginative dinner.  I actually could write a cooking post about it;  it’s not completely lame.  Maybe on Wrist to Forehead Sunday.  I hope you are all have a marvelous Saturday.


I Rummage in Middleville

My original plan for Saturday had been to get some work done around the house and just not worry about doing anything blogworthy. Then I saw that a rummage sale was going on at the Methodist Church in Middleville, NY. I’ve been to that rummage sale before. I love rummage sales.

Of course, after the flooded basement incident, I had vowed to purchase no more junk and get rid of most of the junk I still have. I don’t suppose anybody thought I was really going to stick with that. It might have been nice to fool them and do it, but so far, not so good. So I went to the rummage sale.

If nothing else, I like the drive out to Middleville. It is out Route 28, a road I don’t drive very often. A country road with lots of scenery. I like better for Steven to drive so I can spend more time looking at the scenery, but one can’t have everything. Steven had to work.

I found the church with no problem this time. Last time I had to ask directions at a convenience store. It’s not that it’s the least bit difficult a place to find, but I’m talented at getting lost. Before I went in, I saw a man walking a beagle and asked if I could pet it. He said sure, so I got to pet a nice dog, one of my favorite things to do.

It was the last day of the sale, but lots of stuff remained. I looked over the books but found nothing to tempt me. Likewise the clothes. I studiously walked by a stack of videos. Last year I brought a bunch of videos home from that sale, and we have yet to watch any of them.

Then on another table, I saw a stack of gardening books. Some were more interesting than others, but I couldn’t quite make up my mind. Then I thought, last day of the sale, really I’m doing them a favor by taking away the whole stack. So I did.

I also saw a pretty oil painting of a winter scene. We love art. I got it for Steven. A lady working the sale suggested I put my choices at the cash table while I finished my browsing. I also found a small zipper bag (useful in any number of situations) and a metal bell in the shape of a pumpkin. Can’t have too many Halloween decorations.

I got all that stuff for $2. What a bargain! I hope I haven’t added too much to the junk problem in my house. Perhaps I can work on the Get Rid of Stuff subsequently. I could even write a blog post about it.