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Tired But Still Blogging

I had hoped that Tired Tuesday would not follow Monstrous Monday, but here we are.  Yesterday wasn’t such a great Monstrous Monday Post anyways, with only one monster picture and a whole lot of whining, but one does what one can.  My intention now is to make some post, any post, and continue to do so every day.  We can all hope that at least a few good posts sneak their way in.

I do not feel really awful about not making a better blog post today, because I had little chance to do anything blogworthy.  I went to work and after work stopped at three retail establishments.  Oh, OK, it was the liquor store (I usually call it the liquid store, after a then four year old niece referred to it as such), a convenience store, and the grocery store.  I suppose I could have worked one or all of those into a blog post.  I can’t do it now.

“Ho! Ho! Huh?”

I thought I would throw in a picture to pep things up and found a shot of Santa Claus Conquers the Martians in my Media Library in December 2020.  I feel it is OK to continue the Christmas spirit till New Year’s Day, if not Jan. 6.

In case you had not noticed, I continue my slow convalescence from the flu.  YES, I am grateful my case was not worse. I admit it may  be unbecoming to continue to complain. Sheesh!

On the brighter side, I am over 250 words.  Score!  Maybe I could try for a Pedestrian Post tomorrow.  Or there’s always Wednesday night at Fratello’s.  Different possibilities add interest to my life.



Slacker to Cinema

This will be a Slacker Saturday Post. I just have not managed to get a damn thing done all day. I did watch a little TV and knitted. Oh, and I went for a run and did a load of laundry earlier. Not much to blog about, I’m afraid.

A tense moment.

One of the movies we watched was Santa Claus Conquers the Martians, as presented by Mystery Science Theater 3000.  I like that silly movie even without robot heads.

“We’ll have the Lord’s bright blessing!”

We also watched one of Steven’s personal favorites, Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol.  It was one of the first videos we purchased, back in the day when a VCR was a great thing to have.

Gotta get me a red outfit like that!

Now Steven is watching White Christmas with Bing Crosby, Danny Kay, Rosemary Cloonie, and Vera Ellen.

I guess this is now a Saturday Cinema Post.  A short Saturday Cinema Post.  These things happen. Happy Saturday, everyone!


Cheesy Christmas

I wrote in a post earlier this month how I like to write about cheesy movies and was afraid people would hate on me if I wrote that way about Christmas movies. I tried to solve the problem with a cheesy Christmas movie: Mystery Science Theatre 3000: Santa Claus Conquers the Martians.

I first heard of Santa Claus Conquers the Martians many long years ago in high school. I was writing a piece for Speech Club making fun of Milton’s “Paradise Lost” (I hated that poem), and my speech coach suggested I have one character ask another who claimed to be a great Actor (pronounced Ac-tore) if he wasn’t in Santa Claus Conquers the Martians.

In answer to the question I feel sure at least one of you just asked, yes, in fact, I could have been more of a geek. If I had studied more I would have been a great deal more geeky. I will, however, admit to a certain misfit quality, that I retain to this day.

But I digress.

I finally got to watch the silly movie when TCM showed it in, I believe, 2001. We videotaped it on our VCR, just to put it in historical context. We were charmed.

Is it cheesy, you ask. It’s like a Velveeta factory exploded onscreen! The martians’ make-up is in unevenly applied. Their killer robot looks like a homemade Halloween costume. The North Pole looks like a set from Lost In Space. When a polar bear chases the two earthling kids, you can see where the head piece is separate from the rest of the guy’s costume!

In short, this movie was begging for the robot head treatment.

It was actually just a few years ago that Steven discovered the MST3K version of the flick. We used to watch MST3K every Saturday on the SciFi Channel. However, these were in the later seasons, when Mike Nelson had replaced Joel on the space ship. They never showed the Santa Claus movie, and Steven always lamented that there was no Christmas episode of MST3K.

Imagine our delight to discover that there was so a Christmas episode and it featured a movie we already loved.

Well, now I’m getting all mushy and misty-eyed, thinking of my beloved MST3K, a truly delightful cheesy movie and, of course, Christmas. I warned you this might happen. Perhaps I should return to my DVR, where I have a fairly rancid movie involving Bela Lugosi and a baboon. I assure you, if I write about that one, no mush or mist will be involved. I hope you are all enjoying the latter part of your Christmas holidays.