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Slacker to Cinema

This will be a Slacker Saturday Post. I just have not managed to get a damn thing done all day. I did watch a little TV and knitted. Oh, and I went for a run and did a load of laundry earlier. Not much to blog about, I’m afraid.

A tense moment.

One of the movies we watched was Santa Claus Conquers the Martians, as presented by Mystery Science Theater 3000.  I like that silly movie even without robot heads.

“We’ll have the Lord’s bright blessing!”

We also watched one of Steven’s personal favorites, Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol.  It was one of the first videos we purchased, back in the day when a VCR was a great thing to have.

Gotta get me a red outfit like that!

Now Steven is watching White Christmas with Bing Crosby, Danny Kay, Rosemary Cloonie, and Vera Ellen.

I guess this is now a Saturday Cinema Post.  A short Saturday Cinema Post.  These things happen. Happy Saturday, everyone!



Some Skeleton, Mostly Cinema Sunday

We have been having an enjoyable, leisurely Sunday, and I am not that into making a blog post. What a bum.  However, according to my rules for me, I am obligated to make a blog post if I possibly can.  I am pretty sure I can, but it may be of the Wrist to Forehead Sunday variety.

He is fine, yes.

As often is the case, I watched a DVR’d episode of Svengoolie. I record that show every week. I love it.  We watched Brides of Dracula, a Hammer Horror Film, which I believe I have seen before, without benefit of horror host. I may actually have a picture of this movie in my Media Library,  but I despair of finding it tonight.

Three of my living room friends.

Here is Bonita, one of our skeletons.  I arranged her differently today for Halloween decorating purposes.  I mean to take some pictures for blogging purposes soon.  Santa, in the background, is also dressed for the season.  Darling Duck, not yet.

A young Christopher Lee!

How nice: I found a picture of another movie we watched: Horror Hotel.  It is creepy, yes.

I might look good in such an outfit.

We also watched The Invisible Man with Claude Rains.  What a marvellous actor that man was.  We also watched a DVR’d episode of Mystery Science Theatre 3000, but that one barely rates a mention.

However, I have managed over 200 words of a Cinema Sunday.  I guess I do not have to swoon, dramatically posed with the back of one wrist to my forehead after all.


Is It Friday? Or Is It Halloween?

Be still, my heart!

I was just watching a DVR’d episode of Svengoolie so open with a picture of my new hero.  Being a horror host is my dream job.  The movie was Billy the Kid vs. Dracula, which really seemed more suited to Mystery Science Theatre 3000 than Svengoolie, but of course Sven is free to feature whatever he chooses.  My opinion was not sought.

So this is my Friday Lame Post, only yesterday was my Friday this week, and I may not have another real Friday for the next few weeks.  Yes, I have been furloughed again.  I mean to make good use of my time, just to have something different from other furloughs and, indeed, the rest of my life.  But never mind serious topics.  I want to make a silly post.

He’s just hanging out.

I went outside just now and took that picture.  I put out a few Halloween decorations last weekend.  I hung the skellington straight down, but the wind blew his leg over the lights to put him in the sexy pose. I love it when nature helps improve your decorations.

Another angle.

I have not finished my decorations.  Witchy is not plugged in yet, but doesn’t she look cheerful?  The scarecrow has been there for a while now. I must find a better spot and pose for him.

Less sexy, but cheerful.

This is from last Halloween.  As you can see, it was a rainy night.  There was some flooding, but we escaped any damage.

I guess I will have plenty of time to decorate my porch and front yard.  Rest assured, you will be able to read about it here.


Slacker to Snapped, At Least It’s A Post

This is not going to be much of a Saturday Post, but I hope to do better than last week, when I missed Saturday entirely.  I am pretty much ignoring a DVR’d episode of Mystery Science Theatre 3000 as I type this (one letter at a tome with the stylus, of course).  No loss on my part? I wonder.

There.  I stopped that and put on a Snapped On Demand. “They were a power couple…”   I just can’t get enough murder and mayhem.

But about my Saturday, I have not done much.  I went for a run.  I was enjoying shorter runs since they cancelled the Utica Boilermaker this year.  However, yesterday I quite abruptly and unexpectedly decided to participate in the virtual race.

My original response to the cancellation of the race was, to heck with it, I’ll just run it next year.  I thought, “I can’t run 15K without all the hoopla cheering me on!”  Then I thought, this will be a challenge.  Let’s do this!

It may have been a good idea to do a Saturday Running Commentary Post and cover all this information.  However, I feel largely disinclined toward any such effort.  It is that sort of a Saturday.

So here is my post, and it raises a question often considered in this blog:  Is a lame post better than no post at all?  Discuss amongst yourselves.


Svengoolie and Snapped on Saturday

I pause in my Saturday gyrations to make a Saturday Cinema Post.  I use the term “gyrations” generously, because I have not really been moving around much.  I took a half hour walk to the post office and back, to mail a couple of cards.  I did a load of laundry (full disclosure: it is still in the drier).  And then I stretched out on the couch, picked up my crochet, and looked at the television.

I actually have on different leggings and slippers, but this shows my current state of relaxation.


Great characters!

I was looking at Snapped, but Steven preferred to look at movies.  We finally agreed on Best in Show, one of the Christopher Guest mockumentaries.  It is one of our favorites.

Next I suggested we watch an episode of Mystery Science Theatre 3000, which we have been DVRing from IFC.  This proved to be less entertaining, so we switched to a Svengoolie of The Mummy’s Tomb.  Ooh, here’s a Freudian typo:  I first put “The Mommy’s Tomb.”  I must be thinking of Mother’s Day tomorrow.

I loves me some Svengoolie!

After Svengoolie,  I put it back on Snapped, at least till I could make my blog post.

I loves me some Snapped, too.

What will I watch next?  I don’t know.  But at least I have made some semblance of a blog post.  Happy Saturday,  everyone!


Skeletons, Fashionable and Monstrous

This shall be a Monstrous Monday Post.  Should “post” be capitalized?  I think I have done it both ways.  Oh dear, I think it is becoming clear that this will be a very foolish post.  What else can one expect?  It is a very bad time for Mohawk Valley Adventures,  after all. But monster pictures, I can do. I hope.

“Oh woe! Oh anguish!”

Here is our skeleton,  Bonita, in a wrist to forehead pose.  That is pretty much how I am feeling these days, but there is no point in elaborating on the subject.

You didn’t think she had only one outfit, did you?

Here is Bonita in her current ensemble.  I am having trouble with the hat.  Bonita’s head is too small for most of my chapeaux.

However, this was meant to be a Monstrous Monday Post,  not a Skeleton Fashion Parade.  What else can I find in my Media Library?

“May I have this dance?”

Here is a monstrous skeleton from House on Haunted Hill, one of our favorite movies.

I must watch this one again.

I wanted to end on another monstrous skeleton,  and I am sure The Screaming Skull fits the bill.  I have it on DVD, in my collection of 50 Horror Classics, I believe.  It was also featured in an episode of Mystery Science Threatre 3000, one of our best beloved shows.

As I sign off, I am torn between Dateline on OWN, or a monster movie on DVD.  I feel sure either choice will be delightful.  Happy Monday, everyone!


One Cheese, Two Cheese, RATS!

When I closed yesterday I thought I might take today to come up with a rating system for my cheesy movie reviews. A Facebook friend suggested servings of cheese. I had thought maybe kinds of cheese — this one’s cheddar, that one’s Velveeta. That strikes me as rather qualitative and subjective. Then again, who cares about that? They’re my reviews, and any review is perforce subjective. Then again, not everybody likes the same kind of cheese.

For example, when I think “cheddar” I think dry, aged, classy, substantial, delicious. Others might think, can’t have it without crackers, gets lumpy when it melts, I’d rather have American. For another example, I find Cheez Whiz a delicious treat, whereas cheese snobs find it unbearably tacky and I daresay many refuse to try it. Hmmm. That one’s kind of a metaphor for the sort of movies I like.

But now I’m thinking, if I have to explain what I mean when I rate a movie “cheddar,” I may as well leave off the cheddar and just explain. Which is pretty much what I do now. I say, “Worth a watch,” or, “Good if you want a stupid movie to make fun of.” I don’t know that I’ve ever used it in the blog, but my ultimate pan of a movie is “It needs robot heads.”

This, of course, is a reference to Mystery Science Theatre 3000, in which a guy and two robots make fun of cheesy movies. Delicious show. I think if a movie needs robot heads, it’s not just cheesy, it’s dull. I did find one movie so dull even robot heads couldn’t get me through it. The next time I find myself without a feature on a Saturday afternoon, I may attempt it again and write about it.

Where does that leave us? One cheese, two cheeses, Rats! I never should have watched this movie! But am I rating how cheesy a movie is, how good it is, or how enjoyable? I think I’m better off sticking to my descriptions.

So now I’ve wasted a whole blog post deciding to just keep doing what I’m doing. Maybe I should have saved this one for Lame Post Friday.

Cheesy Christmas

I wrote in a post earlier this month how I like to write about cheesy movies and was afraid people would hate on me if I wrote that way about Christmas movies. I tried to solve the problem with a cheesy Christmas movie: Mystery Science Theatre 3000: Santa Claus Conquers the Martians.

I first heard of Santa Claus Conquers the Martians many long years ago in high school. I was writing a piece for Speech Club making fun of Milton’s “Paradise Lost” (I hated that poem), and my speech coach suggested I have one character ask another who claimed to be a great Actor (pronounced Ac-tore) if he wasn’t in Santa Claus Conquers the Martians.

In answer to the question I feel sure at least one of you just asked, yes, in fact, I could have been more of a geek. If I had studied more I would have been a great deal more geeky. I will, however, admit to a certain misfit quality, that I retain to this day.

But I digress.

I finally got to watch the silly movie when TCM showed it in, I believe, 2001. We videotaped it on our VCR, just to put it in historical context. We were charmed.

Is it cheesy, you ask. It’s like a Velveeta factory exploded onscreen! The martians’ make-up is in unevenly applied. Their killer robot looks like a homemade Halloween costume. The North Pole looks like a set from Lost In Space. When a polar bear chases the two earthling kids, you can see where the head piece is separate from the rest of the guy’s costume!

In short, this movie was begging for the robot head treatment.

It was actually just a few years ago that Steven discovered the MST3K version of the flick. We used to watch MST3K every Saturday on the SciFi Channel. However, these were in the later seasons, when Mike Nelson had replaced Joel on the space ship. They never showed the Santa Claus movie, and Steven always lamented that there was no Christmas episode of MST3K.

Imagine our delight to discover that there was so a Christmas episode and it featured a movie we already loved.

Well, now I’m getting all mushy and misty-eyed, thinking of my beloved MST3K, a truly delightful cheesy movie and, of course, Christmas. I warned you this might happen. Perhaps I should return to my DVR, where I have a fairly rancid movie involving Bela Lugosi and a baboon. I assure you, if I write about that one, no mush or mist will be involved. I hope you are all enjoying the latter part of your Christmas holidays.