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Lame Today, Post Tomorrow?

I just got back from another wonderful evening at Fratello’s Pizzeria in Frankfort and was writing a blog post about it when I realized, I can’t do justice to this now! I guess that is why today is Lame Post Friday. Judge me if you are so inclined.

Last night and earlier today I was going through something of a crisis. I just felt unable to do anything and unable to decide the right thing to do if I could do anything. It was most uncomfortable. I had to take myself in hand.

“I’m paralyzed! ” said the voice in my head.

“Obviously you are not,” I answered. “Look, you are driving to work. You are stepping on the gas. You are doing something.”

Things improved as the day progressed. Not a whole lot, but sometimes you have to take what you can get. I mean, celebrate the small wins, right?

Things got a whole lot better when I met some family members at Fratello’s. Tomorrow I hope to write a blog post about it. In the meantime, this will have to do.


The Blog DOES Go On!

“Oh shame! Oh degradation!”

My lovely husband Steven found this picture of me with my wrist actually on my forehead.   Remember, like I was talking about on Sunday?  Perhaps you missed that post.  If so, you did not miss much.  Then again, why should I put myself down?  Habit, I suppose.  Be that as it may (a favorite expression of mine), I thought this would be a good picture to lead with as I am having something of a wrist to forehead evening.

The day as a whole was not too bad.  Steven and I had a nice breakfast at Farm House Restaurant in Ilion, which I could write a nice little post about.  We also took an enjoyable walk, rendering a Pedestrian Post perfectly eligible.  Yet here I sit, laptop on lap, fingers on keyboard, wondering, should I continue to write this blog?

Hmm… that is not strictly accurate.   It was while I was doing dishes a little while ago that I experienced the existential angst of, “Must the blog go on?” Once I found that photo to share and actually began typing, I don’t mind being a silly blogger at all.  Only I can’t go on making these foolish posts about me making foolish posts.  It’s like a snake eating its tail, or some such cliche metaphor (yes, yes, I know, a metaphor does not use the word “like,” stop being so didactic!).

At least I can complete the shout-out I started in the second paragraph:  Farm House Restaurant is located at 9 Central Ave., Ilion, NY, phone number 315-894-3276.  It is a teeny place with country decor and very good food.  We had breakfast there.  It was yummy.

Regarding the walk we took earlier, the sky was gloomy and gray, which is my favorite kind of sky.  I admired some bare trees, especially one with a stark dead branch in the middle of several live ones ending in myriad twigs.  Some trees still had leaves of green, red, orange, yellow and brown.  A few porches still had pumpkins in varying stages of decay.

I’m going to declare this post OK for a Tired Tuesday.  We shall see if my existential angst returns tomorrow  (“existential angst” is such a dramatic expression, I have to laugh at myself for using it).  In the meantime, I will see if I can find an appropriate picture to close with.

I’m thinking he does not read my blog.

I guess Nosferatu does not really have anything to do with this post, but I always say, when in doubt, go for the monster!  Hmm… that may be the title of a future post.



In My Defense, It’s Monday

My existential writing crisis continues (I don’t really know what an existential crisis is, I just thought it sounded cool) (and if anybody tries to enlighten me and uses any form of the word “exist,” I will probably make a sarcastic remark). I began writing a post before work today, but it wasn’t working out. I thought it would be OK, though, because I intended to go running after work. I could do a Running Commentary.

Why do I even think I’m going to run on a Monday? I almost never do, and I did not today. But I had a letter to mail to my sister (yes, I handwrite letters and mail them with stamps, do you have a problem with that? I thought not), so I suggested Steven and I walk to the post office with our schnoodle Tabby. Now I can write a Pedestrian Post.

We went after supper, but the temperature had not cooled down much. It was cloudy, dull and humid. The air was almost completely still. It did not take long to have that overall coating of sweat one’s body often gets this time of year. Tabby did not seem to mind. She pranced along, stopping often to explore interesting smells.

As we went through Meyers Park, I admired a stone bench recently donated by a class from Herkimer High School. I stupidly do not remember the year, but it was somewhere in the 1960s. After the post office, Steven suggested we walk up Main Street and go by the Historic Four Corners.

“Tabby does love the Historic Four Corners,” I said.

We walked up Main Street to German.

“This is where the DARE 5K starts,” I said. I’m looking forward to the DARE 5K. I guess I’d better start running in the evening in addition to walking.

As we continued down German the breeze picked up. That felt good. I’m afraid it was an uneventful walk, but I have great hopes that my crisis will be over by tomorrow and better posts will be forthcoming.

Better Words Are Not Forthcoming

I am having a Blog Crisis. I started this blog thinking to highlight the Mohawk Valley. I would write ABOUT things, it would not be just a silly diary kind of thing all about me. So why is it, I write a ridiculous thing about not being able to write anything and I get 11 Likes, then I write about the library book sale — a “real” post, so I thought — and one measly Like!

Oh dear, I did not mean “measly,” really. Each and every Like is near and dear to my heart.

But I’m just saying, what am I doing here? Do I really write so much better about not being able to write? Is that really much more interesting than my beloved Mohawk Valley? Oh no, does this mean I am so narcissistic that my writing purely about me is better than my writing about anything else?


Perhaps my problem is getting so caught up in the number of Likes I get on a given post. Oh, this is getting worse and worse. I’m not only narcissistic, I am dependent on the admiration of others. I must get my validation from outside, not from within!

Oh well, I guess I’m not a particularly valid person to begin with (and I don’t usually go to places where I need to get my parking validated) (sorry, couldn’t resist). But look, I’m over 200 words. We can postpone this existential crisis to another time, possible a Lame Post Friday.