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Picture This: a Garlic Festival!

Eat, Stink and Be Merry!  Those are words to live by!  My husband Steven and I did that today when we went to the Mohawk Valley Garlic and Herb Festival in Little Falls, NY.  I brought my Tablet and took a few pictures, which I will now share.

I wanted to get at least one crowd shot.

This is one of the most popular events in the area.  I confess, I was not into a crowd scene today, but one does not like to miss the Garlic Festival (one being me, of course).

One of the more decorative displays of garlic braids.

Full disclosure:  I did not purchase any garlic.  I have a braid of local garlic from T & J’s Fruits and Vegetables in Herkimer, and I have not been cooking that much lately anyways.  That did not stop me from sampling a lot of stuff. Yum!

I took a picture of this booth, because I liked the Halloween table cloth.

I like horseys (isn’t that how you spell horseys? My computer doesn’t seem to think so).

We did not go on a horse-drawn wagon ride, although I went last year with my friend, Kim.

I had some garlic fudge, and Steven enjoyed a piece of chocolate-covered bacon.

Of course we stopped at my friend, Margaret’s booth, the So Sweet Candy Cafe.  My sister, Cheryl, was minding the shop on Varick Street.

I guess I’m heavier on pictures than words today, but at least I gave a brief shout-out to the Festival.


Scattered Saturday with No Vampires

Isn’t that an eye-catching title?  I just this minute thought of it, before I even wrote the post. I know, I know, as Truman Capote said, “That’s not writing, that’s typing.”  These days it seems I just sit at my computer, put my fingers on the keyboard and publish whatever spills out.  That is because I am a silly blogger not a Serious Writer.  But that is not what I meant to post about today.  I meant to give a brief overview of my activities for the day, then go back to enjoying my Saturday evening.  So here goes.

My dear husband, Steven, was ill yesterday.  I woke up this morning fearing I was ailing with the same.  Nevertheless, after ingesting some necessary coffee, I went running.  I had it in my head to make a Saturday Running Commentary post.  Remember when that was a thing?  Well, it may be again one weekend, but not today.  I spent most of the run feeling tired and wanting to stop.  However, I persevered. I’ve learned to do that when running, anyways.

Back home I thought I would write a few postcards, as I like to do on a Saturday morning.  I could walk to the post office once the window was open and purchase some postcard stamps, which naturally one runs out of when one make a habit of sending postcards every week, as I do.  Unfortunately, once I sat down with the postcards, I was hit with a wave of dizziness.  That was unpleasant.  I decided to go purchase the stamps when Steven left for work and write the postcards later today or Sunday morning.

Just before Steven left for work, the phone rang.  My friend Kim wanted me to go to the  Mohawk Valley Garlic and Herb Festival   in Little Falls.  Me, say no to garlic?  Or a festival in Little Falls? In fact, long time readers may remember that I have attended this festival every year for some time now (I believe I have written a few blog posts about it).  Yes, I felt dizzy.  So what?  Between my allergies and migraines, I rarely feel 100 percent.  If I can force myself to get through work when ill, I can damn well do something fun with a friend under similar conditions.

And it turned out I felt better when out in the fresh air.  Kim stopped by the post office with me, so I did get my stamps.  We had a great time at the Garlic Festival, and I purchased a bundle of garlic stalks, which I hung over the doorway where the vampire hangs (see picture on yesterday’s post for the vampire).  I’m not trying to antagonize the fellow; it was the only nail already stuck in my wall that was the proper height.  Maybe tomorrow I will post a picture, and do a proper blog post on the festival.

Leaving the festival, we went to The Old Barn Marketplace and Little Falls Cafe, at 6626 State Rt. 5.  What a great place!  I will for sure write more about that!

I have not done a whole lot since I got home, but I believe the movie-watching portion of my Saturday has arrived.  I’m thinking a viewing of Dracula is in order.   Having spent a good portion of the day sampling garlic and eventually purchasing a nice bunch, I do not think I will have anything to fear of vampires for a while.  Then again, I did say to the vendor who sold me the garlic that I was going to write a story about a vampire who loved garlic, just so that none of us could feel safe.

Happy Saturday, everybody!


Roxy to Romance

It is Tired Tuesday, folks, and you can just get mad at me, because I’m not apologizing  (“I’m sorry but I’m not apologizing” is one of my favorite sayings).  In fact, I wrote most of a very good post about Saturday’s visit to the Garlic Festival (full name Mohawk Valley Garlic and Herb Festival).  But, as often happens with me and this kind of post, I want it to be BETTER.  I’ll work on it.

In the meantime, here is an update on theatre news.  The first official production of Ilion Little Theatre will begin rehearsals with a read-through tonight.  Roxy (you know, that play I’ve been blathering on about for weeks), if you recall, is actually a production of the Herkimer County Historical Society AT Ilion Little theatre.  It is not officially part of the ILT season.

The first ILT production is Lunch Hour by Jean Kerr, a romantic comedy.  I have agreed to be stage manager.  I have not acted as stage manager since sometime in the early 1990s, but I daresay I have not forgotten how.  At least I don’t have any lines to learn.  Auditions were held a couple of weeks ago.  The play is cast and we are read to go!

And I am missing the read-through tonight.  The director said it will be OK.  She understands that I am tired.  After all, killing your husband with an ax, burning the body and then getting hung for it all weekend kind of takes its toll.  And I have to do it all again this weekend.  I’m not complaining, mind you; I love to be in a play.  A good night’s sleep tonight will be just what I need.  Hope to see you all on Wuss-out Wednesday.


Back from the Garlic Festival

This time I have a good reason not to have Saturday Running Commentary. I was recruiting my energies for the Mohawk Valley Garlic and Herb Festival in Little Falls, NY. Several family members planned to accompany me. It was going to be great!

And it was great. Just the weather was lousy. It poured rain. It was cold. I wore the wrong jacket, by the way. We found a parking space a good distance away from the festivities but were lucky enough to catch the shuttle. I don’t mind a walk, but with the rain pouring down and the shuttle right there waiting for us, I was happy to take the bus.

As we got to the festival I was excited by the smell of garlic. I was also impressed by the size of the crowd. Many of them had umbrellas (another accoutrement I had stupidly forgotten) and/or their hoods up, but all were eagerly walking around enjoying the vendors and the music.

I tried several samples of different mustards, dips, cheeses and, of course, garlic. I did not get a chance to chat with the vendors because it was so crowded. Next year I hope to get there earlier. After walking all around we went into Stone Mill, got a warm beverage from Ole Sal’s Creamery, and browsed the antiques.

After stopping at a few vendors we had missed and a quick stop at Mohawk Valley Center for the Arts, some of us made our way down to the Piccolo Cafe where a beverage distributor out of Utica (I stupidly did not make a note of who, but I will find out and report back) was offering a craft beer tasting. Then it was off to Mohawk, NY for further adventures.

I Stink and Am Merry

The Little Falls Garlic Festival boasts the motto, “Eat, Stink and Be Merry.” I like it, but I also think it is a little silly, because I like the smell of garlic. I suppose they refer to garlic breath. I guess that’s different.

I missed the Garlic Festival last year so was pleased when my sister Diane and her daughter Camille drove over from Liverpool specifically to attend. It’s not a far drive from Herkimer to Little Falls. It was not even too difficult finding a parking space.

We paid our admission and got our hands stamped in case we left and desired re-entry. I said it was like we were going to a bar or a club, a thing I have not done in ages.

We strolled around the booths, trying free samples of garlic and dips made with garlic. I never realized how many garlic farmers this area has. I also had not realized how many varieties of garlic there are.

“I just go to the grocery store and buy garlic,” I said.

“Don’t buy that junk!” a vendor said. “That’s shipped over from China! Buy enough here to last till next year.”

I didn’t quite do that, but I purchased a lovely braid of garlic which is currently hanging in my kitchen. When it is gone, I shall make every effort to replenish my supplies through a local vendor.

Our fun was cut short by a storm. We had been a little afraid it would be but had made up our minds to enjoy the festival while we could. It had started to sprinkle and the wind had started whipping as Diane purchased her garlic. I was relieved that the bill she was using to pay and the bills the young man had gotten out for her change did not fly away in the breeze.

The deluge hit at Diane completed her purchase. She and Camille had carried umbrellas and I had my crazy old lady hat, but nothing did us much good. Our backs were soaked well before we reached the car.

I was laughing. “Shawshank Redemption!” I said, throwing my arms wide and looking up, like Tim Robbins does in the movie. Camille was less amused, but her discontent stemmed from the fact that the storm had hit before she had been allowed to buy anything.

My main regret was that we had not been able to hear much of Common Threads, the band Steven and I had enjoyed so much at the last event we attended at Canal Place. They had started playing at two, and the deluge hit not long after that.

It was still a fun time. The Little Falls Garlic Festival is a great event. I highly recommend you watch for it next year. I certainly will.