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Shattered Post with Monsters

I don’t know that you would call us monsters…

This is a fast Monstrous Monday post, because I want to go to bed!  Yes, I am old and I am tired.  Anyways, I led with this picture, because my friend, Kim, is strangling me. It seemed appropriate since SHE kept me out this late!  Just kidding, it wasn’t her fault.  We were at rehearsal for Shattered Angel, the play the Herkimer County Historical Society is presenting in cooperation with Ilion Little Theatre.  Kim and I are helping with the costumes.  Actually, she is doing most of the work. She is SO ORGANIZED!  I should take a lesson.

In the meantime, that doesn’t make this a very monstrous post, does it?  Let me find us some monsters.

I don’t think this lady got her full night of beauty rest, either.

Here’s a picture from Nosferatu I haven’t used so many times.  Regular readers know he is my favorite guy.  He’s scary.

“Was somebody looking for a monster?”

Here’s a more cheerful-looking monster for us.  I’m not sure where this guy is; I don’t even remember where I found the picture.  Still, a smiling Godzilla, what’s not to like?

He looks a little disgusted by the whole exercise, doesn’t he?

And we end with the iconic Frankenstein’s Monster.  Yes, it’s been a dumb post, but I’m tired.  In my defense, before rehearsal I was finishing the script on my murder mystery.  More on that and on Shattered Angel in subsequent posts.  As always, I hope you’ll stay tuned.



Encouraging Monsters on Tired Tuesday

Hello and welcome to Tired Tuesday.  I have been working on other writing projects and kind of used up all my oomph.  SAY IT AIN’T SO!!!!  For one reason, I haven’t finished the other things I was working on.  Maybe I can catch a second wind.  I bet some monster pictures would help.

“Did somebody say monsters?”

Now who could resist that smile?  How kind of Godzilla to drop by to encourage me.

“Remember, I’m always here for you.”

The Creature of the Black Lagoon and Julie Adams are obviously having a heart to heart.  I bet the green guy (I’m guessing he’s green; the movie was black-and-white) is giving her some good advice.  I wonder what advice he would give me.  Maybe he would tell me to go for a swim to clear my mind.  I knew I should have held out for a house with a swimming pool.  Then again, there is a thunder storm going on right now so I could not follow this hypothetical advice if I wanted to (oh, I would want to).


I don’t know who or what this monster is, but I like the sentiment expressed.

It is actually not too sweltering right now, but things are still pretty uncomfortable at work.  Of course you’ll still have that halfway through August, so I will not dwell on it.

I’d love a copy of this poster framed on my wall.

I do like to end with my favorite guy, Nosferatu.  I had forgotten the tagline on the poster: “You cannot escape your destiny by running away.”  I wonder what is my destiny?  To be a silly blogger, I suppose. Mission accomplished!


I’m in a Monstrous Mood

A depiction of my mood today, only without the smile.

Folks, it is time for another Bad Attituesday, because sometimes it is better to bitch than to whine.  Only I don’t really want to do either.  I just want to make a fast blog post and relax for the rest of the evening.  As for what is causing my bad attitude,  to explain would involve either bitching or whining, and anyways, explanations are tiresome.  As I type, my mood lightens somewhat.  I bet if I shared a few more monster pictures, I’d feel better yet.  Maybe I could find a couple new ones.

A depiction of me before going on the South Beach Diet.

There’s a movie monster I’ve never shared pictures of.  I wrote one blog post mentioning the movie once.  I probably can’t find it, though, since that was back in the days before I knew about categories and tags.  Ooh, I found it: Real Screams?

He was ready for his close-up.

I thought I would share another picture, without the title obscuring the monster.  Notice Bela Lugosi listed on the marquis behind the Blob.  I find that to be a nice touch.

So thinking about monsters has cheered me up, and I see that I am over 200 words.  That is a respectable post.  I’ll just add one more picture for good measure.

“I’m a happy monster now!”



A Monster of a Post Christmas Letdown

“How’s that post-Christmas letdown working for you?”

I pause in my post-Christmas letdown/Boxing Day celebrations to make a blog post.  Since I have a 2004 Godzilla movie on cable television as background noise, I thought I would lead with a picture of the big lizard.  This one seemed to have a kind of a red tinge to it, so I found it marginally seasonal.

Some may find it unbecoming that I am having a Tired Tuesday when I am in the midst of a week off (you know who you are), but it cannot be denied that shit happens.  I was looking at my On This Day on Facebook, and in a previous year, a friend noticed how I often suffer from the letdown. She suggested I combat the problem celebrating the 12 Days of Christmas, culminating in a big party on Jan. 6.  Right now I feel far too tired to undertake anything of that nature, although I suppose the suggestion has merit.  Then again perhaps it would merely postpone the letdown.

I must say this Godzilla movie is not doing anything for me either.  I had no great hopes for it, being made as it was in 2004.  Oh, go ahead and start a discussion of all the great movies that have been made in this century.  I have not seen most of them so will have to take your word for it.  In the meantime, how about another picture of Godzilla?

“Hi, guys, it’s me! Have you seen Mothra?”

I thought Godzilla with a big grin might cheer us all up.  In the meantime, I must seek out a good true crime show or a better monster movie.  As usual, I’ll try for a better blog post tomorrow.  Happy Boxing Day.


Late and Lame, but Here’s a Lizard

I thought of that title while I was logging into WordPress.  I figured I couldn’t just call it  “Late and Lame,” because I’ve used that title before.  Then I remembered I have some Godzilla pictures in my Media Library. Godzilla on a Friday, there could be no possible objection.

“Hello there, blog readers!”

Steven and I just got back from Ilion Little Theatre’s production of The Christmas Spirit.  I must write a whole blog post about it, but I am far too tired to do that now.   Anyways, I have to figure out what I want to say.  Godzilla is no help to me there.

“What do you mean no help? I’m a real helpful guy, give me a chance!”

I tried to write a real blog post earlier.  It did not go well.  Then again, it is Lame Post Friday.  How can I do a real post then?  I like to do silly things on Friday.  Random observations and half-baked philosophy.  I think saying that Godzilla is no help is one or the other.

When in doubt, throw in another picture.

In case I don’t write a real post about the play, it is The Christmas Spirit at Ilion Little Theatre, Dec 3, 8 and 9 at 7:30 p.m., and Dec, 4 and 10 at 2 p.m.  Tickets are available at Eventbrite.


I Love a Large Lizard

Two of my favorite things: birthdays and monsters!

I was checking Facebook prior to making this week’s Friday Lame Post, and what did I see but Happy Birthday, Godzilla!  For all my love of movie monsters, I have not written about that many Godzilla movies.  There was one, and I’m afraid I was not in love with that movie.  Still, a monster, a birthday, Lame Post Friday, I’m going with it.

Full disclosure:  I did not research whether or not this is actually but big guy’s birthday.  I just downloaded the meme and ran with it.  I quickly searched for more pictures and came up with a few.

Stars: they’re just like us! They take the subway!

I gotta love a monster that utilizes public transportation.  It’s so much more down to earth than, say taking a limo.  I personally never take a limo.  At least, I suppose I might take a limo for a very special occasion, for example, me being able to afford a limo.  I imagine it is the same for Godzilla.  It is pretty much expected for stars to take a limo to movie premieres and such.

Like John Barrymore: “the famous profeel.”

Here is a more glamorous shot.  I’m sure stars like their fans to see them at their best.  As do many of us.

“Thanks for the birthday wishes, everybody!”

I shall close with a nice smiling shot.  I quickly went to another tab and typed “godzilla’s birthday” into the space where you put in the url.  I discovered that on Nov. 3, 1954, Gojira was first screened in Japan, making this, indeed, Godzilla’s birthday.  Happy Birthday, big guy!


Giving Up On Godzilla

That sounds a little harsh, doesn’t it? If Godzilla’s feelings are hurt, please tell the big guy I’m not really giving up on him. However, the first Godzilla movie I actually watched kind of left me cold, and you know how I love to put alliteration in my titles.

Spoiler Alert! I am going to give away almost the entire plot of Godzilla, King of the Monsters (1954). That is, the stuff that is in addition to Godzilla stomping Tokyo, which you probably already knew about. Come to think about it, most people only watch these flicks for the Tokyo stomping or other mayhem, so I guess I’m in the clear.

When I saw a Godzilla movie was on TCM, I thought surely my search for cheese had found a prize. Not just a big monster — THE big monster! The king of monsters, according to the title.

Actually, I think that’s a little false advertising right there. It turns out Godzilla is the only monster in the picture. I was kind of hoping for a battle of the beasts, so Godzilla would be, you know, king of somebody. But, no, it was pretty much a straight Godzilla-stomping-Tokyo-what-are-we-going-to-do that one expects when one see Godzilla in the title.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Any number of delightfully entertaining cheesy movies have been made around just that plot-line: people meet monster, monster terrorizes people, people destroy monster. It’s not the tale, it’s the telling.

The telling of this tale is dull. It starts out promisingly enough: we open on a devastated Tokyo and a ponderous voice-over lamenting the destruction. We find it’s Raymond Burr, in the handsome leading man role, which was kind of refreshing. I’m used to seeing him as the heavy or as Ironside.

Soon we are flashing back to our story thus far (viewers such as my husband Steven will be happy to hear that the whole movie isn’t a flashback) (he hates that framing device). Burr is a newspaperman. I think. Oh, all right, I didn’t pay any attention to the story except for one plot point, which I am about to spoil for you.

It seems there is this scientist who has a beautiful daughter who does NOT turn out to be Burr’s love interest (he doesn’t get a love interest. I bet Burr was pretty miffed about that: finally gets to be the leading man, doesn’t get a love interest! What’s that all about?). She is engaged to some big shot scientist — some arranged marriage bullshit — but has fallen in love with another guy. Burr intones (I mentioned it was a ponderous voice-over, didn’t I?) that a love triangle is nothing unusual, but this one will have Implications in our story.

I was all agog to find out what the implications would be. Would the spurned fiance sic Godzilla on the usurper? Would he be bitter enough to CREATE Godzilla?

Once again, I should have had a job writing 1950s monster movies. My wild ideas of what might happen next are much more exciting that what the actual writers came up with. Or perhaps I flatter myself.

I did not see that there were any implications at all. The girl goes to break if off with the fiance — whom she has liked and respected all her life — but before she can, he shows her… something horrible. So she’s too upset to break up. Later on, when a gazillion volts of electricity (I didn’t make a note of the number) fail to kill Godzilla, she breaks her vow of secrecy to reveal that the horrible thing was a weapon the guy discovered quite by accident that will destroy EVERYTHING in the water within a certain radius.

So the girl and the third point of the triangle go to convince the scientist to unleash his powerful weapon. I forgot to mention that the reason he is keeping it a secret is so it will not fall into the wrong hands, because he didn’t invent anything to counteract or fight against it. The fact that the girl cheated on him and wants to break up with him does not even enter the conversation. My personal suspicion is that he was never all that into her to begin with.

I may be selling the movie short. It was obviously dubbed from the original Japanese, so perhaps things were lost in the translation.

What remains, though, is deadly serious, and I think that was why the movie ultimately lost me. I don’t mind a movie that takes itself seriously; that often adds to the cheese factor. In this case, however, the seriousness leads to a dirge-like pace and one thing a monster movie needs is a good, brisk pace. In fact, the pace of this movie is so slow, I watched it in two parts. You know a movie is slow when you don’t mind pausing it to go to bed early. That’s what gave me the idea for today’s title, by the way.

To end on a positive note, the effects are very good, especially for the time. They used miniatures and pretty much kept people and Godzilla in different frames, so nothing looked obviously superimposed. It was good miniatures too: I never felt like I was watching a toy stomp dollhouses. Of course, that would have made the movie more cheesy, and you know how I love my cheese.

I discovered after I wrote this post that Godzilla, King of the Monsters was the original Godzilla movie. As such, perhaps some of you feel I should have treated it with more respect. Oh well, too late now.