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Shout-out to Steve

I wussed out on Wednesday by not making a post at all, but that’s OK, because now it is Thursday, March 3, my husband Steven’s birthday! I will do a Shout-out to Steve! And it will be a Wordless Wednesday Post using pictures from my Media Library.

I wish we’d see them again!

Here are Steve and I (we’re on the right) with a fun couple we had just met at Fratello’s Pizzeria in Frankfort, NY. Hey, we have not been there in a while. We shall have to remedy the omission.

Fun with friends is always a good idea.

Here is Steve with our friend Jenna, at Rock Valley Brewing (formerly known as Iron Rock Brewing) in Little Falls. That is another place we need to go again.

Did Steve do it?

Here was a night we had a lot of fun! It was Donate to Murder, the murder mystery we presented to benefit the Herkimer County Historical Society. We may be doing another murder mystery soon (preview of coming attractions).

I love that moose!

I wanted to end with a picture of Steve and me. This is us at Copper Moose Ale House in Little Falls. Copper Moose recently re-opened, so that is another place we will have to go.

I guess I have managed to give a few brief shout-outs in addition to my Shout-out to Steve. Yay! And Happy Birthday, Steve!


Day One of the Birthday Weekend

Here I am,  Tablet posting on Lame Post Friday.  I had a lovely day .  It is the first day of Steven’s four day birthday weekend.  We celebrate big for Steven’s birthday.

He is handsome, yes,

He is not toasting his birthday in this shot, but we are both toasting his birthday as I type (one letter at a time with the stylus,  grrr!).

There are LOTS of pictures of me hugging Steven.

I  guess I’ll just fill out this post with pictures of Steven.  He may not like it,  but I will.

Doesn’t he look distinguished?

Here he is in one of his many stage triumphs , as Dr. Suiter in Roxy at Illinois Little Theatre .

With our friends, Kim and Wayne.

Here he is in 1920’s garb for a fundraiser for Utica Landmarks Society .

It is taking a long time to get to 200 words sharing photos and only commenting one sentence each time.  Well, I will add one more picture,  and if the post is less than 200 words (my usual standard for myself), so be it.

We should have taken a trip for his birthday.

This was at the H.A.L.O. Luau fundraiser(Helping Animals Live Organization,  a car rescue group).  Fun times.  Happy Friday,  everyone!


Thankful for Boris Karloff

It has been a lovely Thanksgiving holiday and birthday for me.  Yes, my birthday fell on Thanksgiving this year, and every year it is the day John F. Kennedy was shot.  Today I am 55, speed limit year, as a friend of mine said, or as I like to say, I have two nickels to rub together.  Did you hope I had something profound and meaningful to say about the day or my age?  How long have you been reading this blog?

I think a cup of tea would go down rather well about now.


I thought I would throw in a random picture to liven thing up.  It is, after all, Non-Sequitur Thursday.  Who doesn’t love Frankenstein’s monster?  If it is you, you might like to find another blog to read, because he is one of my favorites and makes frequent appearances in my  posts.

Speaking of favorites…

And I just remembered it is the unofficial start of the Christmas season (but let us not embark upon a discussion how early that stuff goes up in stores. Not on my birthday, at least).   I ADORE Boris Karloff.  I like Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein, but I greatly prefer to hear Karloff’s real voice. So soothing!  So mellifluous!  I wonder if I can talk Steven into watching Bedlam or Island of the Dead tonight  (just to mention the first two that occur to me that I know we have).

I wore the tiara for a good portion of today.

Getting back to the non-sequitur portion of the day, I include this picture that Steven shared to Facebook this morning.  I do not publish my birth date on my Facebook page, but my dear husband will not allow me to fly under the radar thusly.  He posted a status wishing me happy then later shared this picture with more well wishes.  I was not especially upset, because one could do a lot worse than get a bunch of well wishes one was not expecting.  Dare I say I am thankful for all the love?

In any case, Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Thursday, and thank you for tuning in.  Now I have some Boris Karloff movies (or something) to watch.


I Love a Large Lizard

Two of my favorite things: birthdays and monsters!

I was checking Facebook prior to making this week’s Friday Lame Post, and what did I see but Happy Birthday, Godzilla!  For all my love of movie monsters, I have not written about that many Godzilla movies.  There was one, and I’m afraid I was not in love with that movie.  Still, a monster, a birthday, Lame Post Friday, I’m going with it.

Full disclosure:  I did not research whether or not this is actually but big guy’s birthday.  I just downloaded the meme and ran with it.  I quickly searched for more pictures and came up with a few.

Stars: they’re just like us! They take the subway!

I gotta love a monster that utilizes public transportation.  It’s so much more down to earth than, say taking a limo.  I personally never take a limo.  At least, I suppose I might take a limo for a very special occasion, for example, me being able to afford a limo.  I imagine it is the same for Godzilla.  It is pretty much expected for stars to take a limo to movie premieres and such.

Like John Barrymore: “the famous profeel.”

Here is a more glamorous shot.  I’m sure stars like their fans to see them at their best.  As do many of us.

“Thanks for the birthday wishes, everybody!”

I shall close with a nice smiling shot.  I quickly went to another tab and typed “godzilla’s birthday” into the space where you put in the url.  I discovered that on Nov. 3, 1954, Gojira was first screened in Japan, making this, indeed, Godzilla’s birthday.  Happy Birthday, big guy!


Me, Me, Me, It’s All About ME!

I KNEW this was going to happen!  I did not make my blog post earlier and I don’t damn well feel like doing it now.  I just got home from final dress for Steel Magnolias at Ilion Little Theatre.  Fun times!  It looks like we got us a show!

I’m thinking today is Non-Sequitur Thursday.  Or maybe it could be Lame Post Friday, because it is my Friday.  I am taking a four day weekend to celebrate my delightful husband Steven’s birthday, which is tomorrow.  I have not gotten him enough presents, but perhaps he will not mind.  Maybe I could make him potato soup tomorrow.  Steven loves my potato soup, and I hardly ever make it.

I just paused in my writing to discuss with Steven our plans for tomorrow. He likes the potato soup idea.  Additionally, I got him one of those sampler cheese cakes, the mini kind.  I like cheese cake too.

Now I see that I have started every paragraph with “I” and was about to start this one the same way.  Yes, this is a personal blog, but still.  It seems a bit… excessive, although it does give me an idea for a silly headline.  And as regular readers know, Non-Sequitur Thursday is all about the headline.  Additionally, I see that I am over 200 words, which regular readers may recall is all I require of myself for a post.  I hope to see all you lovely people on Lame Post Friday.


Steve’s Birthday Dinner

Today is my wonderful husband’s birthday.  He wanted to go out to dinner, and I suggested PK’s Pub. For one reason, I neither baked nor bought him a cake, and PK’s has the BEST desserts.

We went early and were happy to get the tall table.  I love sitting at a tall table. When the waitress asked for our drink orders, I opted for a cup of coffee and a glass of water.  I felt I had had enough wine yesterday at Applebee’s.  It turned out the coffee was freshly brewed.  It was very good coffee.

I ordered hats with marinara sauce and two meatballs while Steven got the grilled chicken platter.  We both had ranch dressing on our salads.  PK’s does a great salad as well.  I especially like the garbanzo beans. The ranch dressing was creamy and delicious.  I also enjoy the herbed butter that comes with the bread.

I declined dessert (still hoping to lose that last 10 pounds) (oh, OK, it’s 15 pounds now, don’t judge), but Steven got Chocolate Lava Cake.  I could not resist trying one little bite.  Yum!  A lady who worked there walked by and said she got a great whiff of chocolate aroma.

We were delighted with our dinner, and I had enough hats left over to make part of another meal.  We had not been to PK’s in a while, a scandalous omission.  We won’t wait that long next time.

PK’s Pub is located at 221 King St. in Herkimer, NY, phone number 315-866-3494.  You can also Like them on Facebook.


Is Jerry Lewis Still Alive?

I went running twice this weekend.  I could write a heck of a Running Commentary today instead of Wrist to Forehead Sunday, couldn’t I?  Well, maybe I could and maybe I couldn’t.  As Fats Waller famously queried, One never knows, do one?

Regular readers know I have been struggling to begin running yet again.  Yes, I have started and stopped running many times.  As long as I keep beginning again, I am reasonably content with myself.  After all, as I have often observed, beating oneself up doesn’t burns calories, build muscles, increase aerobic health or even keep one reasonably entertained for any length of time.  Running can potentially accomplish all of the above.

So I ran on Saturday and again on Sunday.  They were not great runs, more like plods, especially Saturday’s.  No matter.  I got out and did it.

And I really don’t feel like writing about it.

No matter, it is Wrist to Forehead Sunday as well as my birthday.  I am now playing with a full deck, 52 years old.  I stole that joke from Jerry Lewis.  He used it at the beginning of one of his Labor Day Telethons, back in the day when it was quite the thing to watch the telethon.  Well, they say plagiarism is the sincerely form of flattery.  At least, I say it.

So that is my post today.  I told you I ran but didn’t tell you about my run, then I shared a lame, stolen joke.  And it took me over 250 words.  I’ll call that OK.  Gee, I hope I still have readers by tomorrow.  Happy Sunday, everybody.


Happy Birthday, Jim!

In scrolling down Facebook this morning, I noticed a posting from Parker’s Historic Cider Mill and Farmer’s Market that today is Jim Parker’s birthday.  The post invited us to come down and wish him well, they would be open till 5:30.  Now, my friend Tracy and I had been to the Farmer’s Market yesterday to purchase cider for the Halloweddinganniversaweenary festivities. However, to wish a nice man a happy birthday is an excellent reason for another quick trip to Ilion, NY.

Jim Parker is a local folk artist of some note.  He draws lovely, detailed pictures of local, historical scenes.  Steven and I both have t-shirts of his prints, I gave Steven a print for Christmas one year, and I periodically purchase cards of his prints for when I need to write a short note.  We love his stuff.  Additionally, Jim is a friendly, interesting man.  Many times when we have gone to the Farmer’s Market we have found ourselves having an absorbing conversation about arts, the Amish, history and other things.

I was happy we were taking a short drive, because there are still a lot of fall colors to enjoy.  We pulled over the wooden bridge to Clapsaddle Farm on Otsego Street and made our way back to the Cider Mill.  I paused to take a picture of the front of the mill, because I had brought with me one of the disposable cameras purchased for last night’s party (yes, I still live in the 20th century; you knew that about me).  A lady came from a nearby woodpile to help us.

“We came to wish Jim a happy birthday,” I said.  “But, of course we’re going to buy something, too.”  We didn’t need any cider.  There was maple syrup, but Steven had purchased some of that on a recent trip to Vermont.  “How about some fresh donuts?  Shall we each get one for $1 or should we do six for $5?”  Steven suggested six for $5.  When the lady helping us noticed there were only seven left in the box, she generously gave us seven for $5.

“We also need cheese,” I reminded Steven.  All our cheese had gotten eaten at the party.  There were several different flavors from Stoltzfus Family Dairy in Vernon Center.  Steven picked garlic and dill.

Jim was out by the woodpile, getting his exercise, he told us.  We wished him a very happy birthday and got a nice picture of the three of us.

We each ate one of the donuts as we drove away.  It was a nice little visit.  I think I’ll eat some of the cheese now.  For more information on Parker’s Historic Cider Mill and Farmer’s Market, you can Like them on Facebook.  Or go visit, and you can like them in person.


Not Left Hanging

My mother had a birthday recently. I previously had an idea to send her flowers for no reason but had not acted on it. Now I decided to send her flowers for a reason.

I thought I would call Olney’s Flowers in Rome, NY, which is where my mom and dad live. Olney’s did the wedding flowers for me and all my sisters, so I knew they did nice work. Serendipitously, I saw an ad for them on the television. I had Steven make a note of the phone number but in fact it is a very easy number to remember: 339-6000 (perhaps not as memorable as eight-six-seven-five-three-oh-ni-ee-ine, but very good for a business, I think).

The advertisement had particularly mentioned their hanging baskets. My other thought had been something Mom could subsequently plant in her yard. However, while talking to the nice lady at Olney’s, I realized planting flowers is work. A hanging basket Mom has only to hang and enjoy. I went with the hanging basket. I set delivery for Mom’s birthday and felt pleased with myself.

Imagine my chagrin when on the morning of Mom’s birthday I read a Facebook post from a sister hoping Mom was having fun in Pennsylvania. PENNSYLVANIA??? I didn’t know she would be in Pennsylvania on her birthday! What a dumb place to go on a birthday when you are supposed to be home receiving a hanging basket from Olney’s!

OK, it’s not a completely dumb place for my parents to be. They have a daughter in Pennsylvania who has a daughter of her own who happened to be graduating that weekend. I’m sure it is quite logical for my mom and dad to be in Pennsylvania. However, I am also sure she neglected to mention to me her plan to be there on her birthday. Nobody ever tells me anything!

Luckily I had looked at Facebook early in the morning. I got on the phone to Olney’s almost as soon as they opened (I tried to wait till at least 8:01 just to be on the safe side, but I was a little agitated). The woman I spoke with said her family never tells her anything either and she nicely put the delivery on hold till I could find out when Mom will be back in Rome.

I later learned that Mom and Dad planned to return on Monday. I called Olney’s on Monday and re-set delivery for Tuesday, since I couldn’t be sure what time on Monday would be good. My only hope now is that Mom gets her flowers before she reads this blog post (she is one of my subscribers, after all).

Olney’s Flowers is located at 2002 N. James St., Rome, NY. Phone number 315-339-6000. They are open Monday through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., Sunday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. You can like them on Facebook or visit their website at