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Oh Well! It’s a Post!

It seems that I am in a time warp.  I logged on to WordPress thinking “Throwback Thursday.  I’ll make a Throwback Thursday Post.”  It was not until I looked at my previous posts for the week that I remembered:  it’s Wednesday!  What the hell, me?  Earlier today I knew it was Wednesday.  Furthermore,  I am well aware that tomorrow is NOT Friday.  Sometimes I wonder about myself.

At least it isn’t Tuesday. Or is it?

All is not lost, I tell myself (although why I should listen to myself when I am clearly an unreliable source I do not know):  I can have a Way Back Wednesday Post (should Way Back be one or two words?).


Going back a few years to December 2019, here is my sweet husband, Steven, at Fratello’s Pizzeria in Frankfort, NY.  That is Phil Arcuri in the background.  I would have liked to go to Fratello’s tonight, but I called and found out there was no music.  I know, I could have gone anyways for the food, but I decided against it.

Why not another picture of Steve?

I had to look through some previous posts to rememberwhere this picture was taken.  It is Beer Belly Bob’s in Ilion,  where Red Shed Brewery of Cooperstown and Cherry Valley was doing a tasting.  I recently saw their tap room in Cherry Valley and said, “Ooh, I have to go there!”   This could be a sign I should do it soon (preview of coming attractions).

Now my post is in a time warp.  Way Back or Coming Attractions?  Oh well, it’s a post.



There’s Always Someone

As time loses all meaning for some of us, I make bold to have my usual Lame Post Friday.  For one reason, I return to work Monday, so Friday will once again mean something.  Not as much as it once meant, with bars and restaurants closed, and wine tastings cancelled at the local liquor store.

Oh dear, that sounded like whining about what is really a very small inconvenience to me, all things considered.  I can just hear people gearing up to say things like, “First world problems,” or, ” It’s better than catching the coronavirus,”  or the dreaded, “Just be thankful that…(you have a job, you can order take-out, the liquor store is open, etc).”  Here is a not so random observation:  it is really difficult to say anything without it being the wrong thing to say according to to someone.

Anyways, I will still be in a time warp next week, because I have Good Friday off.  And what a weird Easter we are all going to have!  At least, those of us who mark the holiday.  I am going to count that as another random observation.

If I could come up with some half-baked philosophy,  this would be a complete Friday Lame Post.  For that, I hark back to my first observation.  It is always wrong according to someone.  It is never enough, according to someone.  So there is no point in worrying if we are good enough.

As I typed that, I was assailed by the thought that this blog post is not good enough, even for Lame Post Friday.  Alas, the thought came from me.  Does that make me someone?  Discuss amongst yourselves.

Addendum:  Apparently I am not going back to work till Monday the 13th.  But I’ll let this post stand, because, well, I’ve already gotten a couple of Likes on it.  You know what a Like junky I am.


It’s Just a Jump to the Left…

Well, I am in a hell of a time warp.  I often am on short weeks (I have Friday off). Monday, of course, was Monday.  Then for some reason I thought Tuesday was still Monday.  I was rather pleased to realize it was Tuesday.  However, Tuesday evening I went ahead and wrote my blog post thinking it was Wednesday.  I even put it under the category Wuss-out Wednesday.  What was that all about?

Clearly, days have ceased to have a 24-hour definition for me.  I expected Monday to last indefinitely while Tuesday was over well ahead of time.  Can I offer an mitigating circumstances in my defense?  I fear not.

I suppose one might say, “Oh, it’s the holiday,” and drive on.  Then another might say, “If you’re in that much of a time warp, you’d better not drive.  What would 55 miles an hour look like when you don’t even know how long an hour is?”  Good point.  Still another might begin singing and dancing “The Time Warp” from Rocky Horror Picture Show.

That was what I wrote while on a break at work today.  When I returned to work, my time warp took the form of minutes and hours passing vvveeerrryyyy vvvveeeeerrrryyyy  sssssllllllooooooowwwwlllllllyyyyyy…..  However, since this is a common phenomenon at work two days before a three day weekend, I was not more than usually perturbed by it.

I got home to discover that at least one reader had indeed caught me getting my days mixed up.  How mortifying.  And how not surprising.  If only yesterday had been Non-Sequitur Thursday, everything would have been just fine. What can I do?  I think I’ll take option number one:  say, “Oh, it’s the holiday,” and drive on.  Happy It Really Is Wednesday This Time, everyone.


Time Warp Tuesday

Thanksgiving week has been weird since I’ve been working at the factory.  We have the long weekend that many Monday through Friday workers enjoy, a luxury I have not had in years.  Well, I’ve had it for over four years now and I’m still not used to it.

Monday was definitely Monday, but it was also like Wednesday, because there were only two more days of work.  Today was in fact Tuesday, and it felt like that since it was the day after Monday, BUT it was also Wednesday, because it was the middle of the week, and it was also Thursday, because tomorrow is the last work day. Tomorrow, in addition to being Wednesday, for obvious reasons, is also Friday AND it is also Thursday, because we get paid, and Thursday is payday.  I’m sure you can understand my confusion.

I have no doubt gone over all this in previous years.  I’m hoping anybody who remembers does not mind reading it again.  You see, I must come back to the fact that it is Tuesday, because it is TIRED TUESDAY!

I actually did write something today. I began what I hoped was a rather amusing account of a Hammer Studios movie we watched on Sunday.  It’s running a little long, though, and I’d like to work on it some more.  I thought, “No problem.  I’m going running after work. I’ll write about that.”  Guess what I didn’t do after work today.

And I just remembered, I put in laundry!  I’ve got to get it in the drier!  Be right back!

. . .

That was fun.  Now I come back to the computer to realize I was done after all.  To go back and edit or leave as is?  I pick as is.  Is that the right decision?  You be the judge.  I’ll try for a better blog post tomorrow, but it will be Wuss-out Wednesday. Or will it be Lame Post Friday?  The suspense!


Where’s H.G. Wells When You Need Him?

Today is the day. No, it’s nothing exciting. It’s more along the lines of a looming deadline. Today is the day I said I would write and type in Friday’s and Saturday’s blog posts so I wouldn’t have to worry about it.

Isn’t this nicely time warpy? If I use this (and it seems that I am), you will be reading it at least a day AFTER today. Yesterday was the day. Oh dear, where’s H.G. Wells when you need him? (Say, that might be a good title.)

Actually, it kind of plays into my hands, because this is likely to be posted on Lame Post Friday. Although with all the time warp stuff going on, it may be better suited to Non-Sequitur Thursday. I didn’t have a Non-Sequitur Thursday this week. I don’t like to use all my slacker categories in the same week (although I suppose it happens).

Actually, I’m a little surprised I did manage two “real” posts this week. I’ve had a trip to the library, two traumatic appointments and the stress of not getting everything done for my fabulous weekend. Not to mention the stress of not having lost that last ten pounds (in fact, gaining five) before seeing my beautiful sisters (I was never the pretty one) and having nothing to wear, as per usual.

Full disclosure: the appointments were only traumatic to me because I am just so susceptible to being traumatized. I don’t expect any sympathy from anybody. And not for nuthin’ but, why does nobody ever believe me when I tell them I am a delicate flower? Oh well, by the time this gets published, I hope to be on to a better place (you knew I meant the weekend, right?).