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New Year, Same Old Blog

So I partied a little too heartily on New Year’s Eve. I don’t imagine I as the only one to do so. And at least I didn’t drink and drive. It is not nearly so dangerous to drink and blog. Today, however, I am feeling tired, drained, and fairly wordless. Well, obviously not entirely wordless.

Do you suppose those are his New Year’s Resolutions?

When in doubt, throw in a picture. This is Nosferatu, one of my favorite monsters (why is “monsters” underlined? That’s how you spell it! I should know). I know, it is not Monstrous Monday nor yet time for Mid-week Monsters. What can I say? Sometimes I need a little monster.

I get Fay Wray and Glenda Farrell mixed up.

Mystery of the Wax Museum is a New Year’s movie for me, because it opens on New Year’s Eve. However, we did not watch it this year.

The real monster?

I was searching my Media Library for one more picture and decided to use one of me. I don’t think I am any more monstrous when I drink than otherwise, but in general I am kind of a stinker.

Right now I am a stinker approaching 200 words on my first blog post of 2022, although my WordPress timestamp may have declared yesterday’s bit of foolishness to be that. Will I post every day in 2022? We shall see.


Judge Me If You Are So Inclined

TGILame Post Friday.   I am sitting on the couch in my living room, wishing for another glass of wine and wondering what I can say for this week’s Lame Friday Post.

We had a delightful evening:  wine tasting at Valley Wine and Liquor in Herkimer followed by dinner at Salvatore’s in Herkimer.  Yes, an entire Herkimer post.  Judgy types might be happy that I did not drive too far while imbibing.  Or they may judge me anyways, merely for imbibing.  I cannot control how other people judge.  I can only assure those concerned that we tasted a small amount and enjoyed only a glass or so with dinner.  Hence my desire for more wine now.

Oh dear, now I have been talking about my wine intake, and that will imply that I am taking in too much.  I have taken quizzes on “Are You an Alcoholic?” and there were questions like “Have you been upset about people asking how much you have been drinking?”  and “Have you gotten defensive about people saying you are drinking too much?”

Alas, bringing up the subject at all will make some readers believe I am quite the lush (you know who you are).  All I can say is:  For heavens’ sake, it’s Friday.  Why can’t I have a drink and talk about it in my blog post?

Ooh, look at that.  I am over 200 words.  I call that OK.  Happy Friday, to those who drink and those who do not.



Fun Times, No Apologies

I had a couple of Mohawk Valley Adventures today, but I am going to concentrate on the last one, which I just got home from.

I had just finished a glass of red wine (yes, full disclosure: I drank and typed), and there were a few checks to be mailed out.  My choices were to drive to the liquid store to buy more red wine, stopping at the post office first,  or walk to the post office,  then walk on to the End Zone Pub and Grub to purchase a glass of red wine. I chose the latter.

I got my glass of cabernet sauvignon and opened my notebook to write, but I quickly became involved in a conversation and did not write a word in my notebook.

I think they’re both pretty cute, but of course I am not in the market.

Eventually I asked the bartender and one of the people I was talking to if I could take a picture for my blog post.   They graciously agreed.

I did not ask permission from the other folks in this one, but you can’t really see them, can you?

I took a couple more pictures,  once I realized I was not going to get any writing done so I may as well get a blog post out of it.

Not a bad shot of the front, or do I flatter myself?

I had a fun time at the End Zone Pub and Grub. I may go back again soon.

They are located at 129 Main St., Herkimer,  NY, phone number 315-219-5796.  They are open noon to 2 a.m. Thursday through Sunday,  2 p.m. to 2 a.m. Monday through Wednesday.

I’m not saying I won’t be there tomorrow.



It is Lame Post Friday and, yes, I am drinking and typing.  At least, I had a drink and now I am typing.  If my dear, DEAR husband, Steven, gets me a glass of wine, I will be drinking and typing.

“Would you like a glass of wine?” he just asked me.  He really is a most satisfactory husband.

So at Christmas my sister (my dear, DEAR sister) Cheryl gave us a gift card for Applebee’s.  I know, I don’t usually plug chains in this blog, but Herkimer Applebee’s is really an exemplary link in the chain.  Additionally, I am amused by the story of tonight’s drink of choice.

Last October, I was in Applebee’s with the large cast of Splitting Issues, the play Steven and I were in at Ilion Little Theatre.  I was not drinking, due to a tiresome medical issue which I will not bore you with at this time.  I was also fighting a dreadful cold, but I managed to have a fun time anyways.  That often happens when you hang out with theatre people.  As we were leaving, I caught sight of a drink being enjoyed by the wife of a fellow cast member.

“Is that an upside down beer in your drink?” I asked, awestruck.  It was.  It was, in fact, Corona, one of my favorite beers (as well as a pretty good typewriter).  I promised myself that one day I would go into Applebee’s and have “one of them there drinks with the upside down beer in it”  (yes, that was precisely how I planned to ask for it).  Today I had that opportunity.

We were lucky enough to get one of the tall tables in the bar area, which I love to sit at.  Steven pointed out on the “Featured Drink” card a drink with an upside bottle of Reunite Lambrusco.  I asked the waitress about it, mentioning the one with the beer as well.

“That’s the Corona-Rita,” she explained.  “After that, we came up with the one with Reunite.”

I opted for the one with the beer, because Lambrusco is sweet and I prefer dry wine.

I confess, I was a little disappointed in the drink.  I think in the future I’ll stick with their Perfect Margarita, which I have enjoyed on many occasions.  Or a glass of wine. However, I was happy I finally had my drink with the upside down beer.  We got some appetizers, too, which were pretty tasty.  All in all, a very fun evening out.  In fact, it was not in the least bit lame, but this being Lame Post Friday, I went with the headline I did.  Happy Friday, everyone.


It Wasn’t Jack Daniels

Anybody who saw yesterday’s post, about how busy I was and that I was hosting a gathering last night, will not be surprised that today is Wrist to Forehead Sunday. I hesitate to share the information, though, because people always get the impression that you behaved MUCH more badly than you actually did. Admit it, some of you are picturing me dancing on tables drinking Tequila straight from the bottle. You think I ended the evening on the bathroom floor, only happy that I made it upstairs and the toilet is handy.

Well you can quit trolling YouTube for embarrassing videos of me that you can submit to World’s Dumbest (although part of me would be thrilled to be included on my favorite show). I wasn’t that bad. And I don’t feel that bad today. I’m just tired, drained and a little brain dead. Typical Sunday these days, no matter what kind of Saturday I’ve had.

But here’s a bit of half-baked philosophy for me to consider on some future Lame Post Friday: why do people so often assume that other people are more drunk than they really are? It has happened to me more than once: somebody looks at a picture of me with a big smile on my face and says, “I guess you were drunk.” Is my life so pathetic that people think the only reason I would have to smile so widely is Jack Daniels?

I’ll speculate on possible answers another time. In fact, at last night’s very enjoyable gathering, I don’t think anybody took any pictures, so I have no big wide grins to explain. And I’ve managed to type in over 200 words, so I’m back to enjoying my Sunday. I hope you are, too.