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Everything But the Blog Post!

I had a real Scattered Saturday yesterday. I went for an early run, starting in the dark and ending in the light. I love to do that. After writing my weekly postcards and puttering around for a bit, I did a little grocery shopping at the Little Falls Food Co-op.

Just a couple of the many items available.

I did not need popcorn but took the picture to remind myself where I can get more. When I got back home I actually spent a little time cleaning the house. Not all that long; I’m not a maniac, after all. By then it had warmed up considerably, so Steven and I took a walk.

Note the red ribbon.

I asked Steve to pose in front of Frankentree for perspective. I put that red ribbon and yellow tulips there back in March, when people were decorating their houses to cheer up passersby during the quarantine. The ribbon was just over my eye level at the time. Our tree is a monster!

Next Steven and I went to Gems Along the Mohawk, so I could buy a few postcards. Then we were feeling a bit peckish, so we drove to Cacciatore’s on Barringer Road in Ilion (where the Moose Lodge used to be). We had a delicious pizza and made some new friends.

Steven suggested I take a picture. They graciously agreed.

We took a different way home and got a little lost. It made for a nice drive over country roads, though, and we ended up in Frankfort. Since we drove right by Heelpath Brewing, we thought we’d just stop in for a glass of Rustic Ridge Winery wine.

One day I want to come with friends and sit at this table.

When we got home, we hung out and watched a DVR’d episode of Svengoolie. And I completely forgot to make a blog post. How silly of me. But if I make another one later today, I will be all caught up. Will I do that? A little suspense adds interest to my day.


Not a Gem of a Post

I finally purchased a few postcards last Saturday at Gems Along the Mohawk. This is a wonderful shop that showcases many local businesses and attractions. It is also where you can get tickets for Erie Canal Cruises, when they have them.

Just one view.

Unfortunately, I did not take many pictures. What was that all about, me?

I got this far last night, after attempting and failing to complete a Pedestrian Post for which I even had more pictures. Now I am on break at work, pecking into my phone, without a stylus (and you know I have fat fingers)

Where was I? Ah yes, making a Wuss-Out Wednesday Post on Thursday morning. And this is as far as I can go. Appropriate, no?

Fun at the Waterfront

I believe I mentioned Steven and I were visited by our good friend Tracy in the last few days.  We began our delightful visit with a trip to the Waterfront Grille at Gems Along the Mohawk  in Herkimer, NY.  It is one of my favorite Sunday afternoon things to do (and one I rarely get to indulge in), to sit at the bar and order drinks and appetizers.  We were happy to find seats at the bar.  Steven and I ordered some Chardonnay, but Tracy needed to put a little more thought into her drink order.  She is not as huge a wine-o-phile (oenophile, but I mispronounce that word) as I am.

Two of my favorite people, yes.

Here is a shot of Steven and Tracy enjoying themselves.  I was enjoying myself, too.  For one reason, the bartender, Meghan, asked me how my blog was going.  She remembered me and that I wrote a blog!  I felt famous.

Our delightful bartender, with a shot of the bar (no pun intended).

Meghan was making a joke with another patron as I took this picture.  I also wanted to include the slogan, “Life’s too short to drink the house wine.”  Actually, I find many house wines are perfectly potable as well as being within my price range.  I think life is too short not to drink wine.  That is, if you like wine.  To each his own, as the old lady said when she kissed the cow.

We ordered bacon wrapped scallops and steamed clams.  We split two appetizers among the three of us in order to save room for dessert.  Steven and I do not always order dessert, but Tracy is something of a bad influence on us.  That is another reason we like it when she comes to visit.

Steven enjoys being out with two beautiful women.

Steven insisted on taking a picture of Tracy and me.  I confess, I do not always enjoy looking at pictures of myself.  However, some people seem to think I am somewhat good-looking.  Why should I call them liars?

I thought I ought to get at least one shot of the brown water. It is still showing the effects of the recent flooding the area has experienced.


Another outdoor shot.

After eating and drinking, we wandered into the Retail Stores.  I especially like looking at the Herkimer Diamond jewelry.  I also picked up a few postcards to send to the folks I send postcards to.

Gems Along the Mohawk is located at 800 Mohawk St., Herkimer, NY.  The Waterfront Grille’s phone number is 315-717-0700. The number for the retail stores  is 315-717-0077.




Cruise to Forehead to Halloween Movies

Oh, nobody thought I really wasn’t going to have Wrist to Forehead Sunday, did they?  In fact, my wrist is not on my forehead, even figuratively; I am having a delightful day.  The only thing to bring me down is the realization that I am not writing.  What kind of writer doesn’t write?  A BAD writer!

Well, there is no point in getting all down on myself.  The operative thing to do,of course, is to write.  It might be better if I rough drafted something on paper and then posted it, but I really would like to get back to the movie-watching, hanging-out-with-husband portion of the day as soon as possible.

Last night Steven and I attended the last Rock the Canal event sponsored by Erie Canal Cruises.  We took a one-hour attitude adjustment cruise followed by a free concert on the waterfront.  It was the first Erie Canal Cruise we took, although we have been meaning to take one for years.

The boat left at 5:30.  We had reservations so had to be there by five.  We whiled away the time before the 5:15 boarding by browsing the retail stores at Gems Along the Mohawk.  I pointed out a few things Steven could buy me.  I’m helpful that way.

The cruise was very enjoyable.   We saw the dredging operation and the Fort Herkimer Church.  The captain was knowledgeable and had a good sense of humor.  He did not narrate the whole time, which I liked.  I enjoy to stroll around, looking at the views from different parts of the boat.  We drank white wine and chatted with different people.  I like that too.

Back at the dock, we went into the Waterfront Grille for some food.  We sat at the bar and ordered appetizers, another favorite thing for us to do.  Then we went outside and listened to the band, Hot Roxx, for a while.  I danced up a storm.  Unfortunately I was about the only one doing so, although I made a spirited attempt to get others to join in.  I fear I have a distressing tendency to try to be the life of the party.  I like to think people were laughing with me not at me.

As you may guess, I am feeling pretty tired after my exertions.  However, Labor Day weekend in well known as the start of the Halloween season (at least at my house it is), so I am somehow mustering enough energy to watch some Halloween movies.  We began with Creature from the Black Lagoon and are continuing with Dracula (the one with Bela Lugosi, of course).

What I am saying is, it is by way of being a delightful weekend for me.  I have now written over 400 words.  I shall follow up with some commentary in the TV Journal.  Who says I’m a bad writer?  Oh yeah, I said that.  Well, never mind. Happy Sunday, everyone.


And They’re Here

Ah Saturday. That is how my Facebook status started this morning. Sometimes I am wittier on Facebook than I am in the blog, but that is not an example of it. No matter, this is another Scattered Saturday post and I need to get it typed and published, because we have people coming over.

It is my wonderful husband, Steven’s birthday weekend. His birthday is not for a few days yet, but we like to spread these things out. After all, why not enjoy things for a longer time rather than a shorter time? I always say, you can laugh or you can cry, you might as well laugh.

We began our day by sleeping in till almost quarter till six. Ooh, that was nice. I had one of those nights when I kept waking up and thinking about work, then remembering that I don’t have to go there for three days. Woohoo! After some leisurely coffee, newspaper reading, news watching and computer checking, we went for breakfast at Liz’s Diner in Mohawk, NY. Yum! It was also a fun time at Liz’s, as we ran into a lady who knows us from shows at Ilion Little Theatre. We chatted about that, about our dogs, about the weather, and it was all very pleasant.

After breakfast we stopped at Gems Along the Mohawk. Full disclosure: I went there hoping to get material to write an article for Mohawk Valley Living magazine. We’ll see how that turns out. I’ll probably get a blog post about my tribulations in trying to write it. In any case, it was an interesting stop, and I purchased some postcards. You know how I love to send people postcards.

Back home I wrote out a few of said postcards, Steven tidied the living room, and I made a few phone calls. Some family members are stopping over later to wish Steven a happy birthday. Then I prepared a few snack-type foods, because when people come to my house I like to feed them.

And that is the story of my life so far. Oh dear, is that a car I hear in the driveway and I have not edited this, added categories and tags, or thought of a title? One of these days I’ll get my act together. And write a blog post about it.

Big Plans, Small Post

I’m taking Friday off, so that makes Wednesday my Thursday, right? I bring the matter up, because I threatened yesterday (Tired Tuesday) to have a Wuss-out Wednesday today. In a desperate attempt to avoid that eventuality, I am sitting at work (before my shift starts, not while I’m on the clock, peanut gallery), scribbling in my notebook (the paper, spiral-bound kind; I’m a creature of the previous century), hoping to come up with something.

My husband has Friday off as well. We plan to spend at least part of the day having Mohawk Valley adventures. First we’ll head to Richfield Springs, NY and stop at Dyn’s Cider Mill. I want to get a bag of Dyn’s Popcorn. Regular readers may remember that I make my popcorn on the stove in a pot with oil and melt real butter to put on it. Dyn’s Popcorn is excellent for the purpose.

From there we thought we’d go to Fly Creek Cider Mill, another favorite stop of ours. Steven also suggested that either before Fly Creek or on our way home we stop at Butternut Barn Primitives, 427 Butternut Rd., Richfield Springs, a place we’ve never been to but have heard good things about.

While pondering our plan, I wondered about what other new places we could go. I remembered the Cooperstown Beverage Trail. I didn’t think we could do the whole trail, but perhaps we could check one or two of the stops on it. I thought I had seen a booklet about it at Gems Along the Mohawk in Herkimer.

I did not find information about the Beverage Trail, but in between the retail shops and the Waterfront Grille, there are many fliers about various attractions. I picked up a handful. Now we have lots of ideas!

So things are looking good for future blog posts. I hope to have several business and attractions to write about. In the meantime, I hope this preview of coming attractions will do for now.

Continuing the Fun

When Steven and I left the Balloon Farm Bed and Breakfast (see yesterday’s post), we were not ready to end our afternoon of fun. We decided to treat ourselves to a visit to the Waterfront Grille in Herkimer, NY.

The Waterfront Grille is located just across from the New York State Thruway exit, at Gems Along the Mohawk. Lil’ Diamond Cruises leave from there, and there is a delightful retail store that highlights many area businesses and attractions. I’ve plugged Gems Along the Mohawk before, and probably will again.

We sat at the bar and ordered drinks. I love looking out over the water. I hope to go on one of the cruises before the season is over. We discussed the possibility as we perused the menu. After much debate, we got two of the appetizer specials: bacon-wrapped artichoke hearts and grilled chicken wings. Yum!

Waterfront Grille’s actual address is 800 Mohawk St., Herkimer, NY. Their phone number is 315-717-0700.

This is quite a short post, even for a Lame Post Friday. I’ve been trying to think what I could add to it and, what a surprise, I got nuthin’. Not even a would-be witty comment on why I can’t think of anything. I suppose you’ll have that in the blogging business. Happy Friday, everybody.