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Sick Day With Very Little Brain

It’s only a sinus infection!

I have been glumphing along, acting like I have some hideous, mysterious, deadly disease — perhaps a new shot-resistant flu strain — I was inches away from hospitilization and a lingering, painful death.  Oh well, I knew it was nothing that serious, but that did not stop me from feeling and sharing complete misery.

Oh go ahead and play that miniature violin, and list all the people who have worse ills than me and no doubt complain much less.  I know I am being ridiculous; many people are ridiculous when they get a little sickypoo.  For one excuse, I don’t have a whole lot else to blog about, and very little brain to blog about what I do have.

What my head feels like.

I went to the doctor today and am currently waiting for the Medicine Shoppe in Ilion to deliver my prescription.  How awesome is that?  Home delivery!  Many people have to get their drugs in dark alleys or on street corners.

Hey, buddy, could you lend me a little of that brain?

I have been looking for this picture for days!  I always like to use it when I am feeling particularly brain dead (cue unkind remarks about my usual lack of brain).  It is The Brain from Planet Arous. The other picture is from The Brain That Wouldn’t Die.  As a sad side note, I saw on Facebook that the lady that played said Brain just died.

So it’s another Blogger’s Sick Day,  and a Wuss-out Wednesday as well.  I have great hopes for the prescription I await.



Shopping Small on Scattered Saturday

I may have used this title before, but it is getting late on Saturday, and I have had a few drinks, so I must make my post as best as I can and hope it is OK.  I went running this morning and hoped to do a Running Commentary, but time got away from me.  For one reason, I went running late and still had to write my post cards.  And call my Mom and Dad (I have called home on Saturday mornings for many years).  And check Facebook (I am still Liking birthday wishes from Thursday).

Our first stop was The Medicine Shoppe in Ilion, NY, to pick up a re-fill (more I cannot say, because, you know, HIPAA).  It is a shop local shop, because it is a locally owned franchise. Nice!  It was also handily located for a stop at Honey Brook Hobbies.  They were having a craft fair. Nice!  Additionally, we found out our dear friend Jerry is now employed there part time as a baker.  He is quite awesome in every respect. Yet another reason to like the nice people at Honey Brook!  In fact, when we paid for our purchases, we told the lady at the cash register that Jerry is one of our best friends.  She said theirs, too.  I said I guessed Jerry became best friends with almost everybody he meets.

After Honey Brook, we went two doors down to Ilion Wine and Spirits.  We got a couple of bottles to ensure our good cheer.  On the way home, we stopped at Mohawk Village Market, where we purchased sausage and chicken gizzards.  Yum!  I did not see any books to borrow from their Little Library but made a mental note to bring some books to donate. I know I have some.

After relaxing at home, we ventured out again with our friend Kim to a liquor tasting at Valley Wine and Liquor in Herkimer, NY.   Amaretto, Vodka and Fireball Whiskey, yum!  After that we went to Asteroga Ale House for another drink and a little food.

I fear I am too tired after all these stops to include links to all these businesses, or even their addresses and hours.  Perhaps you could google any in which you are interested.  Or perhaps tomorrow I will remember to edit and add same. In the meantime, Happy Saturday, and I hope you found an opportunity to shop small.  It’s fun!


Pre-Haunting Post

I’ve posted before rehearsals and performances.  I guess tonight’s event is in the nature of a performance for me, but to be seasonal, I chose the above title for this week’s Scattered Saturday post.  I must soon begin fixing my unruly hair for the Haunted Historic Four Corners Tour.  I will get home late and will no doubt be tired.  I will be happy I already did my blog post.

I got up just prior to six, and it was still dark out when I went for a run.  I was happy to wear the reflective vest (“road guard vest” is what we army folk call it) my sister Cheryl gave me some time ago. It had been raining and was just beginning to sprinkle again as I walked my cool-down.  Full disclosure:  I meant to do a Saturday Running Commentary post but got distracted with, well, Saturday.

I don’t know if I mentioned that Steven is feeling poorly, but of course I won’t say much, because, you know, HIPAA.  But I had to pick up a prescription for him so headed to the Medicine Shoppe in Ilion.   After getting that, I stopped in to the handily located Ilion Wine and Spirits.  Barefoot Pinot Noir, yes, please.  I felt fortunate to be able to take a left out of that parking lot and headed a short way down the road to Moose River Coffee and Beer Belly Bob’s.

I went into the coffee shop first and got a 12 oz cup of the smoothest coffee ever and a raspberry-filled cookie.  While I nibble and sipped, I worked on my latest attempt at finishing a novel.  I am still at the note-writing stage.  I know who’s going to die and how, but not sure who the killer is.  Perhaps a character I have yet to invent.  But already I’ve said too much.  It is a mistake to talk to much about stories while you are writing them; you can talk yourself out of writing them.

After savoring the last drop of coffee, I went into Beer Belly Bob’s for some beer.  I told them I was disappointed about yesterday’s tasting being postponed.  They were sorry about it as well.  I got some stuff I know I like the taste of.  In fact, I am enjoying a can now (don’t judge me).

The only other thing of note I have done thus far is accompany my friend, Kim, to Ilion Little Theatre, where we borrowed accessories for our costumes tonight.  We are impersonating a couple of murderesses from the 1800’s.  She is a new one (to us), whose name escapes me, while I am reprising my iconic role of Roxy.  I hope to talk more about the haunted tour tomorrow.  As always, I hope you’ll stay tuned.


Scattered or Slacker, It’s Saturday

I’ve never been so popular the whole town would chase me.

I pause in our viewing of Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956) to make my Scattered Saturday post.  I had been going to do a Saturday Running Commentary, and we took a nice walk, making a Pedestrian Post perfectly eligible.  But I thought waiting till later in the day and posting during a movie would be fun, too.

My run was actually very good, even though I woke up with a headache.  I had coffee, Gatorade, and water before the run.  The headache did not slow me down but neither did it go away during the run.  You’ll have that sometimes.  After writing a few post cards, Steven graciously agreed to go for a walk with me.  We first walked to First Source Federal Credit Union to deposit a check, going by way of some construction at the end of our street, so we could check the progress.  I think it’s going to be a while.

We cut through Meyers Park to get to the post office.  Before I mailed my cards, I noted on the bulletin board a program at the Herkimer County Historical Society to be given by Sue Perkins, society director, on Wednesday, June 20 (preview of coming attractions).  I told Steven I would like to go.

“What’s it about?”  he asked.

“I don’t remember, but Sue Perkins, Historical Society, that’s all I need to know.”  I later noted in the paper it is about how Herkimer used to look vs. how it looks now. I am quite interested.

After the post office, we stopped at Basloe Library, then went home.  A short time later we left again to pick up a prescription of mine at The Medicine Shoppe in Illion, with Steven making a quick foray into Ilion Wine and Liquor.  My headache still had not gone away, so I laid down for a while when we got home again.

I guess we did not do such a lot to make this a really good Scattered Saturday post. Maybe more of a Slacker Saturday?  No matter. There are movies to be watched and wine to be enjoyed.  Happy Saturday, everyone.


I Interrupt my Coffee for a Friday Lame Post

Can I make a post at 4:30 in the morning on Lame Post Friday?  Apparently I can, because here I am, typing.  Will it be any good?  Oh, who cares on Lame Post Friday?  I’ll just keep typing.

I left out one good part of my run yesterday.  Towards the end, I heard a horn beep and I recognized the car and occupant!

Now, I am famous for not recognizing folks who beep at me.  In fact, many years ago when I lived in Potsdam, I completely stopped looking up when I heard a beep.  This is because I was a young, fairly shapely female and it seemed every beep came from, as I put it at the time, “some asshole in a pick-up truck with a baseball hat yelling, ‘Hey, Babe!'”

Oh, don’t start hating at me!  There is nothing wrong with driving a pick-up truck or wearing a baseball hat.  Personally, I miss driving a pick-up truck, and I know many very pleasant people who invariably wear a baseball hat.  This was in the late 1980’s.  I’m just repeating what happened and what I said about it at the time.  These days, I usually look.  I haven’t gotten a “Hey, Babe!” in years.  The last thing that got yelled at me was, “Hey, Grandma!”  I laughed at that.

Getting back to today’s good story, when I looked up yesterday, I immediately recognized the delivery car for the Medicine Shoppe, driven by my friend Rick.  We waved at each other.  Yay, I love Rick!  I love The Medicine Shoppe, too, so you see I have gotten a in shout-out to a local business.  Pretty good for 4:30 in the morning.  I’m going back to drinking coffee now.


Not a Bad Saturday

But I don’t FEEL LIKE making a blog post!  Ha, ha, just kidding.  At least, I would in fact rather be reading others’ blogs right now, but I KNOW as a writer I must not wait till I am  “in the mood” to write, anybody taking in a deep breath to make a self-righteous lecture to me can just stand down.  In fact, I very often am in the mood to write, especially once my fingers hit the keys and I begin typing.

I have been having a not very good day, although it has had its moments.  I have about a half hour right not to make my blog post before Steven arrives home from work and we head out to a Christmas party.  Therefore, I shall attempt another Scattered Saturday post.

I realize that people who harp on their physical ills (as well as other negatives in their lives) are tiresome.  However, I just want to mention that I once again have one of my Saturday headaches.  How very annoying.  Before you start shaking your finger or your head (or your booty) at me, no, I did NOT tie one on last night.  That sort of headache can often be cured with some Gatorade and a nap.  Well I did eventually get a nap and am sipping some Gatorade now, but they are far from the miracle I was hoping for.  No matter, the headache seems to be fading away of its own accord, and I did not mean to write the whole blog post about it.

Then again, isn’t that always the way?  Pain has a way of overtaking your life, and it is often all you can think of.  Well, I shall drag my mind away from my petty pain.

I wrote four post cards to my usual people this morning.  I walked to the post office with them.  Alas, my dog, Spunky, did not accompany me.  As I have said, he does not seem to enjoy long walks.  More to the point, I went from the post office to Basloe Library for Coffee with a Cop.  I’ll write a full blog post about that later.  I walked home after the coffee and conversation, and immediately got into my vehicle and drove to The Medicine Shoppe in Ilion to pick up a prescription.  While there, I ducked into Ilion Wine and Spirits for a bottle of wine for later (we still haven’t had the bottle I purchased on Shop Small Saturday; I’m saving it for an occasion).

Back home, I took the nap I mentioned earlier.  When I got up, I put on running clothes and ran in place on the mini tramp for forty minutes, the longest I have run in a very long time.  There is a 5K in Little Falls next weekend I may run.  Stand by for numerous Running Commentary posts this week while I prepare.

I think I still have time to read a blog or two. Happy Saturday, everyone.


Was I Ready to Run?

At work this afternoon, I remarked to a friend that I had a choice of what to do.  I had to pick up a prescription at The Medicine Shoppe, which is handily located just outside the rather large parking lot in front of my place of employment.  Unfortunately, I like to park at the opposite end of the parking lot.

“I can walk to the Medicine Shoppe, then back to my car, drive home and say, ‘Now I don’t have to run!’  I can drive to the Medicine Shoppe, drive home and go running.  I can walk to the Medicine Shoppe, back to my car, go home AND run.  Or I can drive to the Medicine Shoppe, drive home and not run anyways.  And after I stop at the Medicine Shoppe, I can go into Ilion Wine and Spirits and get a bottle of wine.”

“You’ll have a headache tomorrow,” she warned.

“Not if I don’t drink the whole bottle,” I argued.

“You’ll drive to the Medicine Shoppe,” she predicted, also pointing out that it was a lovely afternoon for a run.

I did drive to the Medicine Shoppe, parking near Ilion Wine and Spirits.  I do like to support the latter, because they are supporters of Ilion Little Theatre, in addition to being very nice people and carrying an excellent selection of wine.  I chose a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc.

It was a lovely afternoon, bright and sunny.  It was actually a little warmer than I like for running, although I realized that inside a vehicle is not the best place for gauging temperature.  Spunky was ready for a walk as soon as I got home.  I was happy to oblige.  I figured walking around the block would help me decide whether or not to go running.

As we started out, we were in the shade and a breeze blew.  That boded well.  However, I felt very tired.  Maybe a walk around the block would be enough exercise after a ten hour work day spent mostly on my feet. It was warmer in the direct sunlight.  I pictured myself thunking along (thunking is my new favorite word to describe my runs) and pondered how long even a 15-minute run would feel.  I could happily run Wednesday afternoon or Thursday morning.  By the time I got back home, I thought I would let myself off the hook today.

Only I didn’t.  I needed to do some laundry for our upcoming weekend away (have I mentioned that?  Well, Steven, Spunky and I are going away for the weekend), so I thought it would be perfect to put the laundry in the washer, do a 20-minute run with a 10-minute cool-down walk, then put the laundry in the drier before taking my shower.  Or maybe a 15-minute run and I could stretch for an extra long time if I had to wait for the washer to finish.

And look at me, closing in on 500 words and I haven’t even started to talk about the run yet.  Did I mention I was tired?  Well I am, and one reason is that I went for a 23-minute run plus 10-minute cool-down walk, AND I did TWO loads of laundry, one of which is in the drier as I type.  I am rewarding myself with a small glass of Sauvignon Blanc.  And I just remembered something else: today is Tired Tuesday.  You see how well things work out sometimes.


Scattered Saturday Blog Postte

Earlier today I had thought to write a post beginning, “We interrupt these Mohawk Valley adventures to make a Scattered Saturday post…”  But I was continuing my adventures so was afraid the post would be incomplete.  So I continued my scattered gyrations and now interrupt the wine drinking portion of the evening to make my post.

Just kidding.  I’m not interrupting my wine drinking; Steven just brought me another glass.  To anybody who objects to such alcohol-related activities, sorry.  This is the way I roll.

Steven has a rare weekend off, and we slept in this morning to nearly 6:30.  I wasn’t even going to run (which I have not been doing in any case; more about that in the next Running Commentary post) but reconsidered after two cups of coffee.  I took a short run, then a good shower, put on a cute outfit and called my mother.  Then I wrote some postcards.  I have been dreadfully remiss about my postcard writing in recent weeks.  I finally wrote some last Sunday so was happy to be doing so again today.

Eventually, Steven and I made it out the door to get some breakfast.  I was quite hungry.  We first stopped by the post office (to mail the post cards) and the ATM to get some cash, then it was on to Ilion.  I wanted to eat at Farm House Restuarant, right across from The Medicine Shoppe (I always have to dash over to Facebook to check if it’s “Shop” or “Shoppe”), where I had a couple of prescriptions to pick up.  Can you believe Farm House was closed today only?  So it was.  We drove on to Frankfort for a great meal at The Knight Spot (here’s a point to ponder next Lame Post Friday: why is it always “Spot” and not “Spotte”?).

From there we went to Hummel’s Office Plus (“Plusse”?) to purchase a birthday present and card for a friend.  Their Halloween stuff was out already. Yay!  We love Halloween!  There are several things I may stop back and purchase.  What’s a few more Halloween decorations among friends?  They nicely wrapped the present for us, so we had something really nice looking to give our friend.

We put in an appearance at the party, enjoying a little coffee and short visit with our friend, then went on to New Hartford, where we wanted to catch Florence Foster Jenkins, starring one of my favorites, Meryl Streep.  We got there early so stopped in at Uno Pizzeria and Grill (Steven thought it was “Grille” not “Grill”, but I checked on Facebook and it’s “Grill”) for a drink.  We were so pleased by the service and ambience that we came back for snacks after the movie.

The movie, by the way, is WONDERFUL.  Meryl Streep is such a goddess. Hugh Grant and Simon Helberg are quite delightful as well.  I don’t usually do good movie reviews (preferring to stick with the cheesy variety), but I may reconsider the policy.

I believe that bring us up to the present moment.  We are back home, enjoying a little more wine and deciding between sitting on the deck and popping a movie into the DVD.  Or looking for a true crime show on cable television.  After all, anything can happen on Scattered Saturday (“Saturdayye”?).


In My Defense, They Were Cryptogram Puzzles

Once again I spent every break at work frantically doing puzzles.  Oh, I did walk to The Medicine Shoppe during my lunch to pick up a couple of prescriptions.  Ooh, that’s it.  I’ll give a shout-out to the Medicine Shoppe.  It’s not one of those distinctive small businesses I love, but it is locally owned and operated.  And it’s better than crying about how I can’t write a post.

The Medicine Shoppe is handily located near my place of employment.  It is also located near Ilion Wine and Spirits.  My usual method is to wait till after work, get my prescription, then go into the liquor store and buy a bottle of wine.  Today, however, I wanted to get right home after work.  Also, I skipped the liquor store.

The nice lady behind the counter got my stuff right away.  The co-pays were higher than I expected, so I had to put it on a card.  To make it more worthwhile to use the card, I grabbed a box of OTC migraine pills.

“And that’s $10, so I get one of these for free,” I said.  There was a package of eucalyptus-infused epsom salts you got for free if you spent $10 on over the counter stuff.  Score!

OK, this post has been just about as boring as me whining and crying about how I can’t write. However, it will have to do.  I have to go to our pick-up rehearsal for Leading Ladies.  And I have to find some time to obsess over what I’m going to wear to our final three performances this weekend.  I tried on the little purple dress earlier and it is still too tight.  Damn!  All those vegetables for nothing!

On the brighter side, this is Non-Sequitur Thursday. If I can only think of a witty headline, the post might not be a total loss.  Then again, what’s a total loss now and then in a daily blog?

Incidentally, the Medicine Shoppe is located at 10 Central Ave., Ilion, NY, phone number 315-894-7283.  Ilion Wine and Spirits is at 10 E. Main St, phone number 315-894-8142.  Leading Ladies will be presented Friday and Saturday, May 6 and 7 at 8 p.m., Sunday, May 8 at 2 Ilion Little Theatre, 13 Remington Ave, phone number 315-894-3203.   You can find all three on Facebook.


My Spontaneous Friday Night

I don’t have a Scattered Saturday post for this week, but I thought I could give a brief overview of why I was in Ilion, NY at dinnertime yesterday, instead of sensibly and frugally at my home fixing fish sticks or tuna noodle casserole or something.

Directly after work, I went to the Medicine Shoppe to pick up a prescription.  It was not ready (weird renewal situation, not really relevant), but they said they could process it and have it for me in about 45 minutes (in retrospect, they might have said “Four to five minutes,” but, again, not really relevant).

Since I was in the neighborhood, I walked across the parking lot to Ilion Wine and Spirits, to get some of the Pinot Grigio Steven likes (full disclosure: I like it too).  What did I see on their door but a sign advertising a wine tasting that night at five!  Woohoo!  I love wine tasting!  It was only four, but that was a problem patience could easily solve.

“I have a prescription to pick up later,” I said.  “I was wondering if it was worth it to come back out, but now I’m motivated!”

I went home and made vague attempts at doing something useful.  Then the phone rang, and it was my friend Diane.  Diane recently opened Eye Q in New Hartford, NY, an excellent optical establishment.  She gave me a good deal on a truly awesome pair of glasses.  When she heard about the wine tasting, she was happy to meet me at Ilion Wine and Spirits at five.

The wine tasting was from Lakeland Winery from Syracuse.  I’ve tasted their wines before.  The lady that does the tastings is a delight.  She remembered me from the last time we had met at Ilion Wine and Spirits, and even remembered how my husband Steven had joined the tasting already in progress.

“I should go get Steven at work so he can join us this time,” I said.

I ended up doing just that.  Everybody was pleased to see Steven, Steven was pleased to taste some wine, and a delightful time was had by all.  Incidentally, I forgot to mention that the store served crackers and Herkimer Cheese as an accompaniment to the tasting.  Yum!

So that was my Friday, and I’m glad I wrote a blog post about it.  For one reason, I woke up this morning with the dull, draggy feeling that I had wasted my Friday on frivolities.  I see now that I did not.  I had a spontaneous and enjoyable time.  I’m soon off to have a marvelous time at Ilion Little Theatre.  I hope to write about that tomorrow.  Happy Saturday, everyone.