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I Hope Nobody Comes Along and Drops a House on Me

Our area is under a severe thunderstorm warning.  Naturally Steven and I went out to sit on the deck till it got here.  We each took a glass of wine, and I brought my Tablet, to take a picture or two for blogging purposes.

I’m not sure the Tablet captures the color and light.

This is the view over our back fence.  One of my favorite skies is a dark one hit by sunshine.  This was not as dramatic as some I have seen, but I believe in appreciating what I see.  We sat down, sipped our wine and chatted.  Eventually I took another picture.

What do you see in the clouds?

This is to my left.  I think some of the clouds may be the same as in the other shot, but it is hard to say.  I decided to walk put front and see what the clouds looked like there.

“It’s probably not as dark,” I predicted.  I was correct.  However, as I got ready to take a picture of the blue sky and white clouds, I saw that darker ones were moving in.  I tried to capture both.

Pretty ominous!

When I showed that one to Steven, he said I should send it to Jill Reale.  For non-local readers (and local readers who don’t happen to know), Jill Reale is the meteorologist on WKTV morning news.  She shares weather photos that readers send to her via social media.  How proud I would be to be featured!  So I posted it on her Facebook page.

I sat back down.  Soon we picked up our wine glasses, because the wind had picked up.

“I should make a video of this,” I said, watching tree branches whip back and forth.  I don’t know that I am technologically advanced enough for video.

In any case, it soon started to rain, so we came inside, and I made this blog post.  I wonder if I can come up with a headline striking enough to constitute a Non-Sequitur Thursday post.


Another Blogger’s Sad Day

Watch the local news, I said, while I do my blog post.  Then we’ll watch something else together.  Oh am I sorry I ever did that.  I cannot do a silly Friday Lame Post now.  I don’t know if I can do a coherent blog post at all.  But you know me, I’m going to type in something and I’ll probably make a joke or two, however inappropriate they may feel.

The lead story on WKTV News was a house fire in Herkimer, NY (where I live) in which three children died.  What a terrible tragedy.  The next story was also about a fire.  No people died, but before I could feel any relief about that, I heard that the pets were lost.   That was when Steven changed the channel and put it on Snapped: Killer Couples.  It’s not my favorite, but it is less depressing.

Well, here is a topic for some half-baked philosophy, in which I often indulge on Lame Post Friday.  Why is murder less depressing than accidental death?  The murder victim is rarely asking for it, in any sense of the expression.  In fact, sometimes I feel very sad about the person who dies.  But it feels more remote.  It feels like I’m only hearing a story, especially on what I call the re-enactment-fests.  Still, it is a true story.

OK, Steven just got fed up with Killer Couples and especially with the Previews of Even More Disturbing Coming Attractions.  He put it on Judge Mathis.  I guess we’re both still pretty perturbed.  Full disclosure:  I’ve been feeling down all week, and I have no reason to feel down, so I am not looking for sympathy, go ahead and play that miniature violin for me.  But I am going to wrap up one of my most blah posts ever.  I’ll hope for a better day tomorrow.


Thankful No One Was Hurt

Oh dear!  Well, I had meant to write something quite different for a blog post, in fact had started something earlier.  However, I came home to find that something terribly upsetting had happened.  A local business burned down.

Ramar Liquor, which we have patronized numerous times, caught fire this afternoon.  Steven found out about it while it was happening, because he works at a nearby business.  Their parking lot was filled with smoke; you could even smell it in the store.  Customers told him they could see flames shooting up into the air.

Ramar was the first liquor store we knew about in Herkimer.  When we moved into the village, we realized our house was a comfortable walking distance from the store.  I believe I wrote a blog post about Walking with a Nefarious Purpose.  As recently as last month we took a stroll there on a Sunday afternoon.  It was a nice little family-run business.  I do spread my liquor dollar around (and try to give shout-outs to other stores as well), but Ramar’s was one I was always glad to patronize.

It was a great shock, therefore, when I arrived home this evening after a lovely Thanksgiving with family, and Steven asked had I heard about it. I had not.  I was surprised I had not, because I had looked at Facebook and I would expect people to post about such a thing.  After some looking, I found the WKTV video.

So I guess this is an odd post to make on Thanksgiving Day.  Then again, I did threaten a Non-Sequitur Thursday.  However, in the spirit of the day (Thanksgiving, I mean, not Non-Sequitur Thursday), I can think of one thing to be thankful for.  Hence, the headline.  Happy Thanksgiving, folks.