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Scattered and Slacker Saturday

A pause in my Saturday gyrations to make a Scattered Saturday post.  I went for a run this morning,  thinking to do a Saturday Running Commentary post.  It was a pretty good run.  I am looking forward to the Reindeer Run 5K in December in Little Falls NY. But I need to do Running Commentary posts sooner after the run.

Later in the morning, Steven and I went to a Craft Fair at the Ilion- Frankfort VFW, sponsored by the Ladies of the Moose, who no longer have a lodge.  We returned later with our friend Kim.  There was also a stop at Stuff the Bus, a drink at the End Zone Pub and Grub and some wine tasting at Valley Wine and Liquor, all in Herkimer.

Well, this is what happens sometimes on a Saturday (oh, OK, other days as well).  I am too tired to make a decent blog post.  I want to get on with the bra off, sweats on, wine drinking, movie watching, couch sitting, knitting or crocheting portion of the evening.  Is that too much to ask?  Perhaps it is.  No matter.  For what it is worth, this is my post for the day.  I hope you will all tune in tomorrow.


I Didn’t Miss the Bus!

I had an adventure-filled day, but instead of my usual Scattered Saturday, I am going to tell you of one small thing we did.  It was a charitable endeavor, so that may seem like I’m being all, “Look how great I am!”  but I hope you all know that is not the case.  And if you think it is, oh well, that says more about you than about me (what it says I shall save for the half-baked philosophy portion of some future Lame Post Friday).

Where was I?

A year or two ago I won some Matchbox cars at a Chinese auction to benefit something or other (it may have been 4 Pets Sake, because I think it was at Mohawk Antiques Mall). It was a nice stocking full of little cars.  I used the stocking for somebody else’s Christmas present and pondered what to do with the cars.  Both Steven and I thought it would be a good idea to donate them to one of the groups gathering toys for needy children.

Do you suppose we could find a collection box that was still there when we remembered to bring the cars?  Of course not!  We would notice in the paper where they were doing Stuff the Bus in some parking lot or other, make ourselves a note, then either completely forget about it or have something else come up.

Today when we set out for our various destinations, Steven mentioned that Stuff the Bus was supposed to be at K-Mart.  Since we were headed toward Little Falls, we went that way out of town so as to go right by it.  We remembered to put the cars in our vehicle.   First there was a little discussion as to whether we should leave them in the Halloween bag we had put them in when we took them out of the stocking we won them in.   I wanted to keep the Halloween bag (it was the cloth re-usable kind), so Steven found a nice thick Stewart’s bag (is that uninteresting detail or the sort of minutia that adds color to the story?  No matter, I’m leaving it in).

We slowed down as we approached K-Mart.  No bus was present.  I saw a white panel van (the kind they tell you to avoid in parking lots on a dark night).  I felt sure the stuffable bus would have a big sign or something.  We drove on.

As we left Little Falls, going down 5S this time, Steven suggested we take the South Washington Bridge and look at K-Mart again.  I pulled right into the parking lot, because somebody was right behind us.  There was a school bus, all decorated and Christmasy!  Yay!

The parking lot was crowded, as parking lots are apt to be this time of year, but we did not mind taking a short walk.  A nice lady in a Santa hat took our Stewart’s bag.

“We’ve been holding these cars for two years,” I told her.  “And I keep missing the bus!”

“No, don’t miss the bus!” another lady said.  We all laughed, just like on a TV show.

As we walked away Steven said it did his heart good.  I have some other things around my house I need to give away, most notably some scarves I’ve knitted that are piling up. I must become more proactive in seeking out opportunities to do so.

Merry Christmas and Happy Saturday,  everybody!