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My Sinuses Say Spring

I avoided Tired Tuesday but I am SO going to have a Wuss-out Wednesday.  Sorry, folks.  I’m not sure, but I THINK because the temperatures went back up into the 40’s, my sinuses decided it was indeed spring and time for the allergies to kick in.  I have killer allergies in the spring.  And in the fall, and much of the rest of the year, but never mind that.  I feel like crap!  But never mind whining about something that happens all the time anyways.  On with the blog post.

I managed to go for a nice long walk after work today, in the interests of exercising for my health.  I thought I could manage a Pedestrian Post, but  things were not all that memorable, especially my thoughts at the time.  I neglected to take my Tablet with me to take pictures, which might have helped.  Then again, the last time I was on my Tablet trying to take a picture, I couldn’t get it out of “selfie” mode.  As regular readers know, I am not technologically adept.

Still, pictures always pep up a dull post.  Do I have anything in my Media Library I haven’t used recently?  Let me look.

This is what I’d LIKE to see!

This is a picture from my yard taken last spring.  Um, much later in the spring than now.  I feel a little ill-used, suffering from spring allergies without actual spring, other than the 40-degree weather I mentioned earlier.

Be all that as it may, I see I am over 200 words.  I call that not bad for a blogger’s sick day.  I hope to see you all on Non-Sequitur Thursday.  At least, it will be like a Friday for me, because I have Good Friday off, so I may have Lame Post Thursday.  A little uncertainty adds suspense to my evening.



It’s As If I Had a Lame Lobotomy!

This is dreadful.  What little brain I had seems to have up and deserted me.  At first I thought perhaps it was still partially here, since I am typing quite competently.  Then I remembered:  muscle memory.  It means nothing.

There is little point in even saying, “But I MUST make a post!”  We all know I will not willingly let a day go by without hitting publish on SOMETHING, however lame and foolish.  Waaaait a minute!  Today IS Lame Post Friday!  Now I’m wondering if I shouldn’t re-name it to Foolish Friday and go for that alliteration I so love.

Sometimes when I feel quite brain dead at 4:47 p.m. (according to my computer), I can put off posting till later in the evening.  Occasionally that works out for me and I come up with something not contemptible (don’t ask me for an example; I am certainly not up to searching previous posts much less making a link).  However, today I must head to Much Ado at Herkimer Elks.  We had a dress rehearsal last night.  I had taken a decongestant and was extremely lightheaded, but I managed to say most of my lines correctly.

You know, I’m seeing kind of a head pattern with me lately.  Either I am lightheaded, I have a headache, or I am brain dead.  What the hell, head?  Maybe I have too much hair.  I am getting a haircut tomorrow; maybe that will help.  I am getting a pedicure as well, but I somehow doubt pretty colored toenails will improve anything other than my disposition (still, that is definitely worth improving).  On the brighter side, I will be able to make a blog post about Hot Spot Salon and Spa in Herkimer, where I get my beauty work done (I was going to say I use the term “beauty” loosely as applied to myself, but would that not be insulting to my stylist?  She is pretty awesome).

At least I am over 300 words.  Sometimes we settle for quantity over quality.  If only I could think of a headline, my life would be perfect.


Short Shout-out on Tired Tuesday

AAAaaand I’m sidetracked already (for readers just tuning in, yesterday’s post said I was trying to get back on track).  My allergies have kicked in BIG TIME.  I spent the day dizzy but managing to accomplish my work without being a danger to myself and others (as long as they didn’t piss me off) (just kidding; I strive for tolerance in the work place and elsewhere).  I came home and took a decongestant then fell asleep on the couch.  That actually felt kind of good, but waking up not so much.  Still, I managed to stand up in the shower.  I thought to take a bath so I could stay sitting but was afraid I would fall asleep and drown (is that really a thing or is that just what spouses say happened when they actually bumped one another off?) (am I watching too much Dateline?).

Where was I?  Ah yes, clean but still dizzy.  We’ll have to call this a Tired Tuesday post but perhaps I can say something of some substance in spite of myself.  How about a a quick shout-out to a local business.

Saturday Steven and I went out to breakfast at the Knight Spot in Frankfort, NY.  This used to be one of our go-to places when we went out for breakfast all the time, when we both worked retail hours and often had a day or at least a morning off together. We still try to go there fairly often for lunch, dinner or afternoon ice cream, although we don’t eat out as often as I would like to (but still more often than is strictly helpful for my waistline) (yes, I KNOW I could order more salad, shut up) (you know who you are).

I tried to talk Steven into ice cream for breakfast.  “A banana split would have fruit in it,” I argued.  “Fruit is good for breakfast.”  He wanted eggs.  He got eggs over medium, bacon and Italian toast.  I got my favorite breakfast sandwich of bacon, egg and cheese on a hard roll.  Yum!  I mixed it up a little by getting hot tea instead of coffee.  I have had a craving for hot tea lately.

When the waitress brought our food, she brought me hot sauce.  She remembered that I usually ask for it!  I thought that was awesome.

The Knight Spot is located at 264 E. Main St., Frankfort, NY 13340, phone number 315-894-4054.  For more information you can visit their website at  You can also Like them on Facebook.


Too Foggy to Focus

It’s not fall yet.  We are just barely half way through August.  Could somebody please explain to me, then, why my fall allergies have suddenly kicked in?  On second thought, never mind.  I don’t want to know why.  I don’t care why.  I’m just sorry that.

All this by way of introduction to, alas, another Wuss-out Wednesday.  I’m sorry, but my brain is just too foggy to focus (Too Foggy to Focus might be a good title for this post).  Could it be that my allergies are combining with menopausal brain freeze? I’m doomed!

The funny thing is, and I was talking about this earlier in a letter to my sister (ooh, must remember to mail that letter), when I first feel the twinges of sinus distress there is almost something exciting about it.  Autumn has always been my favorite season.  I enjoy the cooler weather, I drink in the colors of the changing leaves, and I adore Halloween.  Additionally, fall has always felt like new beginnings to me.

This, of course, is a holdover from school years.  Every September I looked forward to the new academic year.  Because THIS year was going to be different.  This year I was going to have my act together.  I was not going to wait till the last minute to write papers and study.  More importantly, I was going to wear the right clothes, say the right things, and have lots of friends.  Maybe even… a BOYFRIEND.  I don’t think I need to tell you that one of that ever happened.  But I felt the possibilities, and it was usually a good couple of weeks before I realized I was the same geeky, awkward oddball that I have since learned to embrace.

But we’re not talking about me.  Oh, wait a minute, we are.  It is my blog.  Brain fog, remember?  “But we’re not talking about me,” is a phrase I sometimes use when I want to change the subject.  I would change the subject now, but I am too foggy to think of one to change it to.  Then again, I see I have blathered on for over 300 words.  I’m going to go lay my spinny head down and wait for winter.  Or at least for tomorrow’s blog post.  Happy Wednesday, everyone.


Watching for Skunks and Psychos

Is there any better feeling for your legs than the cool-down walk after a run? I suppose there could be, but I’m not familiar with it.

Steven has two early shifts this week, so I thought I’d take advantage of the early rising and get a run in before the heat of the day. It only partially worked out for me.

I should have suspected the temperature would not be cool when it did not seem to cool down yesterday evening. I put the fan in the bedroom window, realized the air coming in was warmer than the air already here, took the fan out and shut the window. Of course I’m used to warm nights. I’m pre-menopausal (oh shut up, it’s a perfectly natural thing that women go through and I’m not going to pretend I’m not middle-aged). I never know if it’s the weather or hormones. My trick is to tell myself it’s hormones, then I wait quietly for the feeling to pass. It took me years to realize the benefits of waiting quietly, but we’ll save the half-baked philosophy for Lame Post Friday.

It was 3:38 when I left the house. I’m still a little nervous about running before dawn. Today being garbage day I was more wary of skunks than psychos. As I turned onto German Street, I thought I smelled one. Yikes. Um, skunk, not psycho. I don’t know what a psycho smells like.

A note about my breathing. I have dreadful sinus problems. I usually cannot follow the “in through your nose, out through your mouth” dictum, because my nasal capacities are not usually up to it. My sense of smell is unreliable. Sometimes I smell things that other people do not. Sometimes I can’t smell things that other people can. It is most inconvenient. On today’s run, I tried a nose inhale every so often to check for skunk odor. I didn’t smell anything after the initial whiff, although I later caught a nice floral scent.

It was a very lonely run. Block after block of no cars, no people and no lights on in houses. I passed a young man walking on my street almost as soon as I left my house. Heading home after a hard night out? Or a hot one night stand? These are the speculations that add interest to my runs. I either saw him two more times during my cool-down walk or I saw two similarly dressed young men. If it was the same man, perhaps he was out for a long walk pondering a problem. Maybe it was a ghost. How cool would that be?

The mugginess started getting to me early on. There was barely a breeze to relieve me. I felt a little ill-used, running in the dark and not having some cool air to run in. I cheered myself up by thinking about the bottle of water waiting on my deck for me and the cool shower after my walk.

I kept an eagle eye out for skunks. Psychos did not concern me as much, although naturally I watched for them too. I saw an animal cross the sidewalk way ahead of me. A cat, I assured myself. As I approached a trash can and bag, the rustle of an animal startled me. I hear my feet scrape on the sidewalk as I stopped short. A cat flew out from behind the bag and across the lawn. Definitely a cat. Phew!

It was really not a problem to keep running. I can’t say I reached the “I can rock this” stage, though. I am skeptical of my ability to rock anything prior to four in the morning. Then again, if I keep up these early morning runs, maybe I’ll surprise myself.

I Can’t Phantom It

I believe I mentioned watching a cheesy movie last weekend while I was suffering from a sinus problem. I was too fuzzy-headed to pay even my usual desultory attention to it, but I think I can come up with a paragraph or two.

Phantom from 10,000 Fathoms (1956) starts right out by showing you the monster, which looks a little like a low-rent Creature of the Black Lagoon. I don’t particularly mind low rent; it adds to the cheese quotient. Ah, but here’s the point: the title says “phantom” but, to me, that’s a monster. Perhaps the writers considered a phantom a kind of a monster. Or maybe they just like alliteration as much as I do. No matter.

A lone fisherman in a boat apparently does not see the monster, although we can look down into the water and see it perfectly well. I suppose it’s a little petty to carp about a thing like that in a movie like this. After all, we WANT to see the monster, and the writers of the movie wanted the fisherman to NOT see it. Call it dramatic license. After dispatching the poor fisherman, the monster disappears for what seems like a long time (ooh, could that be why they call it a phantom?).

I found the plot a little hard to follow. Nobody is what they seem, except maybe the mad scientist’s beautiful daughter (all your better mad scientists have one). Well, I guess he’s not really a mad scientist. He is an oceanographer. But he is working on something he is being awfully secretive about. His assistant, his secretary and his janitor are all trying to find out what it is.

The assistant is the most sinister of the bunch. He keeps sneaking around carrying a harpoon gun. I wasn’t clear on what exactly he does as an assistant, since it seems he’s not privy to the doctor’s actual work. Then again, I was not clear on a lot during this movie, most notably my sinuses (for once I have an excuse other than my usual “just not paying attention”).

I didn’t mind the assistant being sneaky; at least his motives were made clear later. I’m still puzzling over what the main guy is even doing there. He shows up when this federal (I think) guy is investigating the sailor we saw get whacked in the first scene. He says his name is Ted Baxter (did you all just flash on The Mary Tyler Moore Show? I did). We later find out he’s really Ted Stevens, a prominent oceanographer who wrote a book on which his picture is prominently displayed. Didn’t he think the guy he is going to see — the mad scientist/oceanographer — might possibly have a copy of his book? Perhaps modesty overcame him.

I got a little chuckle thinking that Ted’s fake name sounded more real than his real name. I read somewhere that when people come up with aliases, they often use their own first name for a last name. For example, in Tootsie, Michael Dorsey becomes Dorothy Michaels. It would not have surprised me to find out that Ted Stevens’ real name was Steven Tedford. But I digress.

As I was saying, I never did find out why Ted was masquerading as Ted Knight, but in any case, both Federal Guy and Mad Oceanographer find him out quite soon and with very little difficulty.

Every so often the Phantom Monster shows up again. We find out what Sneaky Assistant is up to, we watch Mad Oceanographer at work, and of course Ted romances Beautiful Daughter. I never really figured out the whole plot (blame my sinus infection), but I think it boiled down to the beware-of-science-there-are-things-we-aren’t-supposed-to-know paranoia that became so popular at the dawn of the atomic age.

I will have to watch this silly movie again when my head is less fuzzy.

Writing This Time

Well, I did write something today, but this isn’t it.

I started to write a post on the last cheesy movie I saw. When I was watching it, I had a lot to say, although most of it took the form of, “You’d better not hurt that turtle!” and “Helen! Get out of there!” The post should eventually find its way to this space (doesn’t that sound like it will get there with no help from me?). Today, though, it seemed to be taking off in all directions (how’s that for anthropomorphizing a piece of writing?).

Feeling the need to change gears, I turned a page of my notebook (actually turned back a page, just to give you an idea of how organized my notebook is) and wrote a half page or so on my novel. My novel, in case I haven’t mentioned, is not going very well. Far from going off in all directions, it seems to be sitting dead still. It’s like some misshapen blob; I huff and puff and push it, but it won’t start rolling. Sooner or later I will get it to the edge of a hill (or cliff) and will go head over tail, jouncing wildly. Doesn’t that sound like fun?

Like yesterday, I do not despair. For one thing, my sinus problems (I probably shouldn’t say it out loud or I will jinx myself) seem to be receding. I don’t say my head isn’t fuzzy, because it still is (or was that obvious?), but for the first time in days I can conceive the possibility of perhaps feeling a little bit better someday.


An Attempt at a Pedestrian Post

Determined not to spend another post kvetching about my symptoms (well, not the WHOLE post), I came home and took Tabby for a walk. I thought I could check out the state of Halloween decorations in the neighborhood and make a full report.

For one thing, it was (and still is as I type this) a beautiful day. Warm, sunny, blue skies. This is why people love September! As I drove home from work, I saw at least three people out walking their dogs. It was obviously the day for it.

Unfortunately, I wanted nothing more than to lie down, stare at the ceiling and let the room spin (this is the kvetching part which I really cannot restrain myself from including). Over the counter remedies were not the miracle I was hoping for. I spent a good part of the day telling myself that Not As Crappy was at least an improvement. Still, dogs like to take walks, and I thought some gentle exercise in the fresh air and sunshine might help.

I got out the door as soon after coming home as possible, in case I came up with a clever and irrefutable reason not to go. I changed from my steel-toed work shoes into running shoes and grabbed a poop bag. I put on my prescription sunglasses and did not even bother carrying my clear ones. It was that sunny. Oh, and I found my crazy old lady hat. The wide brim was most welcome.

Tabby was so excited, she almost couldn’t be still while I put the leash on her. I hoped she didn’t think we were walking down to meet Steven. Once we started walking, she seemed more interested in sniffing every pole, tree and random patch of grass than in checking out the cars that went by (she doesn’t know from cars; she thinks Steven is in all of them). I let Tabby sniff almost as much as she wanted to. For one thing, that gave me a chance to stand still.

Down Bellinger Street and Church Street towards the Historic Four Corners. That comprised three blocks, by which time I realized that, standing while Tabby sniffed notwithstanding, I was not up to a long walk. I pulled her towards German Street, so we could just go around two blocks. She did not want to do that. When Tabby does not want to go, she stands perfectly still and looks at you. Then she pulls you in the direction she wants to go.

For a minute I let her pull me. Then I looked all the way down Main Street and thought that I just couldn’t do it. I turned us back toward German. She baulked. Finally I compromised by crossing the street. This she seemed most anxious to do, not even wanting to wait for passing traffic (we did, however). Then she still wanted to go south. I won the argument, and soon Tabby was walking along perfectly nicely as if this was the way she had wanted to go all along.

Well, will you look at this. I’m over 500 words and I have not even mentioned the Herkimer scenery. Unfortunately, there were very few Halloween decorations to be seen. No matter. It’s supposed to be even better weather this weekend and SURELY my sinus problems will have resolved themselves by then.